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Bianca's Journalby Good Listener
Journal Entry #2

Hello Journal! It's been a while since Haley's leg has healed so we finally decided to try our Pokemon journey again! This time Haley didn't step on anything either so we finally got to begin! C=

I thought it'd be fun to try and catch as many pokemon as we could before getting past route 1. Haley didn't seem to get aything and Cheren said it was silly..but I met a Lillipup who I caught! I named her Bowbow! She's so cute! I hope she and Lublub become good buddies!

We met Professor Juniper again in Accumula town! She showed us the ins and outs of a Pokemon Center! There were so many nice things and the staff was really nice!

Lublub and I did some shopping! I bought a lot of pokeballs so that we can meet new friends. I wanted to buy the pink ones but they said they weren't in stock. Don't worry though Journal, I'll be sure to get one next time! C=<

There was also some commotion going on outside but we were more interested in mail...that way I can keep track of Haley and Cheren! I'm so good at this kind of thing...

Later I met Haley when she was going to Striaton City! I thought it would be fun to try to battle her again and she said she'd do it!

Journal, Haley is so strong! It's really cool to see how good she is allready! Oh also, Haley caught a Lillipup too! I hope it becomes good friends with Bowbow, they can have all sorts of puppy fun. It's fun to watch puppies play C=

After visiting the Pokemon Center, I met Haley in the Dreamyard...we met some big meanies who were doing unspeakable things to a cute, helpless Munna! They were so mean to it! Luckily, Haley and I sprang into action!

I had some more band-aids to help it out! I bet she really liked that. Haley was busy beating up the bad guys though; I think she's good at battles Journal, I haven't seen her lose yet!

Some weird people showed up after that...one had a really goofy outfit and really bad hair. It turns out he was actually a Musharna! It was really neat to see a Pokemon use its abilities outside of a battle like that.

Then a weird science lady showed up. I guess she knew Haley. She was really excited to see the Musharna and Munna though. I should ask Haley about her later.

Okay Journal, I'm going to go explore the Dreamyard more, I wanna see if I can find a Munna of my own! C=

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