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Chapter 29: Erika is Pretty Cool, Actually

Flowers, flowers. I need flowers because I'm a giiiiirl~ Ok, I'm trying to get herbs like in Resident Evil. Ok? Are you happy now?

And nobody fucking has them.

Nature . . . Nature = flowers/herbs/Super Mushrooms/Fire Flowers/herbs.

Eh . . . I am immediately out of my element. I am indoors surrounded by outdoors stuff.

I'm a real lady. . .

Alright, time to prove it with my samurai duck. Heh, flying-types'll make this easy.

Oh do NOT start this again.


Alright Otoro, you take care of it. You respect me.

Eh, yes . . . those are nice

FLOWERS. Bingo, that's what I need.

Dang I love that little bag of gastric acids.

Not just Sludge, now it's also a BOMB.


. . .it's ok

Eh, we could use some rain.


Hey there.

Ok, yea that's what I'm here about. I'm taking some of these flowers if that's coo' wit' you. :T

Er, yes. That's nice. I've got mostly normal types . . . for some reason.

What, no I was just making small talk.

Oh c'mon. just gimme some flowers, I'll pay you!

I don't even know how to use those herbs now that I think about it. Do I just eat em? Do I grind them into a medicinal paste? . . .d-do I smoke them?

What sort of horrible monster would use something like that?!


Flawless Victory. Clearly Gulpin is the more voracious living stomach.

guhhhh Another one of those writhey things.


Pff, a big stinky flower, Otoro's more than a match for that.


Nice shot.

Oh this is classy...

Bound to happen eventually.

Can I have my herbs now?

Oh gee that's swell, I 'll just stick this with the rest of them.

Man you guys are generous with these.

Well hey that's swell, I'm just gonna steal some of this shrubery. K?

All in all it was a good day Otoro. I'd say you earned a hell of a rest. Sweet dreams there, buddy. :3:

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