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#09. A Tattoo of Centipedes Crawling Out of a Skull

Choro Notes: Here Comes Trouble

"What are you talking about, 'come'? I LIVE here you morons!"

Pokémon liberation!"
"You all realize that that's not alive, right?"

. . . in retrospect maybe we should have grabbed them as soon as they said they were gonna use a smokescreen, huh?

Your wife already ran after them! I'm gonna follow!



Ha! Now the ball's in Haley's court! These are MY friends!

Suggestion! We don't split up an instead form an unruly mob that just sort of bumrushes Team Plasma!

Right then.

"Mostly you Burgh and Haley. I don't know these two."

I almost pummeled you because you said fossil, so. Yes. It's the right thing to do!

Choro Notes: The Dowsing Mach— MCHN is the updated Itemfinder for this game. It functions on the bottom screen, automatically pointing towards the nearest hidden item when active. It's handy!

I bet it's in good hands, yeah.

"It means a lot to us, you see. On our honeymoon that dragonite plummeted from the night sky. Broke it's neck up pretty bad. Lenora had to put it out of its misery with a shovel. I think that's when I knew this whole thing was going to work out. *dreamy sigh*"

Well, can't you call ahead to the gatehouse or somethin? We can get a blockade and then beat 'em up there!

Ah, yeah ok I see. I know things about woods. I used to play in 'em, yeah.



Hrmmm. ]:I

Choro Notes: Ghost and Dark-type are. . . weird. They're both effective against the same types (Psychic and Ghost) so having one of both types can be redundant for coverage. Ghost can't hit normal-types but Dark isn't effective against types that Ghost is. Here it's a matter of "weaker attack that can paralyze vs. stronger attack that can flinch."

. . .

Well I was just checking! Maybe you had caught them! Now I'll go through the windy forest maze alone. Gosh.

One-two kick! One-two slap!


Music: Battle! Team Plasma

Choro Notes: Hey yeah let's just switch out, negate that little Intimidate bit


Choro Notes: The Big Root is a hold item that increases the HP restored from draining moves, of which currently we have none. Absorb, Leech Seed, Dream Eater, etc. Those types of things.


My outfit is stylish. . . right? Xanadu? It's stylish, huh? :<

Oh great, thank you Dowsing MCHN. Bianca you gave me a doohickey that points me to mushrooms. :( Maaan, I thought this was gonna be the skull.

You wanna tangle?!

Tangle in that


Venipede's bite injects a potent venom, enough to paralyze large bird Pokémon that try to prey on it. It discovers what is going on around it by using the feelers on its head and tail. It is brutally aggressive.
Zorak Notes: The Venipede line is one my favorites. In fact, this generation is great for cool bugs period. So many cool bugs. SO COOL.
Hulka Notes: I have never played Centipede. Red's undying love for Centipede makes me think that Venipede will be a fantastic addition to the team!!!!!!!!! I think these guys can be pretty neat to raise. I wonder if people wake up and will see random venipedes crawling around the walls of the room they are in??????? BECAUSE I HAD WAY TOO MUCH OF THAT SHIT THIS SUMMER. WHATEVERPEDES
Stalgren named this.

Choro Notes: The moss-covered rock has an effect on Eevee's evolution: it causes them to evolve into Leafeon.

It's starting to get dark out . . .

I see what you did there!

Ram into things with your face even harder!


So cooooooool! Man I wanna do that too!


Herdier has black, cape-like fur that is very hard and decreases the amount of damage it receives. It loyally follows its Trainer's orders. For ages, they have helped Trainers raise Pokémon.
Choro Notes: Terriers are kind of the best dogs, they just are. Herdier is an alright normal-type to have!
Zorak Notes: You may be wondering why Herdier gets Sand Rush. It's because terriers, that is to say the dog group, were used primarily for hunting animals in burrows. So, you know. Diggin' quickly in holes.
Hulka Notes: lmbo look at that fukken dog

It's getting chilly . . .

Ah! Such snowy whiteness!


Cottonee go wherever the wind takes them. On rainy days, their bodies are heavier, so they take shelter beneath big trees. When attacked, it escapes by shooting cotton from its body. The cotton serves as a decoy to distract the attacker.
Choro Notes: I . . . don't really have anything to say about Cottonee.
Zorak Notes: Cottonee is not super great. However he turns into something awesome, especially if you wait enough for him to get his special COTTON ABILITIES around level 37.
Hulka Notes: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ITS A LITTLE WOOLLY! Let me tell ya, I love these lil piles of wool. They're so gosh darn cute and up there with my favorites of this generation.
Neeksy named this.

"I'm expendable!"

Same old, Same old.


Choro Notes: Protect kind of owns, y'all

"You're not supposed to do that thing you did there! Also we get three free practice shots now!"


Choro Notes: Grass Knot is a cool move! It deals more damage to the opponent the heavier they are. See, because it trips them! Yeah.

I'm not that much younger than you, guy.

This. This is your special task force huh?



Oh, that's not a gopher.

"They'll just sort of get slapped into embarrassment!"

Don't call it stupid!

Choro Notes: Team Plasma's Machinations

"Terrible. My croc got slapped. "

was stolen from us so easily."

Is your name really Gorm? What, are you from Orre or something?

Is that a candy gun?! I love those!

and what do I spy with my little eye?

Wh-what? I defeated them, though . . . :(



"Fuck that, I got some . . . paintings or something to do."

no telling what they might do."
Castelia City's Pokémon Gym."
Yeah, I'd like to see your skills that you stopped those guys with.

Yep! Oh, what's that Mr. Skull? "Hey Haley you should give me back to Lenora and maybe get a reward!" I agree Mr. Skull! :)

Choro Notes: One monster in Gen5 evolves via the Moon Stone: Munna evolves into Musharna. Which we already have so whatever!

Give Cheren hell for me! Especially if his pig starts tail whipping at you!

Choro Notes: If you had said Snivy back in Nacrene, congrats: you have two Miracle Seeds now.

Ah! Monkey live in the forest!

Choro Notes: All three monkeys appear here uncommonly in rustling grass. Let's catch some more monsters!


When Pansear is angered, the temperature of its head tuft reaches 600ş F. It uses its tuft to roast berries. This Pokémon lives in fumaroles and lava tubes.
Choro Notes: All you haters hating on Incinerate. You're completely missing the point, you get to speak in a deep voice and exclaim "BURN TO CINDERS" or "REDUCE TO ASHES" as you use it. C'mon.
Zorak Notes: These are all the same and kind of awful in every way.
Hulka Notes: I was going to call him a bootleg chimchar but I just looked at what pansear looks like again and wow they're dapper little fuckers. AS LONG AS THEY DON'T FUCKING EVOLVE. I like the thing on its head.


Leavanny dress newly hatched Sewaddle in clothes they made for it when it hatched. It hides its head in its hood while it is sleeping. This Pokémon also makes clothes for itself. It chews up leaves and sews them with sticky thread extruded from its mouth.
Choro Notes: Sewaddle are adorable to the point I don't even care about their debilitating weaknesses to fire and flying. Wurmple's still probably my favorite caterpillar, though.
Zorak Notes: a babby
Hulka Notes: This guy just kicks all kinds of ass. For some reason it reminds me of Katamari. Wanna raise that bug.
A Conch named this.


This Pokémon dwells deep in the forest. Eating a leaf from its head whisks weariness away as if by magic. It shares the leaf on its head with weary-looking Pokémon. These leaves are known to relieve stress.
Choro Notes: Pansage is probably the one I like the least among the monkeys. Ironically once it evolves the opposite is true.
Zorak Notes: These are all the same and kind of awful in every way.
Hulka Notes: Pansage is fuckin' insane, the leader of the gooftroop with a bush for hair.

Choro Notes: Secret Power's effect changes depending where the user is. It's kind of handy if you happen to, you know, know what each location does.

Choro Notes: Rarely, Whimsicott can appear in rustling grass. They're the rare monster for this area and they're a complete pain in the ass to actually find. I think I fought 40 Audino and 20 monkeys before this fucker showed up.


Riding whirlwinds, they appear. These Pokémon sneak through gaps into houses and cause all sorts of mischief. Like the wind, it can slip through any gap, no matter how small. It leaves balls of white fluff behind.
Choro Notes: I really, really wish Bianca got a Whimsicott. Just for the "C=" "=D" juxtaposition.
Zorak Notes: I fucking love Whimsicott. With the Prankster ability, Cotton Guard, Cotton Spore, Leech Seed, Toxic (or Hurricane for direct damage), he is pretty beastly useful, what since he's fast as hell and EVEN FASTER doing status-effecting moves. Also, it's the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary. And I have a shiny one. B)
Hulka Notes: AAAAAAAAAAa sheepy sheepy sheepy I love that sheep. It's a fuckin' woolly sheep. Its up there with my favorites in the series. ALSO DOUBLE THE WOOL!!
Neeksy named this.
Well that was fun! Let's go back to Nacrene real quick!

I do!

Sure! I saw one of those in the woods!


The leaves on its head are very bitter. Eating one of these leaves is known to refresh a tired body. Since they prefer moist, nutrient-rich soil, the areas where Petilil live are known to be good for growing plants.
Choro Notes: Petilil are pretty cute and I got good mileage out of one in my original playthrough of white! They're exclusive in the wild to the white version. This trade is the inverse in white version: You trade a petilil for a Cottonee. Its name is Lillil!
Zorak Notes: Nowhere near as interesting as Whimsicott.
Hulka Notes: Cute lil guy, looks much more cool in pictures you dont see in the game.

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