There's a whole lot of Magic: the Gathering obsession in these parts, and a lot of it is on Magic's flavor. The settings, the stories, all the characters and races. This site is a compendium for the stuff most people don't know about on their wizardcards.

Legend Summaries

Summaries of every single legendary permanent in Magic: the Gathering, presented by set release. Follow the storyline through its characters.

Definitive Magic Rankings

We use the scientific method to rank creatures in Magic: the Gathering. It is highly serious and objective. The results are non-debateable.

Replace Drakes with Drakes

Drake [dreyk] noun
1. A dimunitve relative of the dragon
2. A male duck.
Telling them apart? Tricky.

Chorocojo Tumblr

Occasional Magic fanart, theorizing, and a whole heap of making things better by making them worse. Also: a whole lot of other art to look at!

More Coming Soon???

There's probably more Magic stuff coming soon, but you might want to check out the Arazancar art / world project in the mean time. It's pretty great!

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