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#58. Beat The Rich

Music: Undella Town (Spring-Fall)

Ah, everyone must have gone home . . .

Aww . . . .

I guess resort towns empty out in the off-season, huh?

draw by Good Listener

Does it show that well?

Really? Alright kid! You're on!

O-oh, it's going to use Razor Wind next turn then?


Well, y'see. It's cuz I got what them learned people call "a dragon".

"You say things funny."

Yea, ok.

Shoot! It's pretty big, yeah!


I didn't know that, actually!

Well, alright then!

"Alright, my very own pet redneck."

- - -

Nope, dragon still beats your otter.

Kinda hungry. I keep askin' for a bologna sandwich but all y'all keep givin' me is some sorta clammy thing.

Yeah sure, we're still at full power.

Shoot, we didn't even need Hansel for that bear.

Yeah, we get that a lot. Hey, you seen that blond lady who was around here a while back. She was pretty strong, too.

Well alright, but y'all gotta get some better sandwich fixins.

"Isn't she delightfully 'podunk'"?

- - -

Hey can I get a sandwich first or—

. . . does he still only have that buizel or?

Ah! What'd you do?!

Drawing by CowsGoMoose


Sure, alright.


Oh, that's . . . bigger, yeah.

Uh oh.

Haha, phew!

Aha! You have one too!


Automatom's not going to do that is he?!

It IS boring, yeah.

I suppose, sure.

"Oh I'm so glad you found something to amuse you both."

- - -

Well, yeah. Your third guy beat himself for me last time.


Ah, do you need medicine for that or . . . ?


Choro Notes: Shuckle! Shuckle has insanely high defenses but. . . low HP and attack stats.

Choro Notes: Power Trick swaps the user's Attack and Defense stats. So, that thing I just said: reverse it.

Simple enough! I guess your things shell turned to paper after that first move, huh?

Choro Notes: Lickilicky are the evolved form of Lickitung. Lickilicky is the only normal-type that learns Explosion (without Sketch). With an attack boosting item held, this becomes the most-damaging attack in the game. Hot damn!

Simple enough, yup.

What an odd old man.

Sure, alright.

"Seriously. I will defeat her. I need this."

- - -

I wonder why I keep coming back here, I mean they're nice and all but their food is terrible.

Oh right!

Well I've been beatin' up your kids and also your elderly parents, I think I could beat up a mom.

Well it's black and mean looking so I'm going to assume yer a dark-type, huh.

Heh! Not much is faster than good ol' Zsa Zsa!


Choro Notes: Kingdra is the final evolved form of Horsea. It's also a Dragon-type! Water/Dragon only has a weakness to other Dragon-type moves, oh no!

Choro Notes: See, Ginger is super tough though so, pffff.

A lady in a bee dress? what's the worst that could happen, SUPLEX IT.

Oh jeez, OH JEEZ.

The dress shoots out angry bees. Good to know.

Wait, what?!

Choro Notes: Drill Run is a high-crit rate physical Ground-type move. While originally unique to Fearow, Dunsparce, Drillbur's family and Rhydon's family, it became a move tutor in Black2/White2.

Oop, then that happened!

What? How do you not look it? Do I look like I'm very familiar with them? Half the time I'm covered in mud.

"My bee will have sweet vengeance, you bumpkin."

- - -

How's my favorite richies doin' today?

Wh-whoa, whoa!

Hey. Hey. Hey.

Don't speak to a mama like that. Especially your own mama, but really any mama.

Mama hater!

Choro Notes: Donphan are big mean hate-tanks. Enough so that:

Oh n—

Choro Notes: . . . I don't have an answer for why I didn't sucker punch.

Man these things are popular out here, aren't they?

A speechless battle.

Fish . . .

Hahaha! I tricked you! I trick people sometimes! I'm p-r-e-t-t-y tricksy sometimes, you know!

HEH. I guess you haven't heard about this little cactus, huh?

And you even challenge it to a dance off?! Ha!

Choro Notes: Sure, double your attack and then use a special attack, alright.

Whatta they call cactus knights. Cause yer one, Shakes. Dame Shakes.

Automatom, be tough!


See if he'll save YOUR village. (He probably will, Automatom does that.)

Choro Notes: Tangrowth is the evolved form of Tangela! Their arms they go a flippity flop!

Well maybe you should respect your mama more.

That's what mama's for.

Trainer family, the Riches!"

Future endeavors!

. . . has this side room been here?

Oh! Papa. Got it.

means spending a lot of money."

D-do I?!

Oh, well. I should go look for that then.

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