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#21. Catching Shit in the Woods

Well, I guess! I'm not really training her at the moment so . . .

Bye "Thumbs"!

Oh. It's a fish? I didn't know I was getting a fish . . .


Red and blue Basculin get along so poorly, they'll start fighting instantly. These Pokémon are very hostile. Sometimes members of one school mingle with the other's school. They are also remarkably tasty.
Choro Notes: I fuckin' love these racist fish. One basically carried my entire team through Black2. Just a hate-powered kill-fish. Basculin was actually created late in Gen5's development when they realized they only had . . . strange fish. The reason Basculin has two forms is to make up for the lack of non-weirdos.
Zorak Notes: Ok seriously that name fucking owns. Actually this fish owns in general. God bless you racist fish.

I guess . . .


Choro Notes: This Trade is special. In the white version he trades you the blue-stripe one. What's special is this guy's ability: what's SUPPOSED to be the case is red Basculin will have Reckless while blue Basculin are supposed to have Rock Head. Except that due to what is probably a programming oversight, this doesn't happen with wild Basculin in Black and White: All wild Basculin will either have adaptability or Reckless except the Blue one you get traded in White. For a while this was seen as an anomaly but it turns out they just fucked up! Their abilities function as intended in Black2 and White2.

Oh! While I'm here! I found this thing a little while back so . . .

Well aren't you just a pretty one!


The fragrance of the garland on its head has a relaxing effect. It withers if a Trainer does not take good care of it. Even veteran Trainers face a challenge in getting its beautiful flower to bloom. This Pokémon is popular with celebrities.
Choro Notes: Lilligant are cute and deceptively strong! Though, I don't really have much more to say about them. Hrm . . .
Zorak Notes: Only learns dancing moves from leveling up. No, seriously.
HulkaMatt Notes: All I can think of is Roselia.

Well . . .

"Please go away now! Thank you!"

Choro Notes: The Expert Belt increases the power of the holder's super-effective moves.

I suppose I should go meet Clay now . . .

Oh! Bianca, what have you been up to?

Yeah we kind of had a nice little bout~

"Did you do that argument thing with the gym leader? I missed it didn't I? D="

I guess, sure!

Music: Battle! Cheren & Bianca

. . . I can't just go all out on her, hmm . . .

. . . maybe I should let up a little more.


Oh! Lublub can shoot weird things out now too? I like that he did it with his shells!

Xanadu you might be able to do it but. . .

Good job Lublub!

uh oh.

You got one! Sorry Jacques <:I

Wow Bianca, you are really going all out with those potions, huh?


Ah! You avoided my Water Absorb trick! Well played Bianca!

Jamjam! Well, Shakes is at a disadvantage here so I'll let her

. . .

Well . . . I guess Bianca would rather I be strong huh? Yeah, that's it.


Well it depends if Zsa Zsa wakes up or not, Bianca.

Bianca! The best defense is a good offense!

There you go!

Uh oh.

You did good though! You beat Xanadu! Sort of And Hansel! Sort of And Jacques!

I've been pretty tough for a while, /:D

tuned in to how your Pokémon feel!"
Well, yeah. I just let them do the things they like!


. . . Bianca none of your monsters can learn Fly, can they?


Yeah, see you later Bianca.

She's got the whole charm thing, down pat.

Music: Unova Route 6 (Spring - Summer)

I guess I should hunt around these woods!

Oh! A pink deer! I've seen you before!

Seriously, Hansel. Who taught you how to do that? That's so weird.


The color and scent of their fur changes to match the mountain grass. The turning of the seasons changes the color and scent of this Pokémon's fur. It can be slightly affected by the temperature and humidity as well. People use it to mark the seasons. When they sense hostility, they hide in the grass.
Choro Notes: Deerling are kind of neat! They have a unique typing and their color palette changes depending on which season you caught it in.
Zorak Notes: a fuckin' deer
HulkaMatt Notes: This dudes mother got shot and it is his destiny to guard all the little woodland creatures in the future
Cheapsteaks named this

Uh, sure . . .

Yeah, that's why I never buy them.

It sure is pretty out here with the streams and everything!

Oh, it's one of those bugs mom freaks out about.


When they feel threatened, they spit an acidic liquid to drive attackers away. This Pokémon preys on Shelmet. These mysterious Pokémon evolve when they receive electrical stimulation while they are in the same place as Shelmet.
Choro Notes: I love Karrablast's style! They look so cool and mischievous! A shame about their unique evolution method, though . . .
Zorak Notes: He's kind of just there for trading with Shelmet which is neat but that's about it. He's designed after the Japanese Snail-eating Beetle. Shelmet is the snail.

Ooh. . . I dunno if I should hang around in here. . .
Choro Notes: If you bring each of Deerling's four forms here you'll eventually earn a Leaf Stone. Great.

How weird, I guess that explains all the scientists with deer, though.



I'm sorry! I didn't mean to almost pull your head off!


Foongus lures people in with its Poké Ball pattern, then releases poison spores to repel those who try to catch them. Why it resembles a Poké Ball is unknown.
Choro Notes: Foongus sounds exactly like you'd think something like it would. They're kind of neat and show up on various routes throughout the game tricking you.
Zorak Notes: Part 1 of A Pun.
HulkaMatt Notes: Dude looks cool but why the FUCK is a Poké ball on its head???? For tricking other pokémon into thinking it's Voltorb.
Cheapsteaks named this

It's like a fossil!

You're a weird little guy, Hansel.

Thanks! I guess!
Choro Notes: Shiny Stones evolve three monsters: Togetic, Roselia and Minccino. Only Minccino is found in Unova.

Man I love stories. One day I wanna just tell stories, it'd be great. I know lots!

You look like a little guy who would like to hear stories!


Preferring dark, damp places, it spends the entire day eating fallen leaves that lie around it. Swadloon protects itself from the cold by wrapping up in leaves. It stays on the move, eating leaves in forests. Forests where Swadloon live have superb foliage because the nutrients in their droppings nourish the plant life.
Choro Notes: I love it, just look at it. That expression. It's just so . . . I dunno, mukyu?
Zorak Notes: Fun fact: He's simultaneously a caterpillar doing a leaf chrysalis, as well as being a joke on the Japanese "hikkikomori", reclusive social anxiety disorder sufferers. He evolves from friendship. Aww.
HulkaMatt Notes: Doesn't give a fuck. Just keeps to itself. Looks like it keeps itself in a blanket all day. My kind of pokémon.
Cheapsteaks named this one, too.

Whoa! Big ol' bird!

Choro Notes: Unfezant is one of this route's rare monsters in shaking grass. They are a bitch to find!


Males have plumage on their heads. They will never let themselves feel close to anyone other than their Trainers. Males swing their head plumage to threaten opponents. The females' flying abilities surpass those of the males.
Choro Notes: I like Unfezant's design but . . . that's all there really is to say about it. They don't really learn any interesting moves.
Zorak Notes: One of the three Pokemon in GenV that have sexual dimorphism. The other two we have yet to meet!
HulkaMatt Notes: This ain't James and the Giant Peach. How did you get here?

Oh! Burgh used one of you!

Choro Notes: Leavanny is just as rare as Unfezant on this route and was a complete bitch to find. It's also the last rustling grass monster I need to hunt down for a while!


Leavanny keeps its eggs warm with heat from fermenting leaves. It also uses leaves to make warm wrappings for Sewaddle. Upon finding a small Pokémon, it weaves clothing for it from leaves, using the cutters on its arms and sticky silk secreted from its mouth.
Choro Notes: Leavanny are pretty awesome! I used one in Black2 and they're really pretty strong despite having the 4x weakness to fire and flying!
Zorak Notes: You're not my mom, dad
HulkaMatt Notes: Never thought much of Leavanny but now that I sit down and actually look at it I don't know why. It actually looks really cool. Look at that face!
Nippon nifties named this

Oh, I can see Clay up ahead. I shouldn't keep him waiting! Any more. . . than I already did. . .

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