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#34. Dreaming About Evolution

GTS update!

Hey y'all I traded Ramses XXX for a baby leaf snake.


Snivy is very intelligent and calm. It uses vines more adeptly than its hands. Being exposed to lots of sunlight makes its movements swifter. They photosynthesize by bathing their tails in sunlight. When they are not feeling well, their tails droop.
Choro Notes: I think Snivy is the least impressive starter. I've never been able to get one to Serperior without giving up and just training a Maractus or a Lilligant or something instead.
Zorak Notes: Cute little grass snake dude!
HulkaMatt Notes: This guy is sneaky as hell. I like it.

And . . . . still no nickname. Dang people. On the plus side it has two moves bred onto it? Calm Mind increases Sp.attack and Sp.Def by one stage while Facade is a physical normal-type move that's power doubles when the user is suffering from a status ailment. It's also a Catalonian Snivy. Neat!

- - -

I suppose I should help out with that before I go off to possibly get killed by a dragon.

Yeah, I'm still not sure how I did that. What's a save file?

Hey this thing doesn't cause, you know, brain damage or anything, does it?

. . . can . . . can we use one of my less brain-required guys for this?

Or click this for youtube. Whatever.

Stupid science experiments. Let us depart, Xanadu. Before she embarrasses herself further.

Choro Notes: So, if you hit the Wireless button on your C-Gear, you get these buttons!

I'm blackin' out!

Music: The Entralink

Please explain, sir. Don't use big words.

Unova region."

I don't know what that means. Use bigger words!

meet an adventurer in the world."

Help an adventurer from another world. What—

Choro Notes: Basically, if you are near someone with local wifi, you can do all sorts of weird little missions here like delivering items, etc. If you do you earn points that can be used for things like making monsters easy to catch for a limited time, etc. It's kind of neat if you have someone to do it with.

So uh, are you an adventurer or . . . ?

Well, my sheep just did so . . .

What is that? I've never seen anything like that around here!

Choro Notes: This is a way to get non-Unova monsters! You don't even need to wait for the National Dex upgrade!

Wait. . .

Sure, ok.


Venonat lives in the shadows of tall trees where it eats bugs. It is attracted by light at night. It catches and eats small bugs at night that are attracted by light. This species is said to have evolved with a coat of thin, stiff hair that covers its entire body for protection. It possesses large eyes that never fail to spot even minuscule prey. They act as radar and can even shoot powerful beams. Poison oozes from all over its body.
Choro Notes: Aw shit it's fuckin' Venonat. These guys always felt very, I dunno. Hoppy? A hoppy little bug covered in fuzz who spreads toxic powder everywhere. Kickin'
Zorak Notes: Venonat is neat but he's always seemed a bit weird to me. His design is fine, but when you actually put thought into "this is supposed to be a fly" and compare the actual image of a fly to it, it gets sort of ???
HulkaMatt Notes: With this Pokémon you're taking your first step at assembling the dream bug team. (The best bug)
HulkaMatt named this eventually

This place is bizarre. Hey Xanadu let's go look at another world.

Let's. Let's not look at any more other worlds.

What do you mean original world?

. . . right. We're going home.

Let's just walk back to Opelucid, deal? Deal.

Choro Notes: I'm also bringing Guffie along. Get some experience along the way.

Oh, hey. While we're here.

Weird world we live in. Very weird world.

Knew I remembered there was a waterfall in here!

Well, that wasn't worth it. Let's go fight some footballers.

I think . . . you should not fight that swan.


. . . the Swannas must be playing today.

Heck yeah, Guffie. Shed the rest of that skin!

Oh. Guffie. You uh . . . look kinda. . . Guffie.


Scrafty can smash concrete blocks with its kicking attacks. It pulls up its shed skin to protect itself while it kicks. The bigger the crest, the more respected it is. The one with the biggest crest is the group leader. Groups of them beat up anything that enter their territory. Each can spit acidic liquid from its mouth.
Choro Notes: Scrafty have surprisingly high defenses! Look at all of those defenses!! Man, that shit he is doing looks really imitatable, dang. So cool.
Zorak Notes: You youth with your hippity hop and your rap music and baggy pants

I guess we can bring Nial with us for the rest of the trip.

Nial'll be super awesome here, I bet.

Choro Notes: The Dawn Stone is probably one of the weirdest stones: it evolves male Kirlia and female Snorunts, neither of which are found in Unova.

Choro Notes: Imagine a lot of this.

That's . . . nice.


Krookodile never allow prey to escape. Their jaws are so powerful, they can crush the body of an automobile. It can expand the focus of its eyes, enabling it to see objects in the far distance as if it were using binoculars. Very violent Pokémon, they try to clamp down on anything that moves into their field of vision.
Choro Notes: Holy shit look at that fucker. It's angry and cool and scheming all at once. I love it. I've never used one so I really don't know what to say about it!
Zorak Notes: Krookodile is a fucking awesome crocodileman with cool sunglasses. He is cool, and if you use one you are probably cool too. He's also based on the gharial. Hooray for gharials.
HulkaMatt Notes: A cool dude with ATTITUDE! The Arthur Fonzarelli of Pokémon??? Give her a leather jacket, T I A

Alright then, we'll bring another buddy along for this part!


Well now that's the second most horrifying spider I've ever seen.


Galvantula employ an electrically charged web to trap their prey. While it is immobilized by shock, they leisurely consume it. When attacked, they create an electric barrier by spitting out many electrically charged threads.
Choro Notes: I really like Galvantula's design: it's such a cool spider. They're quick and can shock decently hard. Cool bug.
Zorak Notes: I really like Galvantula, he's a neat little electrical spider. Interestingly, his physical design is somewhat inspired by the Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell. truefact yo
HulkaMatt Notes: If everyone in the world didn't use this I would probably say it's my favorite from Gen 5. Does that make me a hipster? Seriously, it's pretty awesome; a really fun looking electric Pokémon. I mean just think about it: a GIANT spider that doesn't poison you but shocks the fuck out of you. Kinda owns!

Alright then, almost there!

At least YOU won't evolve right away, right?

Choro Notes: I apparently missed a Moon Stone in here! Moon Stones evolve a couple monsters: Nidorina, Nidorino, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Skitty and Munna. Only Munna is found in Unova, though.

ALRIGHT! Opelucid tomorrow! Let's sleep. I've seen enough weird things and possibly other realities today.

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