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#53. Finally Ahead

Route 9? I'm at Route 9!

Music: Opelucid City (Black Version)

A dog! S'what I'm talkin' 'bout!


Houndour hunt as a coordinated pack. They communicate with each other using a variety of cries to corner their prey. This Pokémon's remarkable teamwork is unparalleled. It uses different kinds of cries for communicating with others of its kind and for pursuing its prey. Around dawn, its ominous howl echoes through the area to announce that this is its territory.
Choro Notes: Oh look, you showed up in the post game again. Houndour's actually version-exclusive to Black. White version gets Poochyena instead.
Zorak Notes: THE DARK DAWG.
HulkaMatt Notes: Super cool little fire doggy. (not as cool as other super cool fire doggy, but still pretty rad)

I think this means I'm almost headed into new territory!

Bobby Joe . . .

Ah, my heart is powered by blood, though.

- - -

I should see how Iris is doing, too. She makes me feel all smart and junk.


Well, su— you're not pulling a prank are you? This better be an actual move.

Choro Notes: Only Dragon-types can learn this move . . .

bond of friendship first."

Choro Notes: But . . . the one learning it has to have maximum friendship. The move is Draco Meteor. It's a 140 power special Dragon-type move that sharply lowers the sp.atk of the user after using it. This isn't a problem if say, Ginger were to learn it since she's not a special attacker but the damage is enough to do a good chunk. Draco Meteor is a move you want to use to end fights.

- - -


Finally! New frontiers! New terrain!

dans ma mémoire."
Uh, uh. Um.

Oh! Oh! I know what you mean now!

Oh you . . . sent out a frog. Ha.

A speechless battle!

I'm sorry, I don't even have a good enough feel on English to do this. I heard combat though!

Uhhh, if you're looking for a bathroom, there's one at the gate I think. They're kinda few and far between, huh?

Uhhh, yup!

I'm still in Unova, right?

Nice, I'm still low on these from Morimoto.

Ah! Duck goblin!

These must be what Prof. Juniper was talking about, with the stuff not from here being here! I can see a bunch more just wandering around though, so they can't have all just arrived here at once.


When Psyduck evolve, their headaches disappear and they find themselves in possession of formidable mental powers. It appears by waterways at dusk. It may use telekinetic powers if its forehead glows mysteriously. Golduck is the fastest swimmer among all Pokémon. The webbed flippers on its forelegs and hind legs and the streamlined body of Golduck give it frightening speed. This Pokémon is definitely much faster than even the most athletic swimmer. It swims effortlessly, even in a rough, stormy sea. It sometimes rescues people from wrecked ships floundering in high seas. Often seen swimming elegantly by lakeshores. It is often mistaken for a Kappa.
Choro Notes: I really have nothing notable I can think of with Golduck. Sorry, Golduck.
Zorak Notes: I am not a huge fan of Golduck. He's so... eh. All around. Design wise, ability wise, just.... eh.
HulkaMatt Notes: Golduck? You're not even gold. You're blue. What the FUCK?

Choro Notes: Overheat is a really good move! It's actually a fire-type version of Draco Meteor. (But vice versa, since Overheat is from a generation earlier.)

to understand one another."

S-so majestic . . .


Yeah, that happened.

That looks megahorn-able as hell.

Turns out I was right!

We got a thing, yeah.

Alright, avoid the fish.


Oh, we're fighting now? Alright.

What'd you try to do? Distract me with waterfall talk?

Choro Notes: The Protector is a hold-item that evolves Rhydon when it's traded while holding it.



Seviper shares a generations-long feud with Zangoose. The scars on its body are evidence of vicious battles. This Pokémon attacks using its sword-edged tail. Seviper's sword-like tail serves two purposes—it slashes foes and douses them with secreted poison. It sharpens its tail on hard rocks. This Pokémon hides in tall grass and strikes unwary prey with venomous fangs.
Choro Notes: God damn he's so cool aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Zorak Notes: Seviper is really fucking awesome. Also: he learns Coil now, which makes him frankly insane. Coil is a poison type move that boosts the user's attack, defense, and accuracy a single stage simultaneously. Which is pretty useful.
HulkaMatt Notes: Another pokémon I didn't think much of until I saw some berry hoarding lady using it. BAD ASS BLACK SNAKE

Man, that knife-tail was pretty sharp look—

I retract my previous statement.


Bisharp pursues prey in the company of a large group of Pawniard. It commands the Pawniards to hound prey into immobility. It then moves in to finish the prey off. Bisharp battles to become the boss, but will be driven from the group if it loses.
Choro Notes: MADE. OF. KNIVES.
Zorak Notes: LOVE DIS GUY. He is literally made of swords and is probably a Sentai villain. He could take you on.
HulkaMatt Notes: Oh, its the fuckin' ninja dude who is made out of saw blades. Dude looks like an upgraded Metal Man who is also a ninja. AM I WRONG?
Cheapsteaks named this

Oh what, were you expecting someone to die?

Choro Notes: Yeeeeeesssssssss


Watching from the sky, they swoop to strike weakened Pokémon on the ground. They decorate themselves with bones. Mandibuzz makes a nest out of the bones it finds. It grabs weakened prey in its talons and hauls it to its nest of bones.
Choro Notes: This is my favorite monster from this generation. I even have a twin pair I use! Much love to ya Tibia and Fibula.
Zorak Notes: Mandibuzz is really neat. She's a California Condor, which is also really neat. Help California Condor conservation, desecrate Johnny Cash's grave.
HulkaMatt Notes: If John Adams wanted the bird of America to be Mandibuzz I'm pretty sure Ben Franklin would have a heart attack. Mandibuzz is a cool lookin' Vulture. I mean I haven't raised one, but they sure look neat :o

Oh, I could use another Zoroark.

. . . why am I disappointed by this?

Are you kidding? Look at all these cool sharp things I found!

de Dresseurs que j'ai combattus!"
Ahhhh, ah. . . . uh.


Xanadu I wish you could do that brain thing to make me know a thing.

Ehhh . . .

Choro Notes: The rest is all catching things!

Just hanging on that cliff-face.


Gligar usually clings to cliffs. When it spots its prey, it spreads its wings and glides silently down to attack. This Pokémon hangs on to the face of its foe using its clawed hind legs and the large pincers on its forelegs, then injects the prey with its poison barb. It prefers striking foes in the face if able. When it is done gliding, it hops along the ground back to its nest.
Choro Notes: Ground/Flying, didn't learn offensive ground/flying-type moves naturally until Acrobatics this generation. Also, part of the bug breeding group! You're a weird guy Gligar!
Zorak Notes: OH NO! MY FACE!
HulkaMatt Notes: Another pokémon I haven't raised but I love everything about this one's doofy little face
a mollusk named this

Choro Notes: Gliscor, Gligar's evolved form, is also rarely encountered on this route in the shaking grass.

Ah! That snake really hates you, huh?

Xanadu what do you think about Ziggy Stardust? Just a thought. Popped into my head.


Zangoose usually stays on all fours, but when angered, it gets up on its hind legs and extends its claws. This Pokémon shares a bitter rivalry with Seviper that dates back over generations. Memories of battling its arch-rival Seviper are etched into every cell of Zangoose's body. Its fur bristles if it encounters any Seviper. This Pokémon adroitly dodges attacks with incredible agility.
Zorak Notes: You know Zangoose you're pretty cool. But Seviper has you beat hands down. Literally. Because he has no hands.
HulkaMatt Notes: Zangoose is a true fuckin' baller, yo. Those mother fuckers are from the STREETS They're so gangster they spray graffiti on themselves. Come on you think that shit on the front of the fur is natural???
Zorak Notes: (He is a snake).

Oh, your tail is like a weed whacker!


Buizel has a floatation sac around its neck. It inflates the flotation sac around its neck to poke its face out of the water and search for the movement of prey above the surface. It spins its two tails like a propeller to move itself through water. The tails also slice clinging seaweed.
Choro Notes: He's sure a water-type!
Zorak Notes: I had a shiny Buizel once. I traded it for a Shiny Cottonee. Totally worth it.
HulkaMatt Notes: Buizel is a kickin rad sea otter. I mean . . . that's all i got to say about that though D:
Choro Notes: He's a river otter! Oshawott is a sea otter!

Oh, was that little one yours?


Floatzel is a common sight around fishing ports. It is known to rescue people and carry off prey. Its flotation sac developed as a result of pursuing aquatic prey. With its flotation sac inflated, it can carry people on its back. It deflates the sac before it dives. It is known to assist in the rescue of drowning people.
Choro Notes: If you're looking for the gender dimorphism on Floatzel, here's a hint: You can't see it from the front!
Zorak Notes: Crasher Wake has a Floatzel and he's the best soooooo.


How surprising!


This brutal Pokémon travels the skies on its six wings. It responds to movement by attacking—anything that moves seems like a foe to it, triggering its attack. The heads on their arms do not have brains. They use all three heads to consume and destroy everything.
Choro Notes: A detail I love about Hydreigon is the eyes on its arm-heads are all black—like they're still covered in skin. Eew.
Zorak Notes: Hydreigon is simultaneously King Ghidorah, a hydra, and Yamata no Orochi. Accordingly, he is a mystical asshole who is very weak to alcohol-based attacks. Also: Godzilla.
HulkaMatt Notes: Hydreigon is a fucking badass motherfucker holy fucking shit it's so god damned awesome. IT'S FUCKIN GREAT!

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