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#40. Hey, Victory Road is . . . Enjoyable?

Not GTS update!

So, remember how last time Haley caught a Vullaby? Vullaby are unique to black versions, white versions get a monster called Rufflet. Here's the thing! You will never see a Rufflet in black; no trainer uses one. Oh well, just GTS trade for the evolved form which you do see! Well, there in lies another issue! Rufflet's family are male-only, which means to breed they require a Ditto. Great.

So the other option is to just trade with somebody hey guess what that's what I did. HulkaMatt hooked me up yo!


Rufflet crush berries with their talons. They will challenge anything, even strong opponents, without fear. It stands up to massive opponents, not out of courage, but out of recklessness. Their frequent fights help them become stronger.
Choro Notes: Rufflet's the counterpart to Vullaby. Vullaby are all female, Rufflet are all male. Vullaby are defensive, Rufflet are offensive.
Zorak Notes: SCRAW
HulkaMatt Notes: We're waiting for the Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Of a Rufflet being born. We're waiting for the chirp, chirp, chirp ON THIS HUMID MONDAY MORNING IN THIS CONGRESSIONAL INCUBATOR. GOD KNOWS THE TEMPERATURES HOT ENOUGH TO HATCH A STONE, LET ALONE AN EGG (RUFFLET IS IN THE EGG)

Well hot damn.

I see, I see.

- - -

Alright, no more diddy'in around. Time to get donkey kong!

Aw yeah, my mom's does that in the fall too. It's pretty cool!

Simple enough.

I think the same thing AND I like being called an Ace Trainer! You can do both!

Killer! Hey I'm gonna go mess with that herd of bison over there.



Bouffalant charge wildly and headbutt everything. They are known to charge so wildly that if a train were to enter their territory, they would send it flying. Their fluffy fur absorbs damage, even if they strike foes with a fierce headbutt.
Choro Notes: Man, do I have to say anything about this fucker? Look at him. LOOK AT HIM.
Zorak Notes: Actually his name should call attention more to the fact that he's a bison, not a buffalo. Really common mix up of the name, for some reason. Also, his name and signature move in Japan call attention to the fact he has an afro ("Head Charge" is called "AFRO BREAK" in Japan).
HulkaMatt Notes: Man, I'm fixated on that things afro. Like, look at that shit. That afro is insane. It's literally Tauros with an AFRO.
Zorak named this.

I wonder what else is back here.

Wow, who are you trying to fool?


Amoonguss lures prey close by dancing and waving its arm caps, which resemble Poké Balls, in a swaying motion. However, very few Pokémon are fooled by this . . . It prefers damp places.
Choro Notes: Wow you're . . . just raising all sorts of questions.
Zorak Notes: I am not sure how that luring thing is supposed to work. Like . . . why would another Pokemon be attracted to that thing that captures them basically?
HulkaMatt Notes: This guy totally trying to steal Voltorb's gimmick. Always looks like it's whistling. Stop that. Don't you know that gets annoying after a while????

Sounds like a wrestling thing!

Yeah ok!

Well your guys were cool! Maybe you won't face any cactuses?

Yeah, so did I. :T

Choro Notes: Roar goes last and forces a switch out. Simple enough!

You ate a lot of mushrooms there my Australian friend!

Yeah, ok then.


Archeops are intelligent and will cooperate to catch prey. From the ground, they use a running start to take flight. It runs better than it flies. It catches prey by running at speeds comparable to those of an automobile.
Choro Notes: "Hey we found a dromaeosaur that can fly and run at the speed of a car. Hella smart, hunts in packs. Yeah we brought that shit back to life. You're welcome." -Science
Zorak Notes: Archeops is really REALLY good starting out in terms of his stats and moveset. There is a catch however: his ability, defeatist, causes him to become incredibly weak once he suffers damage. He's a glass cannon without question. Glass archosaur cannon.
HulkaMatt Notes: Easily my favorite fossil related pokémon in the entire series. Easily my favorite pokémon this gen. Top 5 all time best Pokemon right here.

Alright. Steel yourself.

Choro Notes: I love how they handled the music on your way through the gates. It's little touches.

Music: Unova - Victory Road


Choro Notes: Victory Road in Black & White is actually . . . good. Like, I know. I was shocked too! It flows really well and there's no stupid strength puzzles and there are only a few trainers. The few trainers that are here have a couple of rarer monsters for your Seen entries in the Pokédex but . . . nothing Haley hasn't already seen.

Oh man, oh man, oh man.



I wonder what is up with all this roughed up dirt?

Oh! Things live here. In the dirt. Oh.

I wonder what need an anteater has for fire.


Heatmor breathes through a hole in its tail while it burns with an internal fire. Durant is its prey. Using their very hot, flame-covered tongues, they burn through Durant's steel bodies and consume their insides.
Choro Notes: I wish I could get these things so much earlier. Oh my god they're so cool. LOOK AT IT. FIRE-ANTEATER.
Zorak Notes: That anteater is steampunk as hell. Not the strongest fire type in the generation by any means, however I like him. Anteaters are adorbable yo.
HulkaMatt Notes: Shit dude, it's a fire breathing anteater. What's not to like? Like, I didn't notice it before just now really but it's pretty awesome.
Cheapsteaks named this.

Choro Notes: Heatmor only live outside of the caves, inside you find . . .

Oooooh . . .


Durant dig nests in mountains. They build their complicated, interconnected tunnels in mazes. They attack in groups, covering themselves in steel armor to protect themselves from Heatmor. Individuals each play different roles in driving Heatmor, their natural predator, away from their colony.
Choro Notes: I like Durant. They look so angry at the world.
Zorak Notes: Giant metal bug, and that's kind of neat. You'd think being made of metal would be a good defense, but not when there's FIRE ANTEATERS.

I wonder if this whole mountain is a big Durant hive?

Choro Notes: Deino are weird because they only appear on the first and third floors of Victory Road. I only saw one the whole time I was in there.


Deino cannot see, so they tackle and bite to learn about their surroundings. Their bodies are covered in wounds. It tends to bite everything, and it is not a picky eater. Approaching it carelessly is dangerous.
Choro Notes: The best Beatle.
Zorak Notes: I really dig Deino and his evolutions a lot. He's a blind little cave salamandragon, and he's going to become something pretty beastly when he grows up...
HulkaMatt Notes: Holy shit this guy doesn't give a fuck if he ever gets a haircut. He is amazing.
A mollusc named this.

I have pride too, though! We are at one of those whatchu call em's and Imp Ass!

Simple enough for Zsa Zsa.

I thought I was the only one!

So you wanna play spinny-offy, huh?!


Well, it's full of anteaters BUT, I see a hole in the fence. I'm not sure why I don't just jump those fences.

Choro Notes: Taunt causes the target to only be able to use attack moves for a couple turns. No setting up or crippling me for you!

I feel like this one describes me best.

Choro Notes: Here is two of the reasons this Victory Road is cool: 1. Strength is optional. 2. The bonus for having Strength is shortcuts back to the entrance/upper levels. Hell yes.

"*thumbs up*"

I can tell!

That's . . . honestly a little scary.


This place is so cool.

Oh Shakes. Every day is sunny with you!

Outside, or back down. Outside or back down.

There's gotta be some cool things here.

Man, I love filling holes in.

. . . Oh fu-

Music: Battle! Cobalion - Terrakion - Virizion

My sunlight!


C'mon! I have your friends!

Oh hell.


Total Balls used
Dusk Ball x3
Ultra Ball x3


Spoken of in legend, this Pokémon used its phenomenal power to destroy a castle in its effort to protect Pokémon. This Pokémon came to the defense of Pokémon that had lost their homes in a war among humans.
Choro Notes: Terrakion, you are the coolest of this trio. You just are. Your legs bend the right way and you have a unique typing and overall you're just swell. Thank you, Terrakion.
Zorak Notes: I always sort of wonder how these dudes are exactly fighting types. Yes I realize they use swords . . . somehow . . . but quadrupeds are not known for their martial arts skills. What differentiates a beast headbutting you and a beast headbutting you in a way particularly considered "fighting"? Maybe it's on account of their stupid fucking feet.

Well, I have a trio of legendary guardians AND a primal force of wind. Awesome. Zekrom doesn't stand a chance!

Well, I guess the league's up-hey a ranger!

That sounds like a challenge to me!

. . . I can't tell if this was worth it!

Oh! I can teach this to- oh.

Choro Notes: Instead of Drillburs, Excadrills can erupt from the floor here!


More than 300 feet below the surface, Excadrill build maze-like nests. Forming a drill with its steel claws and head, it can bore through a steel plate, no matter how thick it is. Their activity can be destructive to subway tunnels. However, it can help in tunnel construction as well.
Choro Notes: Fuck these things. Fuck they're strong.
Zorak Notes: He's a drillmole. He's one of the most powerful pokes in the generation if not overall, because he's REALLY STRONG and REALLY FAST. They can place their claws and heads together and literally turn into a giant drill.
HulkaMatt Notes: Looks like something that just burst out of Super Mario RPG.
Cheapsteaks named this.

Choro Notes: Wild Charge is essentially a weaker version of Pikachu's signature Volt Tackle. It's a 90-power physical Electric-type move with recoil.

Second form, same as the first.


Fraxure's tusks can shatter rocks. Territory battles between Fraxure can be intensely violent. Since a broken tusk will not grow back, they diligently sharpen their tusks on river rocks after they've been fighting.
Choro Notes: Fraxure was the first monster designed for Gen5. That's all I got.
Zorak Notes: He's a dinosaur and that's pretty neat, I guess.
Zorak named this.

What more can you add?!


Klinklang's red core functions as an energy tank. The gear with the red core is rotated at high speed for a rapid energy charge. It fires the charged energy through its spikes into an area. The minigear also spins at high speed. Then the energy from the red core charges the minigear to make it ready to fire.
Choro Notes: Gears -> Bigger Gear -> Big Gears with a spiked Death-laser array. Sure.
Zorak Notes: I'll never reveal the Klinklang secret.
HulkaMatt Notes: I don't even know what to say. It's fuckin' klinklang!!!

. . . I should make sure my guys are up to speed first.

Choro Notes: Chip Away's stat-boost ignoring trait is nice, but I could use some more type-coverage. Rock Slide helps here.

The power of hugs really comes out with Return. Return gets stronger the more the user loves its trainer to a maximum of 102. It also doesn't have Recoil sooo.

At this point, Xanadu's Psychic deals more than a super effective Hidden Power. Shadow Ball gives her a way to hit opposing Psychic-types harder. Also she can hit ghost-types that somehow don't tear her a superfluous new space-hole. (Xanadu is slow as rocks, y'all.)

Let's sacrifice the crit. rate for a more steady output of damage. Go us.


Music: Unova - Pokémon League



Female Beheeyem
Lv.47 - Naughty nature
Met at Lv.5 at Nuvema Town.
Good endurance.
Ability: Telepathy - Anticipates an ally's attack and dodges it.
Item: Quick Claw - Occasionally allows first strike.

Moves posted:

Psychic - - - Power: 90 - Acc. 100
The target is hit by a strong telekinetic force. It may also reduce the target's Sp. Def stat.

Shadow Ball - - - Power: 80 - Acc. 100
The user hurls a shadowy blob at the target. It may also lower the target's Sp. Def stat.

Thunderbolt - - - Power: 95 - Acc. 100
A strong electric blast is loosed at the target. It may also leave the target with paralysis.

Thunder Wave - - - Power: -- - Acc. 100
A weak electric charge is launched at the target. It causes paralysis if it hits.



Male Audino
Lv.49 - Relaxed nature
Met at Lv.8 in the Dreamyard
Often scatters things.
Ability: Healer - May heal an ally's status conditions.
Item: Silk Scarf - Boosts the power of Normal-type moves.

Moves posted:

Return - - - Power: 102 - Acc. 100
A full-power attack that grows more powerful the more the user likes its Trainer.

Secret Power - - - Power: 70 - Acc. 100
The user attacks the target with a secret power. Its added effects vary depending on the user's environment.

Surf - - - Power: 95 - Acc. 100
It swamps the area around the user with a giant wave.
It can also be used for crossing water.

Thunder Wave - - - Power: -- - Acc. 100
A weak electric charge is launched at the target. It causes paralysis if it hits.



Female Maractus
Lv. 48 - Lonely nature
Met at Lv.20 in the Desert Resort
Highly curious.
Ability: Water Absorb - Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move.
Item: MiracleSeed - Boosts the power of Grass-type moves.

Moves posted:

Petal Dance - - - Power: 120 - Acc. 100
The user attacks the target by scattering petals for two to three turns. The user then becomes confused.

Giga Drain - - - Power: 75 - Acc. 100
A nutrient-draining attack. The user's HP is restored by half the damage taken by the target.

Sucker Punch - - - Power: 80 - Acc. 100
This move enables the user to attack first. It fails if the target is not readying an attack, however.

Accupressure - - - Power: -- - Acc. --
The user applies pressure to stress points, sharply boosting one of its stats.


Zsa Zsa

Female Scolipede
Lv. 47 - Sassy nature
Met at Lv.15 in Pinwheel Forest
Somewhat Stubborn
Item: Expert Belt - Boosts the power of Super-effective moves.
Ability: Poison Point - Contact with the Pokémon may poison the attacker.

Moves posted:

Poison Jab - - - Power: 80 - Acc. 100
The target is stabbed with a tentacle or arm steeped in poison. It may also poison the target.

Screech - - - Power: -- - Acc. 85
An earsplitting screech harshly reduces the target's Defense stat.

Megahorn - - - Power: 120 - Acc. 85
Using its tough and impressive horn, the user rams into the target with no letup.

Bulldoze - - - Power: 60 - Acc. 100
The user stomps down on the ground and attacks everything in the area. Hit Pokémon's Speed stat is reduced.



Female Druddigon
Lv. 47 - Sassy nature
Met at Lv.31 at Dragonspiral Tower
Loves to eat.
Item: Rocky Helmet - Damages the opponent when they make contact.
Ability: Rough Skin - Inflicts damage to the attacker on contact.

Moves posted:

Strength - - - Power: 80 - Acc. 100
The target is slugged with a punch thrown at maximum power. It can also be used to move heavy boulders.

Night Slash - - - Power: 70 - Acc. 100
The user slashes the target the instant an opportunity arises. Critical hits land more easily.

Dragon Claw - - - Power: 80 - Acc. 100
The user slashes the target with huge, sharp claws.

Rock Slide - - - Power: 75 - Acc. 90
Large boulders are hurled at the opposing team to inflict damage. It may also make the targets flinch.



Lv. 49 - Gentle nature
Met at Lv.25 in Chargestone Cave
Somewhat stubborn
Ability: Plus - Ups Sp. Atk if another Pokémon has Plus or Minus.

Moves posted:

Giga Impact - - - Power: 150 - Acc. 90
The user charges at the target using every bit of its power. The user must rest on the next turn.

Thunderbolt - - - Power: 95 - Acc. 100
A strong electric blast is loosed at the target. It may also leave the target with paralysis.

Gear Grind - - - Power: 50 - Acc. 85
The user attacks by throwing two steel gears at its target.

Flash Cannon - - - Power: 80 - Acc. 100
The user gathers all its light energy and releases it at once. It may also lower the target's Sp. Def stat.


[>Ace Trainer
Nature: Quirky
Money: P88780
139/152 Seen
132/152 Obtained

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