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#05. I Dream of Ghetsis

Ah, hello. Your eyes are normal, I like that.

Ah! I'll follow you immediately then!

Nice house, hey did anyone see me come in here? I don't think they did!

I've met a bunch! Little alien, sea otter, tiny pig, gopher, jerk-ass cat, adorable puppy, monkey that water sprays out of its head, monkey that's on fire.


"Can I have some of your hair please?"

"Haha, maaaan. Man those were some good times. Good times. Haha, yep. Good times back at that college."

Oh! Ooh ohh, Miss Fennel? Why is it called a Hidden Machine?

all sorts of trainers.
Ooh, ooh. Miss Fennel how do save files work?

I is.

I does.


Choro Notes: Haley can buy Heal Balls now! Heal Balls will restore the HP of the captured monster if it goes into your party (i.e. your party is not full.) Other than that they're pink and white and maybe you wanna catch something in 'em!


Oh! I know exactly what to do with this!

Choro Notes: Hidden Machines still function the same way: once taught they're a bitch to get off. Who cares though, we have a gopher and are going to use that gopher like it was a cartoon woodpecker. Heading back to Route 2 for a second. . .

Super, just great.

"It's where you belong. Yes, you. You the one reading this sign right now, the novice reading the sign."

Music: The Dreamyard

Did. . . did you just eat it?

You know it sister.

Oh, why don't we ask Cheren over there?

. . . dreams are preeeeeeetty weird!


"Giant bird, giant bird, giant bird"

Image by byneet
. . .

Oh, those guys.

Also! Stop stomping on the. . . thing!

Ah, of course!

Dream Mist

Maybe we should do something here, Bianca.

Well now I'm just plain confused.

take Pokémon by force!"

Bianca that's the Munna they're kicking!

Music: Battle! Team Plasma

Choro Notes: -/Fartz\-


Choro Notes: Identified means two things: 1. the Purrloin's evasion is reset. 2. It lost it's dark-type immunity to psychic. Therefore, er go.

AH! My Miracle Eye!

Heh! HEH!

Okay cmon now, you kicked all the farts outta the lil bugger.


from foolish people!"
"Also we will go to the PokéMart and buy all of the Pokémon food!"

"You should bring that food in a bowl and leave it here! By the tree stump!"

"You should also get some of those leaves that Musharna likes. Bring the leaves here."

it wasn't real, right?!"
I dunno, but I think we should give that thing some leaves.

Yyyyyes. That is what that is.

That thing happened then other thing happened and then the creepy guy was here and also those guys threw sand in Xanadu's eyes, the big jerks.

Wait. Wait, so one of those guys was having dreams about being punished by Ghetsis then?

Sure, ok.

Nah, nah I'll stick around with you for a little.

Choro Notes: I. . . huh. Once you obtain the first badge, randomly patches of grass can start rustling. If you get to this patch a rare monster will appear. Usually it will just be another monster we'll see in a few but in some areas exceedingly rare, somewhat powerful monsters can appear. In this case it's Musharna. Holy crap it's a Musharna.

Come here! I need to give leaves to you!


The mist emanating from Musharna's foreheads is packed with the dreams of people and Pokémon. With this mist, it can create shapes of things from dreams it has eaten.
Choro Notes: How in the HELL did I run in to this first? Musharna have a 5% chance of occurring in a patch of rustling grass here. The hell? It nearly beat my ass too. It turns out Psybeam is pretty strong at this point in the game.
Zorak Notes: Dream eating tapirs are too cool for Japan to limit them to a single evolutionary line. Musharna is heavily inspired by the Baku, an Asian mythical creature that, like both Musharna and Generation 1's Hypno, eat dreams. Pretty neat!
Hulka Notes: Don't look now but I think that pink elephant turned into a fetus
Good Listener named this.

Man let's wait for another patch of grass to start rustling. . .


Choro Notes: It's these. These are the guys who normally appear in rustling grass.


Audino touches others with the feelers on its ears, using the sound of their heartbeats to tell how they are feeling. Its auditory sense is astounding. It has a radar-like ability to understand its surrounding through slight sounds.
Choro Notes: Audino are fucking adorable. They can appear in any patch of rustling grass, just ready to have their EXP gland bashed in with a cudgel. They're a sort of variation on Chansey but with less "almost defenseless"-ness
Zorak Notes: It's name is the contraction of "I dunno" and "Audio". Because it has big ears and is kind of ambivalent about all situations. It's fine with whatever. You wanna fight it? Yeah, ok. Maybe he'll just take it, maybe he'll hit back. Maybe he'll heal your guy! Audino are mysterious like that. Finding and fighting an Audino is, one way or another, quite the experience!
Hulka Notes: The best part about Audino is when you knock them unconscious. Supercharged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stalgren named this.

Choro Notes: Now, Munna. Munna are only uncommon. They're not that rare. It took me almost an hour to find one. I fought, and this is no exaggeration, at least 10 Audino before finding one. I actually started running from the Audino after the first 3 so I don't over level. Here's some level up stuff:

Finally, lil fella!


Munna always float in the air. It eats the dreams of people and Pokémon. When it eats a pleasant dream, it expels pink-colored mist. People whose dreams are eaten by them forget what the dreams had been about.
Choro Notes: Wait a minute. . . I remember thaaaat. . .
Zorak Notes: Baby tapirs are fucking adorable, yo.

Gee, uh. Thanks!

I dunno. . .

Ah! I'll do that right now!

. . . I need more friends.

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