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#50. Gear Pun

Music: Nimbasa City

It's been a while since I've been here, huh?

. . . I dunno, I've had a bad experience with this Ferris wheel.

Eh, whatever. I'll beat up your guy.

Alright! Let's see it!

Like I said, I had a bad experience with this Ferris wheel.

We do that.

Well see,

I've got this thing under my hat. Basically, I can't lose.

Sure ok.

It's barely moving!

Wait, did you say I was cute? Is somethin' wrong wit' you?

It IS!

Nngh. . .

. . . I'm never riding a Ferris wheel again.

Choro Notes: You can battle a trainer at the ferris wheel daily, depending what season it is and the player's gender you'll face a different trainer. The male character fights a Lass instead of Dirk here in the Spring. The dialogue in the Japanese versions make it much more of a point of "This is like a date" if your partner is the opposite gender.

- - -

"It's Interesting, but it's not easy . . . "
I wonder who the real Haley is. Ah, no. No, I only know the one!

- - -

Choro Notes: The Stadiums are chock full of people in the post-game and all of the spectators will generally fight you with strong dudes.

Choro Notes: Levels like this! Sometimes they have tough things! It's absolutely great for leveling up your duders!

. . . oh? Oh no, you are twice as expensive to feed now, huh?


Since their two heads do not get along and compete with each other for food, they always eat too much. Whichever head eats more than the other gets to be the leader. After it has eaten up all the food in its territory, it moves to another area.
Choro Notes: You don't see anybody use Zweilous in Black or White. If you want them to be in your dex you have to evolve Deino!
Zorak Notes: The theme of two-headed creatures having both heads fight / cooperate with each other is still really fascinating as a thematic one. Also this one will probably eat your dog.
HulkaMatt Notes: Hooollyyyy shit. TWO RINGOS ONE BODY.

Choro Notes: Some fights are double battles.

Some have tough things that will ruin your shit like this motherfucker, Mamoswine.

And some reward you with items! Overall it's a good place to visit daily.

Ah, no. You're good, I think.

- - -

Maybe we'll ride one of those other trains today, Xanadu.

Choro Notes: The Battle Subway is the replacement for the Battle Tower that's been in almost every game. Grind out against increasingly tough trainers to earn prize points. PS: the computer still cheats.

Xanadu, this is gonna be easy. Also if all else fails we got Zsa Zsa and Hansel to back you up.

Music: Battle! Battle Subway Trainers

Nah, I don't know any Josh!


Choro Notes: As you move through the cars, another layer of music is added to the background. When you first start, all you hear are train tracks. It's a cool little touch that you aren't getting to hear!

Ah. It's, ok?

Choro Notes: Like the Battle Tower, the best part are the trainers' random dialogue. You meet so many interesting people.

Whatever, I'm the daughter of a . . .

. . . wait, what IS mom?

. . . are you a subway troll?

Dodged that bullet. We musta passed under a bridge or somethin'

I swear, if you don't use a ghost-type.

Hey! I didn't get lucky! I cheated with infinite energy!

Weird girl.

I thought that was the point! Why would you ride a subway, just for transportation?

Are you dying of something? You're shakin' pretty hard there.



Ah, in this terminal?

Yeah? Maybe I'll see them then! I've got the energy to do it! Heh heh!

Let's let Zsa Zsa lead for now.

. . . you seem familiar.

Oh my god, your name is Jaguar.

Sorry, Jaguar.

I hope to work hard, save money and have my own mountain.

My head also holds a secret! :D

Ah! No! I treasure my hair!

. . . oh.

Should I feel bad about that one?

Ah, for me? Why am I so special?


Oh, ow. OW. HOT.

Hey, hey are they supposed to be glowing that much?!



Wh-why? Is that what happens when two things that can't lose meet? Is it one of them whatcha calls-ems, immovable object vs. unstoppable force things? Cheren told me once the only thing that can happen is the complete and utter destruction of both. But I didn't care, I slammed that go kart into that shed so hard, BLAMMO.

Oh. Right, our guys exploded. I feel bad now. You seem relieved. Just what have you been winnin' against?

- - -

Bobby Joe
Devoted mother, beloved husband
Your death be not entirely in vain.

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