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#28. The Time Hansel Fought a Polar Bear

Ah! It's starting to rain!

It's so cold in here . . .

Music: Gold & Silver - Pokémon Gym

Choro Notes: Icirrus City Gym's gimmick is yet another sliding ice puzzle. The difference is these little curved things . . .

Hitting them curves your trajectory. Overall, this is a very simple gym.

I will stand in your path!"

Choro Notes: Congrats: You've seen basically every trainer in the gym.

Oh, so the switches turn the . . . curvy . . . guide . . . thing.


. . . your name is Kendrew?


It's fun! I can see why!

I did the same thing! I taught my guys moves that they'll use!

Kanto? Never heard of it!

Easy peasy!

Straight and to the point!

Music: Diamond & Pearl - Sinnoh Gym Leader Battle

Choro Notes: Brycen
Brycen is the Ice-type specialist that leads the Icirrus City gym. He's a former actor and is pretty awesome all around. His Japanese name is Hachiku. While he goes by Zhu, Sandro and Silvetro in French, German and Italian respectively.

Choro Notes: Vanillish is the evolved form of Vanillite! It's just a bigger one!

Choro Notes: Acid Armor makes a little more sense when you know that its Japanese name is basically Liquify or Melt. It's why Vaporeon can learn it! I . . . don't know why Shelmet can learn it, though . . .

Rock ice cream!


Somebody just earned an ice cream!

Oh. . . that's. Big.

Choro Notes: This is exactly the place you'd want to use Swagger. Swagger sharply increases the target's attack but also confuses them. You know, so they damage themselves more. This works exceptionally well against Xanadu because she has no physical attacks! No benefit, all downside!

Good, that'll make this easier! Geez that thing is like, it's gotta be ten feet tall, dag.

uh oh.

Choro Notes: Icicle Drop is sooort of Beartic's signature move. Only Cloyster and Swinub can learn it. It's a decently strong physical Ice-Type move that has a 30% chance of causing the target to flinch.


Hansel, are you set for this?

He's kinda . . . do you really wanna do your thing?

Did you just do a bodyblow at the bear? You are a crazy little dude, Hansel!

Alright! Alright! Let's keep at this Hansel, you seem pumped!

Ah! Do it now!

So THAT'S what all the hugging was for!


Uh oh.

. . .

It just latched onto your head and you're getting cocky?!

Ok! Minor setback! You got this!

. . .

I thought so!

. . . ok maybe we should get you fixed up.


. . . I love you Hansel.

Ok, you can. Yeah just take a nap you crazy little hug monster.

What a beautiful friendship!"

. . . stout?

Man, and there are eight?

Choro Notes: I have never found a good use for this move. It always crits but . . . it only has a power of 40.

Haha, you're gonna love my buddy when he shows up.

- - -

Oh! Speak of the short devil!

You're a little, I dunno. Taller maybe? Not by much. Maybe a centimeter.

I dunno but you've never asked anything like this before! So maybe!

Cheren are you having one of those whatchumacallits? A stroke? No. That's not it . . . mental breakdown. That'n. There are two words.

Well, you're a fan of Pokémon, so—

. . .

Oh f

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