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#30. They Don't Even Fit

Hrmm . . .

It's not like I know what's goin' on or anything!

Well, that's how it is in the old story, I guess.

Music: Champion Alder


Yeah! That!

to release their Pokémon . . . "

Reshiram . . .

Bianca it will be ok. We just need to make our own super-powered dragon to counteract that one. We'll be safer if we get the second one, yes.

the stone—might not be a bad plan."
Heh! I bet I could take it on! Yeah!

That's why you're the champ!

Alright! Let's go everyone!


. . . is it because it's a desert?

strength . . . I'm sure of it."

GREAT, YOU HAD THE IDEA. Cheren there are more important things right now can we have your moment of personal growth later?


Nobody said there'd be ninjas involved . . . .

I guess so!

A walk'll help I suppose . . .

- - -

Oh, I can get over the stream now. Hey!

Choro Notes: Poison Jab is a decent physical Poison-type move! It's got base 80 power and a 30% chance of poisoning the target. I'm sticking with Poison Tail on Zsa Zsa at the moment. It's weaker but it has a high critical hit rate and a lower rate of poison. This is handy when I prefer to paralyze!

Ygh. . . I already have one of you so go away!
Choro Notes: Basculin are pretty much all you'll find while surfing.

Choro Notes: The Silk Scarf boosts the power of Normal-type moves.

Wait. . . wait! That could be really helpful right now!


Oh. It's dark. I should go get a guy who's bright!

. . . aw, but he's electric.

. . . . . . also, Hansel why the hell can you learn this one?

. . . Xanadu come here a second.

This is a pretty awesome future we live in, huh?

Aha! Got your curiosity piqued, huh?


They mark their territory by leaving gashes in trees with their tusks. If a tusk breaks, a new one grows in quickly. Its large tusks have a tendency to break, but each time they grow back, they grow in harder and sturdier. Axew use their tusks to crush the berries they eat.
Choro Notes: Axew are kind of cute, I guess! I'm not really sure what else to say about them . . .
Zorak Notes: Cute lil dragon guy who turns into overpowered bullshit.
HulkaMatt Notes: It's a fuckin' dinosaur. I don't really know what you want me to say. You know my thoughts on dinosaurs: they rule. I mean fuck, I'd own one. They look awesome.
Cheapsteaks named this

Ah. I know what to do.


"My dream is to find a way to eat a Gigalith. That would be heaven."

He was . . . ok!

Awful lot of these . . .

Ha ha! Yeah. Ha. :I

Awful lot of medicine just laying around. I wonder why.

Carved steps! Ha!

Should I be worried?

Choro Notes: Hard Stones are the Rock-type boosting item. They're really commonly held by Roggenrolas and co.

Choro Notes: Rock Slide's another good move! It's a decently powered physical Rock-type move that has a chance of causing its targets to flinch.

I'm gonna be really upset if there's nothing back here after all.

Well that's really grand looking.

Oh! The old man. . . . you're not Cobalion, are you?

It's not about a black and white pair of dragons, is it? I already know that one all too well . . .

many Pokémon lived."

So there are thr- Sorry. :I
escape route."

Wow, just the three of them, huh? Sorry. :I

to dire consequences for their world."

one of them was deep in this cave."

Oh . . .

try to understand and help each other."
each other and live together."

Hmm, I reckon I could maybe help!

Choro Notes: Dusk Stones are an evolution stone that evolve a couple monsters: Misdreavus, Murkrow and Lampent.


Music: Battle! Cobalion - Terrakion - Virizion

Holy hell!

Choro Notes: Amazingly, Cobalion has this move. It is not a good move and does not help in single battles at all.

Choro Notes: He is pretty much just either using Helping Hand or being paralyzed. :I


C'mon Cobalion! Look at the little fella! He's huggable!

Total Balls used:
Dusk Ball x2


This legendary Pokémon battled against humans to protect Pokémon. It worked with its allies to punish people when they hurt Pokémon. It has a body and heart of steel. Its personality is calm and composed. Its glare is sufficient to make even an unruly Pokémon obey it.
Choro Notes: I cannot stand a key part of Cobalion's design: his front legs bend at the knees like hindlegs. It just looks completely wrong to me. ALSO TAKE OFF THOSE SHOES. YOU ARE A DEER. (They don't even fit.)
Zorak Notes: Cobalion and his bros are inspired by the Three Musketeers. For some reason. The Musk Deers. With fuckin shoes.
HulkaMatt Notes: You're not a lion or a corn on the cob, you are a blue deer. Who named this guy???????

Whoa whoa whoa. Zsa Zsa and Hansel helped. C'mon now.

Hey you seem full of wisdom. Is Cobalion gonna be helpful fighting against Zekrom? No reason.

between the three."
So, what you're saying is get all three and I can have a super team against Zekrom?

gone now."
but they are definitely waiting for you . . . "

. . . I should go see Alder.

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