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#22. The Cavern of Pacemaker Death

Oh, that's what he needed to take care of. . . is it electrified?

Galvantula sounds really cool!

Gym Leader's th' one ta fix it."

Ah! That's a cool move!

your Pokémon."

Choro Notes: Bulldoze is a physical Ground-type move that has the user bowl over the enemy, reducing their speed. It's nice!



Man, Clay is pretty awesome.

Choro Notes: Clay said it works well with slow monsters, I think it works well on a nice fast Scolipede. Trample! Woo!

Ah the atmosphere in here, it feels so. . . so. . .

Choro Notes: Chargestone Cave




Why would Ghetsis need NINJAS?!

. . .

Hrrmmm . . .

Yes! Can you say something NOT surprising?!

That's creepy!

Wait. Wait. Ninja's have been trailing us this whole time?!

You best leave them alone, eye boy.

"Which is apparently a good thing."
I can be swayed towards breaking you in half!

I thought you were the king though . . .

I don't like th—

OH! Tickles! Haha!

Oh! Bianca.

I didn't!

Ah! You came out here!

some of the stones are floating!"

"You know, the ones with the orange cores that attack you."


this anyway, so it's a lot of fun!"

It's. . . an egg?

Choro Notes: Normally, Lucky Eggs are rarely and randomly held by wild Chansey. They're a bitch to get! Prof. Juniper just handed this one out! Neat!>

Haha! I guess! Samurai otters can beat ninjas, right?

Ah, I'm sure they'll be fine. Let's look for one of those things Prof. Juniper said! A Crimp!


Oh! Wow. You're. . . are there two of you here?

Either way! I bet the Prof. will be happy!


Two bodies comprise a fixed pair. Interlocking twin bodies and spinning around generates the energy they need to live. The two minigears that mesh together are predetermined. Each will rebound from other minigears without meshing.
Choro Notes: Klink's evolutionary line is strange but neat. They get a pair of signature moves and are an animate pair of gears. Awesome.
Zorak Notes: Steel types are weird.
HulkaMatt Notes: Klink. Klonk. Klunk. Read that in the melody of the Grinch. STINK. STANK. STUNK
Cheapsteaks named this

Choro Notes: There are hidden items all throughout the cave but this is the most interesting of the, the rest are mostly Parylz Heals and a couple Revives.

He's super cool and nice! I know that!

Choro Notes: In the dust clouds that appear in Chargestone Cave are sometimes gems along with the standard Drillbur are Evolution stones and Gems for each type. Gems are hold items that increase the power of the first move of the appropriate type used by 50%. Useful for when you absolutely need that first strike to ruin shit up!

Ah! What are you doing up there in that corner?

Well, that's that then!


Ferroseed absorbs the iron it finds in the rock while clinging to the ceiling. When threatened, it attacks by shooting a barrage of spikes, which gives it a chance to escape by rolling away.
Choro Notes: Ferroseed's gimmick is "Covered in spikes." It does this very well. Its typing is unique with its evolution and is a pretty good defensive guy!
Zorak Notes: Ferroseed's line is a pretty neat defense-focused grouping. They are spiky.
HulkaMatt Notes: Ferroseed looks great. It evolves into something that reminds me of Carnivine but instead of looking doofy it looks like a bad ass. Easily one of the better designs for Gen V imho and its just a silver ball with green spikes. :x Seriously though, I like it. No jokes. STOP EXPECTING JOKES.

Uh, it's a spikey ball and one of those gear things!

So . . . it's new! ish!

That's pretty neat! I heard they made one out of computer-y stuff like twenty years ago!

Right! I'll never disrespect gears again!


I give mine snacks!

Good luck!

Someone murdered this rock!

Oh. . . there was a tiny ball of fluff on it?

I guess it was a Pokémon?!


Since Joltik can't generate its own electricity, they attach themselves to large-bodied Pokémon and absorb static electricity, which they store in an electric pouch. Joltik that live in cities have learned a technique for sucking electricity from the outlets in houses.
Choro Notes: Joltik are cute, I think there are cuter things though. PLEASE DO NOT SHIT UP THE THREAD REGARDING THIS OPINION, IT IS NOT AN AFFRONT TO YOUR BELIEFS.
Zorak Notes: He's an electrical tick! He turns into an electrical spider. This is how evolution works.
HulkaMatt Notes: Awww it's a cute lil spideOHMYGODIT'SFULLOFELECTRICITY
TyrsHTML named this

Haha, things are going nicely here!


This better not be happening all the time!

Hrrrmmm. . .

. . . I don't think I like this.

Are you part of Team Plasma?! GET HER.


Choro Notes: I love how you can see the lower level of the cavern down the ledge there.

Still not sure I like this . . .

Whoa. It's just kinda stomping the ground with it's lil punchy feet things.

Choro Notes: The best thing about Sturdy monsters is you can just go all out with your first attack


Because its energy was too great to be contained, the energy leaked and formed orange crystals. When it overflows with power, the orange crystal on its body glows. It looks for underground water in caves. When it is healthy, its core sticks out. Always facing the same way, it swiftly moves front to back and left to right.
Choro Notes: Boldore are pretty cool looking but the bane of people trying to level up. They have the Sturdy ability so you can't one shot them. They will almost always get an attack off. Thankfully one of those attacks isn't SelfDestruct. I love the mental image of them wandering through caves like crabs though.
Zorak Notes: :B
HulkaMatt Notes: BOLDOREdash. It is a rock.
TyrsHTML named this

Uh. . .

. . .

No Team Plasma yet.




They were Ninjas. I saw them.

Music: Battle! Team Plasma

What've you got!

Ah! Hansel might be interested!
Choro Notes: Smack Down is a physical Rock-type move. It has the awesome effect of making its target vulnerable to ground-type moves. (I.e. if they're a flying-type or levitate, you smack them to the ground!)




I kind of hate you guys.


Choro Notes: They all are using the same old couple of monsters, I'm sure you don't mind not seeing them!

But, I am!

Choro Notes: The Thunderstone, until gen5, was only used with two monsters from Gen 1. Eevee and Pikachu. It has another use in Gen5 we'll see later!

How hard is this?!

Hmm . . .

Team Plasma's gone?

Ah! Is that a good thing to do?

I see, I see. . .

In the wall!

Choro Notes: BrightPowder is a hold-item that increases the holder's evasion by 10%.

Huh? A fish . . . here?

I bet it's slimy AND electrified. :/


Tynamo move in schools. They have an electricity-generating organ, so they discharge electricity if in danger. One alone can emit only a trickle of electricity, so a group of them gathers to unleash a powerful electric shock. While one alone doesn't have much power, a chain of many Tynamo can be as powerful as lightning.
Choro Notes: Tynamo are very weak but eventually become pretty powerful! Due to their typing and ability they have no weaknesses! Their line is also the first family to use the Thunderstone since Eevee. Good job!
Zorak Notes: Tynamo is really hard to raise but eventually he turns into a really powerful / awesome Lamprey monster thing which goes to show I guess??
HulkaMatt Notes: Tynamo is a fish who levitates out of water. Also, it is electric. I don't know what the fuck, but that's pretty rad.

Choro Notes: The Magnet is the Electric-type move-boosting held item

"That is unforgivable!"
What's wrong with grey? My shirt is grey, your hat is grey. Grey is a nice color!



Yup, and it involved being friends with a little alien, a giant centipede and a dancing cactus among other things!

Music: Battle! N

Hansel, you might not wanna try your moves out on that one, but let's make it easier for Jacques.


It's so tiny . . . are you really gonna use that'n?

Choro Notes: Gear Grind is one of Klink's two signature moves. It's basically a Steel-type Bonemerang.

N, I've been battling stuff in these caves for a few hours now. This isn't going to work.

Ughghghghgh Fine.



N, buddy, let me tell you a thing. If we didn't battle you realize we would be exterminating these things. They tend to burn things down when not controlled.

You could not be a baby about things.

I'm hearin' the bellyaching of a sore loser!

Maybe you should settle with making friends with a person first.

"She's the only one with that accent. C="

King of Team Plasma and a sore loser. Why do you ask?

See? He does this. Just try not to look at his eyes and he eventually says something really awkward and then leaves.

which is equally understandable."

Works for me. Who wants some nice frosty ice cream?

You don't actually hang around with your Team v— actually, no. No that explains a lot why you think they suffer.

He does that.

Yeah, I'll see you later Bianca.

Life's complicated.

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