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Bright and early!

#12. Honeycomb Big, Yeah Yeah Yeah . . .
Music: Black & White - Pokémon Gym

Alright Burgh! Wait, he's here today, right? Alright Burgh!

Oh well . . . there doesn't seem to be any way through here . . .

Oh. . . . OH. Oh no.

No no no no NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.

Choro Notes: That's the gimmick of the gym! Hit all the buttons. Push all the buttons for more buttons to push!

Oh, Burgh must have painted this!

Huh . . .

Yeah that's some art around here . . .

Choro Notes: This is mostly how every battle in this gym goes.

Another switch, another gate that leads to . . . another switch.

. . . huh.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah my hair . . .

Clowns . . .

Choro Notes: Poison Tail is generally better than Poison Sting. It's more powerful in general and but goes from a 30% chance of poisoning the target to a 10% chance. The upside? High crit-rate! It was originally a signature move of Seviper!

. . . I feel like I understand this one a lot more.

. . . this one not at all though.

. . . crap.

outrageous and mysterious charms?"

"Like that! Look at that picture over there and tell me it's not outrageously charming!"

Uhhhhhh . . .


Look what you did to my hair. :< I think there are old bandages in that honey, even.

Because I'm covered in honey!

Music: Battle! Unova Gym Leader

Choro Notes: Burgh
The game's pretty much told you everything there is to know about Burgh! He's an artist, occasionally travels to Nacrene to clear artist's block, and is a bug-type trainer! His Japanese name is Arti.

Choro Notes: This is Whirlipede! See if you can deduce what it evolves from.


Oh. . .

Ah! What did I do?!

Choro Notes: This is Pursuit's special trait! If the target switches out on the turn it's used it strikes immediately and at double power. Harsh.

Use that screeched down stat to hit it harder!

Choro Notes: Dwebble! It's a Rock/Bug-type monster, so weak to water, etc. Xanadu is weak to Bug-type attacks. I have a reason for doing this, just relax.

Choro Notes: I could boil this thing right now with scalding water. BUT.

Choro Notes: Now, Burgh has exactly one Hyper Potion he uses when any of his monsters reach critical status. I just baited it out of him. Guess what!

Like a tactical bosssssss B)


Choro Notes: Leavanny is the final stage of Sewaddle! It's a bug/grass type but pretty awesome! If you're some sort of boring person you could just use a flying or fire-type move against it to cripple him or outright KO him!

Choro Notes: I'm gonna do it a different way! Razor Leaf there is a physical slashing attack with Leavanny's arm blades there. Check this!

Choro Notes: Technically I just two-shotted Leavanny with a Fighting-type move. Fire-types, heh.

Music: Victory over a Gym Leader - Anime Arrange.

The honey is hardening . . .

Just kind of stick it anywhere on my person, it'll hold.

"Inces— er."

Choro Notes: I have never used Struggle Bug, it just seems underwhelming . . . It's only got 30 base power but it lowers the targets' Sp.atk one stage . . . for some reason.

to discover new things."

I need to go shower and wash my poor hair . . .

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