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#66. To Each Future

Alright then. That was more just long than super challenging. I guess we just got super good, yeah?

As long as no drill castles show up suddenly we're good. More than good. Better than ever, really.

Ah, I just did what anyone would ha— I just did what you and Chere— I just did what you would have done.

I dunno, I think I'm up for it~

. . . I, I was tryin' ta make it sound like I was implyin' I was the Strongest trainer, y'know?

Music: Battle! Vs. Champion

Choro Notes: Alder
FINALLY. I . . . don't have anything else to say about Alder you don't already know from the thread!

I got a feeling that Xanadu can take any hit you'd throw out, so . . .

Oh, even better!

Oh . . . I see I was wrong, then.

Well then taste my sandpaper-y dragon!

Alright, good shape. Good shape.

. . . shoot.

Hmm, hmmmmm . . .

Alright, definitely considering this next move!


Well alright then! You didn't even get KOd yourself!


Oh . . . I didn't know you had a Druddigon, too.

Yeah, YEAH!


I have JUST the thing.


Dame Shakes of No-Dragons-Allowed-ingshire

Choro Notes: Volcarona is Alder's strongest monster. Real strong!

Choro Notes: Quiver Dance is a really good move unique to butterflies, moths and . . . Lilligant. It does this:

Yeah, I think cutting your speed is a good plan . . .



. . . anticlimactic.

Alright, I have an idea.

The idea is keep paralyzing your things.

Escavalier have really high defenses and I don't really have a great way to get through it, so . . .

Plan devised. Strategery.


Yes, your jaggedicity is the key!

Oh cripes.

. . . those things are tanks.

Problem solved!

. . . ow.

Worked great so far!

And you took that hit pretty good, so.

Yeah! Good!

. . . oh cripes.

We'll show you how it's really done!

Oh. . . I guess this is only payback for the Volcarona, huh?

Man I love doin' that!

Oh . . . I did not expect to see one of those!

My mom says I have a Rhyhorn's stubbornness!

Hmm, hmm. No big!

I dunno, you're up against the strongest hug monster of 'em all!

To move forward, huh. Well, there's something I've been wanting to do!


stellar strength and kindness of heart."

Those are two things I have proved I have, yes.

be recorded here."
All of it? Even the Team Plasma stuff? Cause I'm still iffy about wanting them mentioned at all.

in this machine!"

Music: Congratulations on Entering the Hall of Fame!

Well guys, have I ever told you my dream?

- - -

Who knows! I'm just happy you're so supportive of it!

Oh! I have one more thing to do before I leave!

That's good!

What's that?

Haha, not as much as me. I have the certificate to prove that!

Well, do that! You'd probably be good at that!

Good! I'm glad! You don't have to deal with all the fighting to study 'em! That's pretty much what I'll be doing out there!

You got it!

One more, before I leave!

I remember!

Music: Battle! Bianca & Cheren

That was a good one!

Ah . . . (maybe I shouldn't go all out . . . )

Nnn . . .

Well there's that, sure.

Oh! I haven't fought this one! (Brace yourself, Xanadu)

Look! You got one!



Good back and forth! Good back and forth!

(Just go with it, Shakes.)

You beat Shakes! That's somethin'!

Ha ha!

Ah, well. Maybe I won't do that . . .

A good nap, that'll work. It'll probably also calm down her aggressiveness, huh?

Wait wh-

I'm surprised! That was a good one! Real good!

Good fight MunMun! Good one!

Oh, I guess he's tuckered out.

Oh, hello! You're new too!

Bianca you're doing pretty good! I'm kind of the champion at the moment! For now! Until I leave!

Hahaaa good go, Bianca. Good go.

Anytime! Well, anytime I'm around.

And you're a really strong . . . Bianca!

People say that, that's why I think this is gonna be a good trip.

That's the key!

for your entire life."
Yeah, lots of good memories. Gonna make more!

- - -

By Good Listener:

Hello Journal! It's me Bianca! Hehe, I bet you thought I had disappeared didn't you? Well don't worry, I'm here and I got a whole bunch of stuff to tell you about so get ready for it! C=

After I had helped assemble all the gym leaders to help out, Haley finally was able to get rid of those nasty Team Plasma people. I say good riddance! Mostly to their creepy leader . . . that guy just gave me shivers any time I saw him . . .

So once she saved Unova, you'll neeeever guess what happened journal! Haley and Cheren both came back home! It was really good to see them like...I dunno it feels like we haven't been together in weeks after all that. We got to just relax for once you know?

Of course, we didn't relax long because Professor Juniper called us over to her place. She said she had a present for us and you'll never guess what it was, Journal. Not in a million years. Go ahead and try! C=<

. . . okay I'll tell you! It was an upgrade to our Pokédexes. Now we can get information on any Pokémon in the whole world. Isn't that amazing? To think there's so many Pokémon that we've never even seen . . . it kinda makes your head wanna pop!

Professor Juniper also had some words for me too! She really liked me and thought I would be a great help not just to her, but to Pokémon in general! She offered me a chance to be her personal assistant and well...I had to think about it a little bit you know?

It's kind of amazing she'd pick someone like me when there are people a whole lot smarter and a whole lot better of trainers. Maybe she saw something I didn't just yet, Journal, and that thought is what brought me to taking her up on that offer. Plus Munmun thought it seemed like a good idea too so..!

But I couldn't settle down just yet Journal. After all, they finally managed to clear the way to Black City and none of us had been there yet! So before becoming a full time professor's aide, me and my Pokémon decided to journey a little bit more!

Before we got to Black City, we had a bit of a hassle along the way. Things on the East of Unova are so strong, Journal! Every trainer and wild Pokémon have been against so much to be able to be so tough. Thankfully we're tough too! Fuufuu is really super tough you know? Even Lublub is really impressed by her toughness!

She's so tough that once she took down a big scary Tyranitar all by herself! You shoulda seen it journal, she was like . . . a house of fire! Wildcat offense! She was so awesome that she evolved even! She looks so...elegant and amazing now...and she has a lotta purple which makes her look even prettier when she beats stuff up!

Black City is kind of a weird place we soon realized. Everything looked so technical and futuristic. It kind of gave me a headache with all the flashing lights everywhere...I wasn't even real sure where the Pokémarts were to tell the truth. I thought I found a potion shop but ended up with a weird shiny rock instead...it was pretty though...

Journal, Jamjam needs to really stop touching stuff that isn't his though! He saw that shiny rock and thought it'd be fun to play with! I had to chase him all around our camp site to get it back! And even then well…he ended up dropping it on top of Wikwik and bouncing it off her. She wasn't too happy about it!

Um well, she wasn't happy till she started glowing and shining all over anyway. I guess I bought a dusk stone Journal! I'd never seen one before so you can't make fun of me for this, okay? Wikwik is so bright now too like...as a Chandelure she's out an in the open for everyone to see! She still ended up bonking into Jamjam for it though.

We headed to Undella Town after that, Journal, and decided the best thing to do would be to just have a nice break for a while. The beach was so much fun, even if Bowbow didn't like getting her fur wet really. There was a lot of nice people there too! One lady even reminded me of scrambled eggs for some reason...not sure why though...

I had a lot of time to really think about things in Undella Town. Professor Juniper's offer sounded really intriguing you know? Getting to explore across Unova, meeting new Pokémon and new Pokémon trainers! And well, just really getting to kind of make a name for myself you know?

Before heading back home, mainly because Bowbow forgot her favorite squeaky bone, we stopped in Striaton again! They have the best sandwiches I ever had, but I never have been able to find the Pokémon gym here. Maybe that should be one of my first duties as a Pokémon assistant professor?

While we were there, there was a tv on that showed Haley! You'll never believe it, Journal or...well maybe you will since I've told you how awesome she is...she became the Pokémon champion for real this time! The last time there was some weird snag ups with that whole Team Plasma thing but...I was so proud for her I ran home to tell her mom and my dad and Cheren's parents and...

Anyway, when I got home, Haley actually had already come back too. I bet it was to tell her mom and all because she's a good daughter like that! I realized that this was an opportunity Journal. One I bet I'd never get to do otherwise...I challenged the Pokémon Champion to one final match! C=<

It was...it was probably the best time I've had in a battle Journal. Everything just seemed to move in sync with one another. Me and my Pokémon, Haley and hers...it just seemed like one amazing spectacle! I didn't end up winning but well...it was definitely worth every second we put into it. I'm really glad we all got to share that moment Journal...

I'm not the only one who's beginning a new journey either! Haley told me she was gonna be leaving a while...I'll miss her but we’ll always be able to talk over mail or Xtranet! And besides, I shouldn't be the only person allowed to go off on a new adventure. Maybe Cheren can figure out something too and we can all be on adventures together!

And don't worry Journal! I'll make sure to bring you along! C=
- - -

More memories, more good times. Out on the Indy Pokémon Wrestlin' Circuit.

Welp! So long, Nuvema Town. I gotta go see a man named Winthrop P. Wrestlebottom III about buying an old gymnasium and some wrestling equipment!

(Thanks to Zorak for doing some video processing.)

Aaaaand that's that. That's Pokémon Black. That was fun.

Haley's gonna head out and do her own thing, there's still more to do in Unova though. Keep an eye out for that probably! Following me on twitter is a good way to get updates on that. That or our site.

This has been an An Orbital Grouse joint. Peace out, y'all.

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