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#25. Again With The Orphans

Oh jeez, is a runway really a good place to leave debris?

Choro Notes: Aerial Ace is a good move that a ton of shit can learn! It's kind of the inverse of Acrobatics in that way. It's a 60 power flying-type physical move that can't miss. Aerial Ace isn't an airborne attack that involves flying; it's a quick slash followed by another turned back. It's Japanese name is even Swallow Return and was originally only learned by Swellow's family and Spearow!

Nngh . . .

Does she have a lot of these?

Hmm. Well, I guess I could take it. . .

- - -

Choro Notes: I already explained Charge Beam! Geartie has it!

Uhhhh, to be honest I'm freaked out about his weird green haired guy and his band of evil minions. I'm out here on route 7 and—

all by yourself, you know?"

I'm gonna!

. . . I bet I could take her now. Yeah. YEAH.

. . . no, no not yet. . .

. . . Touché juggleman.

Choro Notes: Curse really isn't a bad move for Jacques. It can actually be really, really good! It raises his Attack and Defense at the cost of lowering his already low Speed. Especially since he has Aqua Jet which don't give a FUCK about who's faster. Why didn't I let him learn it? I unno.

Choro Notes: This, move though. This fucking move. X-Scissor is a physical bug-type move. 80 base power, 100 accuracy this thing kind of made bug-types awesome. The fact that a lot of other cool things like Sceptile and Sandslash can learn it really sort of finally killed that whole "Psychis are the best type" thing.

Good advice. I wish someone had told me this earlier.

. . . did that sign have a djinni?

I'm assuming that once again you don't mean literally. Because I will leg wrestle you so hard.

Music: Battle! Cheren & Bianca

Alright buddy, let's see what you got going on today!

Cheren. Cheren why would you have that taunt the turtle? You don't taunt turtles. Turtles are among the most law abiding of reptiles.


I think my turtle's stronger~~!

Also my centauripede!

Cheren, buddy. C'mon.

CHEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN. C'mon what would Alder say?

Cheren, why do you care so much? I'm the muscle!

Music: Champion Alder

"Hey, didn't expect to see y'all out here. I'm just base jumping. You know. With the orphans, Cheren."

"You start low and then eventually you work your way up to Skyarrow Bridge!"

Cheren. Cheren please, you are speaking to the champion.

We get it. You're a sore loser.

I bet that hurt! You're alive! :D

Thanks! :D

You're so kind, Alder!

So kind.

everyone will acknowledge my power!"
I'm acknowledging your power.

I supposed I should go rest up.

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