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#43. ExplanatioNs

Music: Carrying Out a Mission


Dang Cheren, you got here fast.

I'm not gonna say I'm surprised you did it, Cheren but N and me DID go through them already today.


His convictions and also his LEGENDARY DRAGON, man don't beat yourself up.

Please let him know that!"
Right! I'll tell him that too!

Right, boss!

Uh oh.


I'll take all six of you! Haven't met an old man I couldn't beat yet! And then I'm gonna ruin your boy's face!

I know that accent!

Music: Battle! Unova Gym Leader

Oh man.

I love having friends!

Ha ha! I especially love having that friend!

Man I'm gonna miss something awesome! Whatever, no time!

I'm sure I can kick something just as amazing up!

Music: N's Castle

He's got the charisma of an dehydrated frillish. He'll never get over like that!

I'm not surprised by this but it still feels terrible hearing it . . .

I know you're there this time!

AH! Not behind me though!

. . .

Uh . . .

Sure, alright I guess.

to hurt their Pokémon."

You . . . don't sound like a Team Plasma member . . .

with Pokémon . . .

. . . Oh no . . .

thinking only of Pokémon.

. . .

Choro Notes: We saw these two briefly in the opening cutscene. They're N's older sisters.

Choro Notes: There you go. The big stupid drill castle? It was built using Pokémon slave labor. Ghetsis only let N near these Pokémon which is why he thinks trainers abuse their partners and so forth.

scientific capability!"

I hear a lot of beeping and booping . . .

PC every trainer's Pokémon!"
Well that's definitely not good!

I could . . . but . . . I trust my guys who are with me for this. We'll make our own legends!

some Pokémon to me."

Choro Notes: It seems that there is a schism forming among Team Plasma . . .

Choro Notes: This grunt will teleport you back to the league if you were so inclined.

an ideal hero."
where people live with Pokémon."
I might not be the ideal hero but I will beat some truth into that boy's head.

Music: N, the Pokémon Child

It says Harmonia on it . . . "

This is weird . . .

Well that explains some things.

to themselves."

You awakened a legendary monster! Then you all kept campaigning across Unova! THEN YOU BUILT A GIANT DRILL CASTLE AND ERUPTED FROM THE GROUND, ASSAULTING THE POKéMON LEAGUE ITSELF!

Nnngh, I hate this!

I don't have anything to say to you, snake.

So, that's why the castle?!

"The world" is a pretty big place I've learned!

more easily than you can imagine!"


I'm not gonna mess this up.

Every one of my friends is helping me here. I'm going to prove you're a jackass to you.

. . .

I don't need Reshiram.

who truly cares for Pokémon!"

I don't need Reshiram because I can beat Zekrom with these guys here!

If there's anything I know, it's that me and you are opposites.

As long as getting your stupid ideas sorted out counts as the truth than I guess that's what I'm doing!

Music: Battle! Zekrom & Reshiram

This isn't the first creature of legend we've fought, Xanadu, and it's definitely not about to be our last!

Choro Notes: Turboblaze is literally just Mold Breaker like Pinsir or Cranidos have. It allows Reshiram to ignore abilities that would hinder its moves, things like Flash Fire absorbing its fire-type moves or Shield Dust blocking burns. It even lets it Earth Power Levitating monsters!

Just keep hitting it with everything you've got!

That's the sign!

Choro Notes: This is a required capture. UNLESS you have managed to completely fill the PC. If you defeat or lose to Reshiram he'll still be standing there, waiting for you to try again. Thankfully he's incredibly easy to capture.

Total Balls used:
Dusk Ball x1


Appearing in legends, it sends flames into the air from its tail, burning up everything around it. When Reshiram's tail flares, the heat energy moves the atmosphere and changes the world's weather. This legendary Pokémon can scorch the world with fire. It helps those who want to build a world of truth.
Choro Notes: You know . . . I don't really like Reshiram's design! Go figure! He's a big fluffy Fire Dragon. Fartz
Zorak Notes: Reshiram and his bro Zekrom represent the concept of yin and yang. Reshiram has a light and somewhat "feminine" design compared to Zekrom, which is meant to reflect its identity as the "yang". Also: it has a flaming torch for an ass.
HulkaMatt Notes: Oh my . . . goodness. That . . . that right there, that's . . . that's a . . . . . . . . .You know that right there is a . . . that's a Reshiram right there. You know the thing about Reshiram is . . . you know Reshiram . . . Reshiram just kinda . . . You know that thing right there . . . . . . . . . it's gotta rocket booster for a butt.

Choro Notes: You get the unique opportunity to immediately add Reshiram to your party after capturing it.

. . .

. . . I told you N.

I don't need Reshiram when I already have my friends!

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