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#35. Not the Only Evolutionist in this Circle of Friends

GTS Update!

I traded Dwebble for a Boldore!

Here's the thing! If you trade a Boldore it evolves!


The solar energy absorbed by its body's orange crystals is magnified internally and fired from its mouth. Compressing the energy from its internal core lets it fire off an attack capable of blowing away a mountain.
Choro Notes: Gigalith are really cool design wise! I love that there's finally a three-stage pure-Rock-type family!
Zorak Notes: I like Gigalith, he's a neat rock dude. Especially them eyes
HulkaMatt Notes: It's a rock monster with legs except it's sharp and pointy and got red shiny ... things? Look, I'm not good at commenting on rocks. Back in 5th grade I just completely -didn't- do my report on rocks. Didn't study that shit at ~all~. Like, my teacher got pissed; she was just like "WHY?" and I was like "I unno."

Finally a nicknamed one! It's also a pretty high level! Oh, it's holding mail, too?

. . . did the person who wrote this have some sort of head injury?

- - -

Alright! On to Opelucid! Finally!


Y-yeah. Alright, then.

What the hell type of question is that?! Of course!

Choro Notes: Inferno is a 100 power special Fire-type move that is guaranteed to cause a burn on the target . . . however it only has 50% accuracy.

Choro Notes: Poison Barb is the Poison-type move-boosting item.

Choro Notes: Sludge Bomb is a 90 power special Poison-type move with a 30% chance of poisoning the target. It's a nice move for a lot of types that just *have* to hit grass-types extra hard, I guess.

Well . . .

Yeah, seems about right.

Oh man, if I had to pick, I'd pick a town out in the woods somewhere. Nice woody country, yeah. That's the ticket.

Uh, yes? Please?

What? Do you keep them up to scare birds away?

Well yeah, but then it just fills with water and it bends it.

Oh for Pete's sake

Choro Notes: What you did not get to see is the Alomomola used Soak first to make Candelilah a water-type then used an ineffective water-type move against it. I guess once the flame is out it doesn't care as much?

Oh man!

Oh. You became furniture. Huh.


This ominous Pokémon is feared. Through cities Lampent wanders, searching for the spirits of the fallen. It hangs around hospitals waiting for people to pass on. It arrives near the moment of death and steals spirit from the body. The spirits it absorbs fuel its baleful fire.
Choro Notes: Wow, that's . . . really grim. Lampent learns a few moves that Chandelure doesn't. The thing is, two of them are TM moves, the other two are Curse and Pain Split. Pain Split can be tutored on, so really it's just Curse to wait for if you want it!
Zorak Notes: Lampent for your sins.
HulkaMatt Notes: Shit dudes I can't see someone hand me a laAAAAAAAAAH HOLY SHIT!!! WHY DO YOU EXIST?! IS IT JUST FOR THIS OCCASION?!?!?!

Why wait?!

Th-that's nice!


Chandelure absorbs spirit, which it then burns. By waving the flames on its arms, it puts its foes into a hypnotic trance. Being consumed in Chandelure's flame burns up the spirit, leaving the body behind. The spirits burned up in its ominous flame lose their way and wander this world forever.
Choro Notes: I like how Chandelure goes from "hunts for spirits" to "Fuck it, come to me." Awesome Pokémon, awesome design.
Zorak Notes: Chandelure is cool as fucking hell. He's a ghost that is fueled by burning people's souls.
HulkaMatt Notes: One of the first things that attacks you in Luigi's Mansion. Right in the lobby!

You're a little odd, huh?

Choro Notes: You found a heat rock. Perhaps you can put it into a terrarium for a lizard or something. Alternatively, if the holder uses the move Sunny Day it lasts for 8 turns, rather than 5.

Oh, I get it!

Well, I guess we should find someone else to evolve since Candelilah's all tough now . . .

Alright, I figure we'll let Xanadu switch in and . . .

Well . . . I suppose the Stunfisk was kind of challenging looking. . .

Oh . . . you're taller, I guess? Is that it?


Servine moves along the ground as if sliding. Its swift movements befuddle its foes. They avoid attacks by sinking into the shadows of thick foliage. They retaliate with masterful whipping techniques. When it gets dirty, its leaves can't be used in photosynthesis, so it always keeps itself clean.
Choro Notes: Servine is really the point where I just sort of always ditch Snivy in my attempts to actually use it as a starter. I don't know if I keep getting bad ones or what, I just can never use them as effectively as other grass-types. Dude got beat out by a mushroom one time. AND NOT THE KICKBOXING ONE.
Zorak Notes: Snivy's limbs are slowly disappearing...
HulkaMatt Notes: Looks exactly the same as Snivy except taller. Though, it also looks like it's trying to become a dinosaur?

Hmm? Bianca?

Those're good things ta be doin', yea.

"But then I realized I don't wanna take up smoking and can't walk in heels. C=>"

Prof. Juniper."
Soooooo . . . would you please battle me?"
Huh? Yeah, sure! If you wanna see a bunch of Pokémon I'm kinda the best at this!

Music: Battle! Cheren & Bianca

Oh! BowBow evolved! Awesome!

Does she still take wrestling moves well?

We got this!

Oh, aww. . .

Oh! Thrown outta the ring!

Alright then! Zsa Zsa stepping up to the plate!

Megahornin' you!



Oh don't start that again.

Oh man, JamJam too! Neat! Wait those spit fire!

That mighty plastron of yours saved the day! RUIN JAMJAM.

Sorry JamJam!

Gaddang, Servine.

LubLub? Dag, you really filled out.

I know! My first partner will fight your first partner!


Good fight, good fight.

Alright! Last one!

Choro Notes: I really like the touch that monsters' eyes close when they fall asleep.

Oop, wakin' up from this!

They're having fun though, right? I think?

Well, Servine didn't.

Man, you. You didn't DO anything!

Well, it figures you'd get all regal looking after that.


It can stop its opponents' movements with just a glare. Serperior only gives its all against strong opponents who are not fazed by the glare from it's noble eyes. It takes in solar energy and boosts it internally.
Choro Notes: I think Serperior looks neat! . . . that's about it!
Zorak Notes: Hey! It's a snake! I actually really like Serperior, it has a neat design. Interestingly enough, it's ornate design was based on the character designs from The Rose of Versailles, a 70s shoujo anime I highly recommend if you like seeing a badass lady stab people just before the French Revolution.
HulkaMatt Notes: Yo, what the fuck? You could have grown legs and you decided to just ditch them? What's your deal serperior?! Looks really overconfident, to be honest.


Oh, you had another Full Restore but didn't use it? Huh.

there will be nothing but sad people!"


Shoot, I just try to hang out with my friends.

when you're going through so much."
You did kind of kick my guys up a little!

You know it! Especially with Xanadu and the crew with me!

Well I guess I'm running back to Icirrus now.


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