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#10. A Small Town, Big Haired Girl in the Big City

Ah! It got cold! And all the leaves aren't different colors anymore!

Choro Notes: Winter does two things: in certain areas snowdrifts amass allowing access to different areas, and certain monsters hibernate/come out in the cold weather.

Choro Notes: This does exactly what it says: sometimes the holder gets first strike. Zsa Zsa is kind of slow so she gets it for now.

I get to cross it?! :D

Well that was wonderful. :)


Music: Castelia City

Aw man, I'm going down to the docks. Adventure always happens down at the docks!

Xanadu! Xanadu look! I learned my first gang sign :D

Choro Notes: This is similar to the case in Nacrene City, whatever you answer you will get the appropriate stone for: Leaf, Fire or Water. Here's the thing! Aside from things from other Generations, only the monkeys use these three stones. So whatever! I will say: The first time you encounter a water stone is further along than the other two. Also fuck the other two in our case.

It's the only one I will consider using!

Choro Notes: We're going to hold off using the stone for now. Once you use a stone on a monster that evolves that way, they tend to not learn any more new moves. So the trade off is you can evolve early for more power, or later for more moves. Panpour has one move I would like to learn as long as we are using its creepy ass.

It's so biiiiiiig. . .

So sinister, wow the city sure is interesting! So much intrigue!

. . . huh? :D

I guess I can check that out!

"The floor's spoiled. . . like milk."

. . . how arbitrary.

Choro Notes: Most of these guys use monsters we've all seen a million times at this point so I'll spare you the battles against "Patrat #47"

Uhh. . .

Oh. . eew a fish. Eew. They're so gross and slimy. . .

. . . we should switch out here.

When in doubt!

Unngh . . . it's a little cooler looking but it's still a gross fish . . . I bet if I kick it it's just gonna go down too!

. . . good effort.

"You should get a card made!"

Choro Notes: It's you. You're Three-Bass Warren.

Ah! How are you developing, doctor?

Choro Notes: The Scope Lens increases the Critical Hit rate for the holder. Handy-ish!

Choro Notes: One of these are more useful than the other! They're better now though! Quick Balls are very effective if you use them immediately, but Timer Balls take foreeeeeeever to get effective. It used to take 40 turns to reach the same effectiveness as a Quick Ball, now it takes 10. Development!

Done on this floor!

Choro Notes: Scald does exactly what you think it does. It's twice as strong as Water Gun but can inflict severe BURNS on the target. This is hilarious to me and I realize that's kind of sick.

Oh, hey. It just clicked that you are a Panpour!

. . . :D What?


The tuft on its head holds water. When the level runs low, it replenishes the tuft by siphoning up water with its tail. The high-pressure water expelled from its tail is so powerful, it can cut through a concrete wall.
Choro Notes: Once you evolve the monkeys they won't learn any more moves. This is true with most Stone-based evolutions. Simipour is. . . Simipour just is.
Hulka Notes: . . .
Zorak Notes: The most punchable thing.
Choro Notes: Whoa whoa whoa, Simisear. Simipour at least sprays scalding hot water into my opponents' faces
Zorak Notes: Okay point, Simisear is more punchable. But not by much

Oh! The janitor!

. . . does chairman mean you stack all of the chairs at night?

Oh gosh, that reeks something fierce. You're kind of a jerk for just throwing garbage out like that!

Oh man it's just waftin' that smell around!


Choro Notes: This Trubbish has the Stench ability. Prior to Gen5, Stench only lowered the encounter rate outside of battle. Now it has a chance of causing the opponent to flinch! That is some rank garbage, hoo boy

Choro Notes: Poison Spikes scatters. . poison. . sp—whatever. If anything switches in and it doesn't fly, it'll be poisoned. Two uses of Poison Spikes changes it to a worse poison that incrementally increases.

Ah! That's not fair!

Choro Notes: There's a simple way to get rid of Poison spikes, though.

Choro Notes: A Poison-type will just scatter the spikes away.


You sent out smelly garbage. :<

. . .

Something exciting is probably happening down this alley!


Choro Notes: HM to TM to a TM that is reusable but easily gotten rid of as a move. I'm A-OK with this.

Ah! I can try my new gang si—HRK!

Well, I'm not really good at the whole dancin' thing . . .

Oh, I'm good at fightin'!

I can rough 'em up a lil' sure!

stronger than me."


Heee :D


About 120 degrees of water!

Yeah! And certainly no coercion or hired muscle involved!

Choro Notes: The Amulet Coin increases the payout for battles if the holder participates. In retrospect I should have gotten this before doing the battle company but eh.

The city is so busy, even this late in the day!

. . . oh. Aww. .

Choro Notes: The fabled Casteliacone. I will beat a Rhydon to death to get this frosty, delicious Full Heal.

So crowded . . .

Such generosity among the city folk. I didn't expect this at all!

. . . no, no I haven't seen that one.

. . . nope!

'Cause it's cute!"

Xanadu, what? You're acting real—HRK! Zorua.

Hrm, what? Oh. You found one, how about that?


To protect themselves from danger, Zorua hide their true identities by transforming into people and Pokémon. Zorua also change into the forms of others to surprise them. Apparently, it often transforms into a silent child.
Choro Notes: Zorua are a complete pain in the ass and also a really stupid monster to get method-wise. You need a Celebi. You literally need a Celebi to get Zorua. I cheated and triggered the event without Celebi to get this. It is essentially an event monster that appears smack in the middle of the regional-Pokédex. Zorua and it's evolution's ability is unique: I'll show it off for you in a few!
Zorak Notes: One fox Pokemon got the whole ~ghost flame~ gimmick. This one gets the transformation gimmick. Youkai are weird.
Hulka Notes: Zorua is Inspector Gadget if he was a fox
Choro Notes: . . . do you have anything to back that up?
Hulka Notes: . . . no. No I don't
CowsGoMoose named this AND drew the picture in the entry

Choro Notes: Illusion
Let's show off how Zorua's Illusion ability works!

Hmm . . Xanadu something seems off about you. . .

Xanadu can you even LEARN Pursuit?

In fact, your moves all look a little funny. . . also what do I care what Pato does?


Choro Notes: Zorua will always enter the field as whatever the last monster in your team is. In this case it disguised itself as Xanadu. It doesn't transform into Xanadu, it just looks like her: Pato kept all of his moves, his level and maybe most importantly his type. When he's hit it will reveal itself to be a Zorua! Kinda neat!

This must be the gym! Wow, did I really spend all day looking around?

Cheren! How did you beat him before I did! You didn't even beat Lenora last I saw you!

I know! We fought criminals together in the woods! For real this time!

Tepig's not going to carry you the whole way, Cheren.

Cheren you gotta relax, hon. You're getting that weird nerd drive in your eyes again. You don't wanna creep out like that N guy.


That's me! You admit it!

It's only been a few days . . .

Huh? Wha?

So this is what Cheren felt like before Lenora, huh?

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