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#42. Xanadu, a Narcoleptic and a Pair of Fists

Two down, two to go.

Well, its not as gloomy but certainly kinda dark.

Much brighter!

I would seriously like to retain control of my body as I ascend.

. . . uh huh.

Man, I've been sleeping at the base of trees and on rocks the past few months.


Oh I'll give you a battle that'll knock you out!

Wait no that's the opposite!

Music: Battle! Unova Elite Four

Choro Notes: Caitlin
We've seen Caitlin before! Caitlin first appears with her Valet Darach in Sinnoh's Battle Frontier as the lady of the Battle Castle. Her Japanese name is Cattleya while she goes by Percila, Kattlea and Catlina in French, German and Italian respectively.

Oh I'm ready for this!

"tk tk tk tk tk tk tk tk"

Oh man, we are set for this. Thanks MunMun!



Sister you ain't seen nothin' yet!

I thought so!

Choro Notes: I genuinely got tricked by this! I didn't think Musharna had this abiliy! Oh no!

Oh . . . hrm. Well, I know an option. . .

Sorry, buddy. :/


We got this, we got this.

You got that toughness from me!


Get a load of this!

Music: Black & White - Victory over a Gym Leader

A-Are you confusing me with the scolipede?

Same! Zsa Zsa got a good workout!

I dunno, lady. . .

Yes, ok.

Well this choice is easy.

. . . am I in the cellar?

. . . wait a second.

. . . oh man I am in my element.

Yo, where's the bell!

Yo yo yo! Ring that bell!

Music: Battle! Unova Elite Four

Choro Notes: Marshal
Marshal was mentioned to us before by Alder! Marshal is a martial artist studying under Alder. His Japanese name is Renbu. Kunz, Eugen and Marzio for French, German and Italian!

Xanadu I am pumped! Let me be pumped for you and feel my pumpedness!


Choro Notes: Mienshao is the evolved form of Mienfoo. They're pretty good!


Choro Notes: U-Turn is a physical Bug-type move. The user kickflips off of the target and switches out after dealing damage. It's crafty!

Fine then! Hit that!

. . . crap!

Oh we'll make something dance!


HUH. That hardly seems fair!
Choro Notes: It turns out that the first strike message will flash before item usage messages. Fuckin' bullshit.

Think tactical, think tactical. Uhhhhh. . .

Oh no, don't be excited. I feel bad. : (

I feel like such a heel. : (


Oh it's YOU again. Well I'll just aim for whatever you are gonna switch out!

. . . oh.

Wrong move!

You're good! You don't need that! You got plenty of stamina!

Ok, Good luck!


Music: Black & White - Victory over a Gym Leader

stronger is a precious ideal."


to be neutral."
Ugh . . . I have a sinking feeling this is going to be bad.

Leave it to me!

Music: Unova Pokémon League

. . . oh no.

That's bad that's bad that's bad.

Your soft heart has left you weak."

I shall issue an order across Unova:"



I will plant this damn thing in your skull, math boy.

. . . what the hell is that . . . ?

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