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#59. Salvage Queens

Say I don't have anything he's lookin' for, huh? We'll see about that!

Music: Undella Town (Fall-Spring)

Choro Notes: You can find items on the beach in Undella Bay occasionally.


Well, I guess it's not a fish . . . it's definitely squirmy though. Something about it puts me off . . .


Octillery grabs onto its foe using its tentacles. This Pokémon tries to immobilize it before delivering the finishing blow with its rock-hard head. If the foe turns out to be too strong, it obscures its foe's vision by spewing a cloud of murky ink to cover its escape. It lives in the gaps of boulders and in holes on the seafloor and will instinctively sneak into rocky crevices. If it gets sleepy, it steals the nest of a fellow Octillery.
Choro Notes: So cool, Octillery learns a move of almost every type. The only types it has no offensive moves for are Dragon and Fighting.
Zorak Notes: A gunfish that evolves into an octotank? SIGN ME UP.
HulkaMatt Notes: I love octillery. One I never really raised myself but . . . I kinda wanna now. It's an octopus :3
HulkaMatt named this

Wh- really? I can't even cross the street without moving in front of somebody and junk.

I guess, I'm stronger from that, yeah! Among other things.

Ah, I guess . . . It'd be nice if they had one here in Unova though, wouldn't it?

Ah, it looks especially deep here . . .

Choro Notes: Dive does exactly what it did back in Gen3: You can go down in deeper areas. But, there are only a couple this time around. Nowhere near like in Hoenn.


(I wonder who made this . . . )


. . .

Choro Notes: Throughout the ruins are these panels, if you had a way to read them, you could read these. It's a simple cipher. . . read backwards from right to left, bottom to top.

(It's pretty dark in here . . . )

. . .

(How far in does this place go? Maybe I should have thought this out better?)

Choro Notes: You can find the Plates of Arceus down here, you know. In case you needed them . . .

. . .


. . . ah, something must've happened.

Choro Notes: After a certain number of steps, you get flushed out of the ruins. If you can make it to the center of the maze in under 190 steps (which requires you to ignore all items and make all the right path choices) the passage will move and allow you to the second floor.

is really an adventure!"

Choro Notes: Wonder Room is a strange move. For five turns it swaps the defense and sp.defense stats of all monsters in battle. It could be handy for Xanadu if she were fighting a special defensive monster, but she's a big girl who can probably take a few blows so . . .

Must be nice . . .

Ah! That's!

So big! Really big!


Wailord is the largest of all identified Pokémon up to now. This giant Pokémon swims languorously in the vast open sea, eating massive amounts of food at once with its enormous mouth. When chasing prey, Wailord herds them by leaping out of the water and making a humongous splash. It is breathtaking to see this Pokémon leaping out of the sea with others in its pod. It breathes through nostrils that it raises above the sea. By inhaling to its maximum capacity, a Wailord can dive close to 10,000 feet beneath the waves.
Zorak Notes: It's a big ol' whale and that's pretty neat.
HulkaMatt Notes: I don't really understand how you can fit a giant blue whale inside of a ball. I don't really think about this with any other pokémon except the giant blue whale.
A mollusk named this

(Now to loot!)

--Hours later--

Ah . . .


Pelipper is a flying transporter that carries small Pokémon and eggs inside its massive bill. This Pokémon builds its nest on steep cliffs facing the sea. Pelipper searches for food while in flight by skimming the wave tops. This Pokémon dips its large bill in the sea to scoop up food, then swallows everything in one big gulp. It bobs on the waves to rest its wings, resting on them on days when the waters are calm.
Choro Notes: Pelipper will always be "that asshole that uses Protect every turn." Even though they really don't do that as often as I think!
Zorak Notes: Pelicans are cool birds that eat a lot of fish.

- - -

'Ey richie!

See anything you like?

Yeah, it was~

to me for P300000? Will you?"
. . .

. . .

Y-yes. That fits my budget super good, yes.

You're enjoying it a lot more than I was, yup!

Yyyyyes. I do, you could say.

- - -

Oh man, I could buy TWO bikes!

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