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#65. I Already Fought All Of You

Alright. Let's do this. No drill castles. Nothing stupid. Just fights.

Choro Notes: I'm mostly just going to go through and show the differences in the Elite Four in their fully powered teams.

Hi Marshal.

Music: Battle! Unova Elite Four

Choro Notes: First off, all four have full teams of six.

Choro Notes: Second, they're higher levels and third, they can be non-Unova monsters like this Breloom.

Oh we'll give you a dance alright!

Choro Notes: You want to take out Breloom as fast as you can, not only can he hit hard he's got Spore which is a 100% accurate sleep inducing move. Let that hit and you're gonna have a bad time.

Choro Notes: Marshal's Sawk has had its Karate Chop upgraded to the much more powerful Close Combat. It's also packing Poison Jab instead of Grass Knot.

Choro Notes: Sawk's not too much harder, but then Golurk's typing sort of completely screws him.

Choro Notes: His Throh has upgraded Bulldoze to Earthquake, but he's not really hard to clear at all.

Choro Notes: Mienshao can be a tough one, it's still got U-Turn but it's switched Rock Slide for Acrobatics! It can catch you off-guard!

Shakes you're kinda lucky you can just hit things when they come close.

That's new!

Choro Notes: Anticipation just alerts everyone on the field that Toxicroak is weak to a move an opponent has. Good job, idiot.

Choro Notes: In this case, Toxicroak is a Poison/Fighting-type, so it's 4x weak to Psychic. The only family of monsters with this. Go figure.

Lotta strength left over here!

Choro Notes: Conkeldurr lost Grass Knot and Retaliate and got Earthquake and Payback. Doesn't do it so good when you kick his shit in like that, though.

I'm respected! Yeah! Go us!

On it!

- - -

This is still dumb.

the ones your opponents were dealt."
You got dealt some bad cards, yo.

It's me! I'm the best!

Shark! You're new!

Choro Notes: I felt it was best to just bait the Full Restore out now.

Choro Notes: Because I can ruin that shit so hard.

Choro Notes: Scrafty lost Sand-Attack and got Head Smash! It's brutally strong and a Rock-type move!

Choro Notes: Krookodile gained Outrage but for some reason switched Crunch for Smack Down. Cacti still ruin him hard.

Choro Notes: Bisharp replaced Metal Claw with Guillotine. He's still decently strong!

Choro Notes: Liepard trades Night Slash for Sucker Punch but WHO. CARES.

Choro Notes: The Poison/Dark-type Drapion is pretty strong. It's also only weak to Ground! Which. . . Haley has a lot of.

Nope. There is literally not.

and without getting upset after losing."

Your monster tearing its own head off is a bad way to lose, I think.

Well yeah but you're supposed to just flip again if that somehow happens. Like if a bird steals it or something.

- - -

It's me again, the uncoos one.

Yeah, alright.

Music: Pokémon Platinum - Battle! Frontier Brain!

Choro Notes: Musharna lost Shadow Ball and Charge Beam but got Hypnosis and Dream Eater. Really, I don't know if that was such a good thing.


Hello again!

Choro Notes: Sigilyph lost Shadow Ball . . .

Choro Notes: . . . and got Flash Cannon, a Steel-type move.

Choro Notes: Oh fuck. Metagross are really fucking tough Steel/Psychic types.

Choro Notes: But Automatom is also really tough, so.


Choro Notes: Reuniclus . . . has the exact same move set. She's just tougher!

Choro Notes: This is a Bronzong. They're boring to fight. Ginger beat it.

Choro Notes: Gothitelle lost Calm Mind and Shadow Ball and got Flatter and Payback instead. This was not a good change.

Yeah, sure just rub it all over your face, sure.



you are an elegant and excellent Trainer."
I am not elegant. I'm just not.

I still can't win."

Well, hope that's been going well.

- - -


Oh I'm sorry, maybe you hadn't heard my motto: "Books are stupid."

come here and the Pokémon they train."


Choro Notes: Like with most of the monsters, Grass Knot became Energy Ball for Cofagrigus.

Good beginning!

Choro Notes: The only move Jellicent kept was Shadow Ball! Surf became Hydro Pump while Brine and Energy Ball became Psychic and Sludge Wave.

Man I love the Water Absorb trick.

Choro Notes: If you remember Platinum, I showed off Froslass. They're fast and strong but not very defensive.

. . .

. . . go on . . .

I'm not sure but I think you just redeemed yourself for that whole Kyurem debacle.

Choro Notes: Chandelure also hasn't changed at all. Just tougher.

And then that happened.

Choro Notes: Drifblim mostly just have a ton of HP. They can get some nice blows in while absorbing damage, too, though.

Herp. Derp.

Choro Notes: Golurk's Brick Break was upgraded to Hammer Arm. That's it.

So . . . the final chapter has two giant robots fighting?



into words would just be a trap."

Every time we meet, I just get confused at the end!

can go on to challenge the Champion.

Alright then. That was more just long than super challenging. I guess we just got super good, yeah?

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