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Bianca's JournalBy Good Listener
Journal Entry 7

Hello Journal! It's been a while again because well..a lot of things have happened since we last chatted! It might take me a bit to go through them because well..they're super duper important and I can't make them all short!

Last time things with Team Plasma were getting really scary and stuff! Haley went into Dragonspiral Tower to sort them out but I'm not sure if they went well or not. I saw a big scary black blur fly out of it though so I was worried!

Haley came back down though and said she had to go and find out about an ancient dragon named Reshiram. I think I've heard of that before but it's been a looong time since I heard it. Either way, Haley said she needed to go back to the ruins near Castellia to get something important. I decided I'd go back too though erm...I had to go the long way...

Along the way, it was really tough making it all the way back down there. I should probably try to catch a Pokemon that can learn fly to make things easier...or hitch a ride with Haley and Cheren. Do Pokemon let you double ride them? I'll try next time as long as I remember to ask!

On the plus side though Lublub and Bowbow and Jubjub all did evolve along the way! Well...I think Jubjub evolved because he was lookin through my bag! He found a fire stone in there and started to change! Now he's really warm and fluffy! He looks like he doesn't really mind much either so that's good. C=

Bowbow is even fluffier though! She looks like a big fluffy mop end of a pokemon and I think that's just wonderful. Lublub though...he looks so majestic and regal! I know he's gonna be able to protect me from anything and I'll protect him too! Team Plasma isn't gonna mess with us any more! Right Journal?

When I made it to Nacrene City, Haley had all ready gotten the White Stone from the ruins and took it to be studied! It was a bit of a shame I didn't get to go in and check out the ruins with her, but I'm sure Cheren did a good job of helping out. I made sure to pat him on the back for it too! But it seemed that just like I got there, it was time for Haley to go off again...

I wanted to try and get to Opelucid before her so I could wish her luck Journal, so we went back up the way we came. I think we did get there first because I had some time to look around near the Dragonspiral tower again! While I was there, we ran into a very neat new friend! Journal, I wanna introduce you to Fuufuu, my Mienfoo!

We had a big battle with her outside of Dragonspiral tower! I wanted to let Wikwik try to battle since shes a ghost after all and fighting types don't do as well against them! She was tricky though to catch because she really knew what she was doing! We were finally able to catch her but Wikwik and she had battled really hard. I left them at the Pokecenter for a little while to heal and headed back out of Icirrus City and well...

I managed to run into Haley again! We both had come so far and I thought that it would be neat to have one more big battle before she goes on to Opelucid City. She obliged though if you've been keeping track of things, we didn't come out top in the end though. Everyone did a really good job though and I think Haley was impressed! I gave her a full restore for winning; we can always get more in the Pokecenter right? And she earned it too!

After facing Haley again, we healed up at the Pokemon Center and Journal, I began to think. It's been a long journey since we left Nuvema you know? I've grown up a lot, Haley and Cheren too. We've all made a buncha new friends in our Pokemon, friends we'll probably have for life! And it makes me start thinking about where i want to be in my life you know? There are a bunch of possibilities if you think about it.

I'm not sure which one is right for me just yet Journal. I dunno when I will know but...as soon as I do, you'll be the first one I tell! Unless Lublub was listening in on me when I say it. I'm going to go to Opelucid for now though and meet up with Haley again! I bet she's going to be on the way to Victory Road soon and I want to see her off!

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