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#38. Dragonproof

GTS update!

Hey I traded a tiny crocodile for an Archeopteryx.


Revived from a fossil, this Pokémon is thought to be the ancestor of all bird Pokémon. Not able to fly, it lived in treetops and hopped from one branch to another.
Choro Notes: Chorocojo: tch I got an archaeopteryx from Mecheon and it knows how to dig holes, so
Cheapsteaks: but can that fling hot water everywhere?
Chorocojo: DIG HOLES
Chorocojo: I AM A BIRD
Zorak Notes: Hey, it's Archeopteryx. Archeopteryx is the oldest known species of bird. All birds are theropod dinosaurs, and archeopteryx is primitive enough that the line between bird and its raptor relatives like Velociraptor are rather blurry. It's what we would call a transitional species / fossil, clear evidence of evolution gradually at work.
HulkaMatt Notes: Archen is a lovable doofy looking amazing fossil bird. Easily the best fossil-related Pokémon in the series. I love it.

This Archen has a lot of moves! Good moves even! Also it's Australian. I guess they still have these there.

Oh. He must have seen Automatom doing whatever he does.

- - -

Choro Notes: Autumn doesn't really change things much. It gets darker earlier than in Summer and you see Sawsbuck's autumn form.

Really the main benefit is it makes things pretty!

PS That was enough to evolve Woobat. What? No I didn't just have it set to run back and forth on its own for a few hours to build up happiness. That'd be silly.

Oh so you DO have eyes!


Swoobat emits sound waves of various frequencies from its nose including some powerful enough to destroy rocks. It shakes its tail vigorously while doing this. Anyone who comes into contact with the ultrasonic waves emitted by a courting male experiences a positive mood shift.
Choro Notes: Bizarrely, you can't catch wild Swoobat. You HAVE to evolve Woobat, which is a happiness evolution. That wouldn't normally be weird except that . . . later on you can catch a certain other happiness-induced evolution-based bat. . .
Zorak Notes: That bat loves kissin'. It's based on both flying foxes and a member of Megadermatidae (probably the Heart-nosed bat, for obvious reasons).
HulkaMatt Notes: !!! It's so happy!!! It looks so cute and appealing—does this make it a more dangerous version of Golbat?

- - -

Just go! I'll follow! I'm not too dumb!

I guessed!

Did she like hit her head or something? Because that happened to me a lot.

awake, were once the same Pokémon.
brought a new region into being.

"The end! :>"

" . . . wait no"

which of them was right . . . "
. . . this sounds familiar.

split its body into two."

in a new and better world . . . "

usher in a new world—a world of good . . .

Heh, man. Been there, done that! Later my mom told me I was wrestling a scarecrow.

and ceased the conflict."


That even less so!

and made a new region!"

Ha ha! You haven't been around psychic-types huh! Xanadu just kinda squeaks my brain when she needs a thing!

and will continue to live together . . . "

That's fine. I do that.

Oh . . . well. What . . . what should I do then? :I

Great! Great. Man, I guess I could practice dragonslaying, sure.

. . .

Well. Can't say I expected to see this upstairs.

Is Iris really that good?

. . . oooooooh she pumices now I get it!.

you can make it work?"

Choro Notes: The Float Stone halves the holders weight, which is useful for . . . taking less damage from Low Kick and Grass Knot. The Ring Target allows the holder to be hit by any move, even if they would be immune to it. Like electricity against ground-types, etc. If only you could think of a way to give it to an opponent . . .

Choro Notes: In the White version, the colors are reversed! The black dragon is on the left.

they can carve out their own path!"
I can carve lots of things!

Choro Notes: Fraxure is the evolved form of Axew. Just a straight dragon-type.

Choro Notes: Dragon-types are weak to two things: Ice and other Dragon-types. Yup!

I guess the dragon covered in sharp things can beat the dragon with two sharp things, sure!

Like I said! Sharp dragon!

Hmm . . .

Choro Notes: Deino is a Dark/Dragon-type! I'm sure we'll see one in the future.

Could it even see me?

- - -

We need supplies . . . I have an idea.

Choro Notes: Gyro Ball is a physical Steel-type move that deals more damage the faster the target is than the user. A nice slow Pokémon would be ideal . . .

- - -

Choro Notes: There's nothing else interesting about the rest of the trainers in this gym so:

Hey how you doin? We saw each other like an hour and a half ago.

Oh! Yes. I like this line of thinking.

Shoot, if Iris is the bright one I must be like . . . EXTRA bright!

Music: Battle! Unova Gym Leader

Choro Notes: Drayden
Drayden is a badass mayor with a cool-ass beard who wrestles Pokémon with his muscles. GRAAARGH! He can be fairly tough! Opelucid's gym leader is another difference between black and white. In the White version you don't get to fight Drayden! He sends Iris to fight you in his stead! Her team is the same as Drayden's except all her monsters are female and her Druddigon's ability is different. His Japanese name is Shaga, while he goes by Watson in French and Lysander for our German speaking friends.

Plant versus, axe dragon . . . this seems like bad times.

Choro Notes: While Dragon is weak to Ice and Dragon, it's not resisted by any other type . . . except Steel.

Well, sure.

I see, I see.

Choro Notes: Ingrain has the user plant their roots to restore HP each turn. The "downside"? They can't switch out!

Sure, Sure.

Choro Notes: Remember! BADLY poisoned means the damage increases with each turn!

I've never done this before! I'm trying something new! I got the idea from my friend Cheren! Maybe you shouldn't use moves that do anything punchy hurty! Sometimes you should just curl up in the corner even if you're a fire-breathing wrestle pig!

Man, that thing is like three times as fast as when we started!

Oh this is gonna hurt.

Oh . . . well. He's fine! He's a tough dragon!

Oh. . . round 1 me!

Choro Notes: Drayden's Druddigon has Rough Skin like Ginger does. Iris's, however has Sheer Force!

Oh no, I don't want to touch that.

Choro Notes: Dragon Tail is a physical Dragon-type move. It goes last but it slams the user hard enough to force a switch out. It's basically Roar but it hurts!

Choro Notes: Iron Barbs is just Rough Skin! It's just special for Ferroseed/thorn!

Choro Notes: Remember how I said Ingrain has a "drawback" of not being able to switch out? That applies to your opponent forcing it! Barbie is clamped in there tight and isn't going anywhere!


Your move, Drayden!

I see, I see.

Hangin' in there ok Barbie?

See, if you had a Full Restore you'd get rid of that poison instead of letting it gunk up your dragon!

Simple enough! Man this defensive thing is workin' out neat! I'll ruin all sorts of dragons!

Oh . . . holy mother.
Choro Notes: Haxorus is the final form of Axew. It's a big axe-faced Dragon.
Music: Victory is Right Before your Eyes!


. . . I got a good feeling!

Choro Notes: Have you noticed the flaw with Drayden's team? All of his monsters' moves are physical and they don't have a counter to Steel-types! You can wall them really easily with one and I'm sort of abusing it really hard here.

Barbie I'd hug you! But, you know . . . the spikes.

I don't know how to describe it."

Me too! I learned a lot!

Uh . . . yeah. I did. Now what?

Awesome, awesome.


I'll take 'em down! I have defense now!

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