Let's Play Dungeons and Dragons - Heroic Tier

by Wolfshirt

Original Thread: Roll to Save vs. Virginity: Let's Play Dungeons and Dragons
Runtime: Feb 27, 2010 - Dec 16, 2011

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Welcome to the exciting, magical, dangerous, magical, mystical, confusing, magical and nerdy as all get out world of..

What is Dungeons and Dragons?

Well in the words of General Ironicus: "Fuck if we know. Closest we can tell DnD is a game you play with dice. That's all we knew going in and these videos happened. We're not sure how, so enjoy."

Actually Dungeons and Dragons is a very well known and widely played tabletop role playing game with a rich history. All of which you can learn here. Otherwise just watch the videos and learn along with us! Learning is the real adventure.

The program we're using is called Gametable. We spent an entire night testing out programs to make this LP with and this was the only one that even came close to functioning.



The online gametable we use features only the ugliest of graphics. However just like real DnD you should be using your imagination to visualize the fantasy world we inhabit. So there.

Episode 1. Act I: The grace of Malora has transported the party into a strange new realm. BLIP.TV
Episode 1. Act II : Our heroes continue to explore the strange sentient creature known as House. BLIP.TV
Episode 1. Act III : Our heroes attempt to defeat the terror mirror and the horrible Asalyn doppelganger. BLIP.TV
Episode 1. Act IV : The thrilling conclusion to Episode 1 BLIP.TV

Episode 2. Act I : Our heroes meet up with another group of valiant brave adventurers. Who are not at all insane. BLIP.TV
Episode 2. Act II : Sound the battle trumpet! BLIP.TV
Episode 2. Act III : A Triumphant Return? BLIP.TV
Episode 2. Act IV : Proof that Joey rolls better in death. BLIP.TV
Episode 2. Act V : Tri...umph? BLIP.TV

Episode 3. Act I : The divine power of bath tubs. BLIP.TV
Episode 3. Act II : An old ...friend? BLIP.TV
Episode 3. Act III : We cunningly solve a devious door puzzle. BLIP.TV
Episode 3. Act IV : A new quest. BLIP.TV

Episode 4. Act I : Untalkative dragon men and Cirque du Souffle BLIP.TV
Episode 4. Act II : All sorts of secrets. BLIP.TV
Episode 4. Act III : Oubliettes and fresh fashions. BLIP.TV
Episode 4. Act IV : Thraxidelantisaurus BLIP.TV
Episode 4. Act V : How to turn an assassin into paste in five easy steps. BLIP.TV
Episode 4. Act VI : The trilling conclusion...is not this. BLIP.TV

Episode SPACE. Act I : Our space heroes try to forget their space problems by visiting the local space bar in space. BLIP.TV
Episode SPACE. Act II : Space space golem space space. BLIP.TV
Episode SPACE. Act III : All glory to our new space overlords . BLIP.TV

Episode 5. Act I : The battle begins BLIP.TV
Episode 5. Act II : We just try not to die. BLIP.TV
Episode 5. Act III : We continue our slow bumblefuck towards death. BLIP.TV
Episode 5. Act IV : A glimmer of hope? BLIP.TV
Episode 5. Act V : For better or for worse the fight is over. BLIP.TV

Episode 6. Act I : Everything we touch ends up dead or destroyed. BLIP.TV
Episode 6. Act II : Giants are dicks BLIP.TV
Episode 6. Act III : Shopping Spree! BLIP.TV
Episode 6. Act IV : Joey Hoofvsz: Giant Slayer BLIP.TV
Episode 6. Act V : This is not a video BLIP.TV

Episode 7. Act I : We Need A More Stable Universe BLIP.TV
Episode 7. Act II : Apafi the Chocolate Wizard BLIP.TV
Episode 7. Act III : A bunch of idiots explore a crappy tower full of jerks. BLIP.TV
Episode 7. Act IV : Spiders That Shoot Goo. There Is No God BLIP.TV
Episode 7. Act V : Spider Shenanigans and Peace Treaties BLIP.TV

Episode 8. Act I : Peace Conference Goes About as Well as Expected BLIP.TV
Episode 8. Act II : Special Guest Cameo by the Mayor of Bonertown BLIP.TV
Episode 8. Act III : Pretty Fucking Deep in the Tower BLIP.TV
Episode 8. Act IV : Hints of Algernon's Mysterious Back-story BLIP.TV
Episode 8. Act V : 99 Goblems But A Lizard Man Ain't One BLIP.TV
Episode 8. Act VI : How Many Libraries Does One Tower Need? BLIP.TV

Episode 9. Act I (high fi) : Not Deserving of Proper Title BLIP.TV(low fi)
Episode 9. Act II : Time To Lord Some War BLIP.TV
Episode 9. Act III : A Big Ol' Mess BLIP.TV
Episode 9. Act IV : Wh-what Why? BLIP.TV
Episode 9. Act V : "the beginning of the ned" BLIP.TV
Episode 9. Act VI : Tower Epilogue BLIP.TV

Episode 10. Act I : A..Second Tower!? BLIP.TV
Episode 10. Act I(Battle 1/2) BLIP.TV
Episode 10. Act I(Battle 2/2) BLIP.TV
Episode 10. Act II : Apafi Seems Less Kill-y Than Usual BLIP.TV
Episode 10. Act III : Exploring The New Focus TowerBLIP.TV
Episode 10. Act IV : A Humiliating Defeat BLIP.TV

Episode 11. Act I : Deadly Pink Gas BLIP.TV
Episode 11. Act II : Helpertron Catching Shenanigans BLIP.TV
Episode 11. Act III : Joey and the Mystery of the Concrete Chunk BLIP.TV
Episode 11. Act IV : A Brave Hero's Sacrifice BLIP.TV
Episode 11. Act V : Medusa's Gaze is Upon Us BLIP.TV
Episode 11. Act VI : Medusa Gets the Last Laugh BLIP.TV

Episode 12. Act I : Is That a Clockwork Spider? BLIP.TV
Episode 12. Act II : Call James West BLIP.TV
Episode 12. Act III : Edit? What that? BLIP.TV
Episode 12. Act IV : Time to Fire Up the Character Builder Again BLIP.TV
Episode 12. Act V : Nevermind I Guess Algernon's Fine Actually. BLIP.TV
Episode 12. Act VI : BANANA. BLIP.TV
Episode 12. Act VIII : Parapets. BLIP.TV

Episode 13. Act I : Splotch of DEATH. BLIP.TV
Episode 13. Act II : Fire Drill. BLIP.TV
Episode 13. Act III : I Haff Tvelve Metchsteek. BLIP.TV
Episode 13. Act IV : Everybody's Useless Except Miriam BLIP.TV
Episode 13. Act V : Nobody Listens To Algernon BLIP.TV

Episode 14. Act I : Frankly I'm Horsgusted With All Of You BLIP.TV
Episode 14. Act II : Tall Tales of Coin Places BLIP.TV
Episode 14. Act III : Know Art History Or Die BLIP.TV
Episode 14. Act IV : Death Library. The Library That Eats BLIP.TV
Episode 14. Act V : OH YEAH! BLIP.TV
Episode 14. Act VI : It's a Library of Savings at Menards! BLIP.TV

Episode 15. Act I : A Mysterious Human Person BLIP.TV
Episode 15. Act II : That Dire Cat BLIP.TV
Episode 15. Act III : Another Long Fight. These Are Unbearable. BLIP.TV
Episode 15. Act IV : Country Bear Jamboree BLIP.TV
Episode 15. Act V : We Grin And Bear It BLIP.TV
Episode 15. Act VI : Last Name "Druid". First Name "The" BLIP.TV
Episode 15. Act VII : Algernon's Startling Usefulness BLIP.TV
Episode 15. Act VIII : When Bears Attack BLIP.TV
Episode 15. Act IX : Kensington Destroyer of Worlds BLIP.TV

Episode 16. Act I : The Final Beatdown BLIP.TV
Episode 16. Act II : Holey Crap BLIP.TV
Episode 16. Act III : Golem? More like...jerk BLIP.TV
Episode 16. Act IV : Done-geon BLIP.TV

Episode 17. Act I : A Brand New World to Destroy BLIP.TV
Episode 17. Act II : Meet Mix Masta P-Face BLIP.TV
Episode 17. Act III : Chromatics = Utter Dicks BLIP.TV
Episode 17. Act IV : Just Like Eating Delicious Apes BLIP.TV

Episode 18. Act I : USS Gay Boat BLIP.TV
Episode 18. Act II : What Do You Mean We Can't Carry ALL the Gold BLIP.TV
Episode 18. Act III : Kids, I'll Turn This Campaign Around and NOBODY Will Get To See Silver BLIP.TV
Episode 18. Act IV : And Victor is Back...Somehow BLIP.TV
Episode 18. Act V : Syrg's Terrible Decision BLIP.TV
Episode 18. Act VI : Let's Play: Finding a New DM BLIP.TV
Episode 18. Act VII : Take the Bonerton Express to the Emergency Room BLIP.TV

Episode 19. Act I : My Pet Larvae BLIP.TV
Episode 19. Act II : A Series of Bad Decisions BLIP.TV
Episode 19. Act III : The Most Exciting Mellow-Out Music I Could Find BLIP.TV
Episode 19. Act IV : Horrible Mutagen Or Spa Bath? BLIP.TV
Episode 19. Act V : Abandoned Plot Hooks? Well I Never BLIP.TV

Episode 20. Act I : This is what you came here to see, viewer. BLIP.TV

Catch Up Episode : Syrg rambles on about our lost sessions BLIP.TV
Episode 32. Act I : It says so in this booklette.BLIP.TV
Episode 32. Act II : Just a Little Gnome from Bonerton BLIP.TV
Episode 32. Act III : Hell No Hellivator BLIP.TV

Episode 33. Act I : Did It Just Get Warmer?BLIP.TV
Episode 33. Act II : Put on Your Fancy Pants BLIP.TV

Episode 34. Act I : It's Always Summer in Bonerton BLIP.TV
Episode 34. Act II : Syrg Takes The Campaign To Terrible New Lows BLIP.TV
Episode 34. Act III : Why You Gotta Ruin My Moment? BLIP.TV
Episode 34. Act IV : You Can't Just Moonwalk Everywhere BLIP.TV
Episode 34. Act V : Subquest Complete! BLIP.TV

Episode 35. Act I : Meet THE MAYOR BLIP.TV
Episode 35. Act II : Is That A Giant Warforged I Seee? BLIP.TV
Episode 35. Act III : Lair of the Cackle-demon BLIP.TV
Episode 35. Act IV : Water water water water water BLIP.TV

Episode 36. Act I : Maniac Man-shen BLIP.TV
Episode 36. Act II : Meat Demon BLIP.TV
Episode 36. Act III : You Have To Get Out Of Here Your Minotaur Is Haunted BLIP.TV

Episode 37. Act I : The Terror of Camp-afi BLIP.TV
Episode 37. Act II : Slathered In Rich Creamery Cows BLIP.TV
Episode 37. Act III : Caution: Slight Chance of Head Explosion BLIP.TV

Episode 38. Act I : Where's My Damn Pancakes, Kensington BLIP.TV
Episode 38. Act II : Thank You Dark Lord BLIP.TV
Episode 38. Act III : Is Pancakes (save ends) BLIP.TV
Episode 38. Act IV : There's a Fiftier Percent Chance This Will Be Great. BLIP.TV
Episode 38. Act V : I'm Going to ROUSE Myself! BLIP.TV
Episode 38. Act VI : Joey's Round of the Century. BLIP.TV
Episode 38. Act VII : Thread Over. Thanks For Watching. BLIP.TV

StarTroid Rules Log : Grey Goose's Code of Space Conduct BLIP.TV
StarTroid Campaign Log #1 : Let's Craft some Stars and Met some Roids BLIP.TV
StarTroid Campaign Log #2 : The Double Tap BLIP.TV
StarTroid Campaign Log #3 : Everything But the Kidneys BLIP.TV

Paragon Tier -->

Meet the Party

Joey Hoofvsz Warlord

(Wolfshirt):The de facto leader of the group, because no one else seems interested. Extremely adept at destroying things of no plot value, but his dire weakness is his crippling inability to intimidate a room.

Kensington R. Killjoy Esq. Warlock

(Plasmaman) : An expert demonic lawyer who was exiled from Hell for the crime of someone with slightly more power than him not liking him. On the mortal planes, he has taken up the twin arts of dark warlock magic and making enemies with everyone. Struggling with a crippling arcana check addiction.

Minerelle Orr Psion

(PoorWeather): An enthusiastic psion who is somewhat prone to radical moodswings, Minerelle is a shardmind - and determined to keep anyone from knowing it. Seeming to only have one talent, she compensates for this by trying to mind control everything the party encounters. Her dream is to live in a world where no one has a will save.

Algernon de la Flor Fighter

(Drakkel): A swashbuckling Dragonborn bounty hunter, using his great strength and twin blades to cut down foes in an instant. Keeps getting roped into ridiculous situations with ridiculous people.

Miriam Webster Avenger

(Medibot): Alphabetizer and One True Librarian of Ioun. She really has no idea that everyone else in her party is a bad person, save perhaps the dwarf. She somehow carries around a vast library of books despite weighing about as much as the average toaster.

Asalynn Paladin

(Lava Lamp Goddess): A very angry adventurer who lost her eye to a cannibal, which Bananaramawicz failed to heal-- he now follows her out of guilt and apology. She hits things with a sword, occasionally she might do something worthy of her status as the paladin of the goddess [whatserface].

Bananaramawicz Cleric

(General Ironicus): The world's only dwarf with no muscle mass whatsoever. He is powered by friendship and monotheism, making pals everywhere he goes that the rest of the group promptly kill or ditch.

Gibnaf Boneson Bard

(General Ironicus): Born to be a boner he instead chose a life of adventure. He fell in with the party just as he began to decide what sort of Hero he may become.

Kodrinschreiner Paladin

(Plasmaman): As the empires of a god rise, they must fall in time. Long ago, one such sun god suffered this fate, dwindling and eventually dying to the ravages of time as his followers dispersed. However, he left behind many powerful artifacts, and artifacts without a god to influence them are a very valuable thing indeed. For example, one wizard decided to use a collection of artifacts from the god for a very fascinating and moreso foolish experiment. He purified them into a core, and built this core into an old, worn war machine. The wizard has not been seen since. Kodrinschreiner is currently a Sergeant in the City Guard; after much wandering he settled for the position, compelled by his natural(?) sense of justice and duty.


SYRG as the unseen and malevolent DUNGEONMASTER.

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