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#32. Balls

I suppose I should see how that offer is going.

Choro Notes: Gothita got traded for a Solosis! Gothita are exclusive to Black while Solosis is exclusive to white. Both are three-stage psychic-type monsters found in the same area. There's nothing really notable about this one. It's not even nicknamed, oh well. Apparently it came from . . . Papua New Guinea? Huh. How about that?


Solosis drive away attackers by unleashing psychic power. They can use telepathy to talk with others. Because their bodies are enveloped in a special liquid, they are fine in any environment, no matter how severe.
Choro Notes: Solosis are . . . an interesting concept. They're very weak until they evolve but then what do you expect?
Zorak Notes: Lil' cell babby. Name comes from solo and mitosis (cellular division).
HulkaMatt Notes: FLOATING GREEN EGG BABIES! I feel like sonething that gooey can't live anywhere except like . . . I don't even know it's really gooey. I mean is it jello? Green egg baby Pokemon that is made of jello also has the power to bend spoons with its mind. Wonderful. (Gross. Cute but gross.)

- - -

On the way to the museum. Taking our time. Not gonna stress.

Well I've learned one thing for sure: no more talkin' to people with weird eyes n' junk.

Come to think of it, weren't there a stream in these woods?

Yeah, I don't remember this at all!

Forest candy.

I'm sure Prof. Juniper won't mind . . .

Choro Notes: SilverPowder is the Bug-type move increasing hold-item.

. . . huh. This doesn't stand out like a sore thumb, nope. Nuh uh.

. . .

Oh hell.

Music: Battle! Cobalion - Terrakion - Virizion

Found you!

Choro Notes: :I

Alright, while it's reeling from that . . .

Xanadu you're so slow . . .

Choro Notes: Sacred Sword is the signature move of Cobalion and co. It's a 90-power physical Fighting-type move that ignores defense and evasion boosts. It's kinda cool!

Good job, Xanadu. Good job!

Bug resist swords apparently!

Choro Notes: Aaaand nothing else interesting happened so

My super team grows stronger!

Balls used:
Dusk Ball x4
Ultra Ball x5
Timer Ball x1


Virizion's head sprouts horns as sharp as blades. Using whirlwind-like movements, it confounds and swiftly cuts opponents. This Pokémon fought humans in order to protect its friends. Legends about it continue to be passed down.
Choro Notes: Virizion is kind of neat, I guess. Take off those fucking boots. Its legs do the same thing Cobalion's do.
Zorak Notes: Based on another one of the Three Musketeers. Could be based on Aramis, who was the feminine lookin' one.
HulkaMatt Notes: Welcome to Virizion wireless. Blast processing deer! I don't know. It totally looks like a mascot for Verizon. It's perfect, look at that head. The shape screams Verizon but it also looks smug. SMUG ABOUT THEIR FAST INTERNET SPEED AND FIOS.

I wonder just how many more legends I'll stumble into during my life.

I'm sure they won't be too upset about me catching a beast of legend, huh?

. . . this isn't an intervention is it?

Yeah, whatever. Slay a dragon. I'm a knight now. Sure.

I remember that!

I've seen a lot weirder things in my travels lately, Lenora.

Don't date rocks. That's weird.

Scientists! Please! I have a dragon to go kill or something.

that old stone that time . . . "

They said as much. I was there! We had fun! You choked me!


if anything happens to me."

If anything happens to you. Yes.

I'm already strong! You've seen my leglocks.

Huck it at 'em and run! Got it!

Now I got the power, aww yeah!

. . .

. . .

Yo I'm gonna just throw it.

Who? What two?

Aha! So if these were bug Pokémon you'd have sent me to . . . Burgh?

Xanadu and friends <3


Just call me on the X-Transciever!

Nope! I'm kinda making this up as we go!


Maybe I should head home first, though.

It'll give me a chance to look around for water, too!


Choro Notes: Steamroller is an almost-signature move for Scolipede's line. (Golem also learns it.) It's literally just a Bug-type version of Stomp. Physical, 65 power, 30% chance of causing a flinch and its power doubles if the target used Minimize. Zsa Zsa has Megahorn, though so . . .

Oh, there was water in here!

Yup! Cave Water!

Cavediving. Gonna do it!

Oh, I better not run into something legendary down here, too.

That little ghost robot has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, just like Hansel I guess.

. . . How weird.

Definitely the second one!

A bitter lesson??????????? Hulk Hogan, you're gonna be on the receiving end of a bitter lesson when I get my hands on ya. Don't you ever touch Miss Elizabeth EVER AGAIN, HULK HOGAN.

Hoooooh yeah!

"I hear tell of a man who's devised a technique so powerful he can devour a Gigalith whole."

Choro Notes: Low Sweep is a physical Fighting-type move that lowers the target's speed by one stage. It's not a bad move!

Choro Notes: And MysticWater is the water-type hold- Wait I already have one of these. Why am I telling you this?

Oh right! There was a giant rock here!

Hoooly hell.

Choro Notes: Heavy Slam's power depends on the user and the target's weight: the heavier the user is than the target the stronger it is.


Golurk flies across the sky at Mach speeds. It is said that Golurk were ordered to protect people and Pokémon by the ancient people who made them. They run on a mysterious energy. Removing the seal on its chest makes this internal energy go out of control.
Choro Notes: Welp, it evolved. Time to replace it with something else. Golurk is a huge goddamn ghost/ground type. I choose to believe the ineffectiveness of Normal and Fighting type moves against it aren't do to incorporealness, but due to it being a goddamn giant robot.
HulkaMatt Notes: What? You're a fucking transformer. No, not even. You're a god damned Megazord. Does this Pokémon come with its own set of planeteers or power rangers? Someone call Prof. Oak he'd know!
Zorak Notes: HULKAMATT IT IS A FUCKING GHOST SUPER ROBOT THAT CAN FLY you will show it due respect!!!! aaaaaaaaaa! Sometimes he's an ally of justice. Other times he's the tool of evil.

Oh yeah that's happening.


Choro Notes: Prof. Juniper gives out freebies for seeing certain numbers of monsters in the dex. Specifically three TMs.

Choro Notes: False Swipe is a physical Normal-type move that always leaves the target with 1HP if it were to KO them. It's super handy for catching dudes.

I am pretty stoked with myself right now.

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