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#19. Cold, Hard JUSTICE


It's pretty neat!

. . . awesome! . . . What's a Charizard? Does it look like a bridge?
Choro Notes: If you sit and wait on the bridge for a while, you will actually hear Charizard's cry off in the distance. It's kind of neat!

Haha, you're just a lil' bridge.

done escaped in all the ruckus!

Cheren. Cheren let me handle this. I know exactly what I'm doing.

"I still have no idea what you just did, why it worked or whether it was the stupidest thing I have ever seen."


Sure why not.

Music: Driftveil City

special move I can teach it.

Oh yes! Battle Combo! My first Pokémon is right here!

". . . "

Choro Notes: This guy will teach Starter Pokémon Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge or Water Pledge. If two different pledges are used in the same turn in a double battle they will combine and get increased power. Combination attacks! They're. . . really not very useful though.

. . . Clay?

Choro Notes: Repeat Balls are powered up if you use them on a monster you've already captured one of. Nice if you're just looking for a specific nature, etc.

Choro Notes: Dusk Balls are powered up when used in dark places, i.e. At night or in caves. Really handy.

Thanks! I'm workin' reeeeeally hard on it!

Sure, I guess.

I totally didn't just teach it this right away or anything, no. :I

Choro Notes: Heart Scales can be traded to the Move Tutor to have a monster relearn moves it could already know. These are always handy to have.

No, I've only ever seen them on TV. Why would you ask me that?


Choro Notes: MooMoo Milk is pretty useful and not bad for the price. 100 HP restored to the thing you use it on and you can buy it by the dozen, nice.


. . . is that a motorcycle revving?

Ch-charles. Nice to meet you. D:


Choro Notes: Did you catch all that? Rotation Battles predominantly occur in the black version, while the white version gets a different variant called TRIPLE BATTLES. It works like you would imagine! Screencaps don't really show these off well so here you go! I'm a heart breaker . . .

Choro Notes: You will notice! I want to go to the monster on the left so I hit the button on the left. It goes to the monster on the right. Intuitive!
Choro Notes: Simple Beam
Oh sure, of course Xanadu learns something in the one battle I make a video of. Simple Beam hits the target with a strange energy beam that makes it. . . Simple. That is, it changes its ability to Simple.
Choro Notes: Simple
Oh goddammit. Simple is an ability. If the user is affected by a stat change, it gets double that boost instead. So say something Simple uses Defense Curl, it gets two levels to the defense boost instead of just the one. This works both ways, if you Screech at a Simple monster its Defense will drop four levels.

. . . he's a heartbreaker . . . his name . . . Charles.

Ah! I should go catch some things!

Choro Notes: The Rocky Helmet makes it so that your opponents are damaged if they physically hit the monster wearing it. It has some applications that can be quite useful~

Ice cream! Ice cream time!


Supposedly, Vanillite formed from icicles bathed in energy from the morning sun. It sleeps buried in snow. The temperature of their breath is -58° F. They create snow crystals and make snow fall in the areas around them.
Choro Notes: People give Vanillite and its evolutions a lot of shit but I think they're kind of cute!
Zorak Notes: What a horrible evolutionary niche to fill: looking like a delicious dairy product.
HulkaMatt named this

Choro Notes: Stoutland is the rare shaking-grass monster in the Cold Storage, alongside Cinccino. I actually ran into three Cinccinos before this Stoutland.


This extremely wise Pokémon excels at rescuing people stranded at sea or during blizzards in the mountains. Its shaggy fur shields it from the cold. Being wrapped in its long fur is so comfortable that a person would be fine even overnight on a wintry mountain.
Choro Notes: Stoutland are neat! Big friendly terrier! Man I love terriers.
Zorak Notes: Dogs own.
HulkaMatt Notes: that fukken dog
Zorak sort of named this.


Cheren I am wearing cutoff shorts, a loose vest and a tank top. You do not get to complain about cold places.

He's just jealous of the skills I showed off, heh.

Music: Cold Storage

What? You thought they'd just be standing right in the doorway?

Friendship and collecting things, duh. Look, I caught ice cream. You like ice cream, Cheren.

Cheren I can't help but notice you're just standing there by that heater vent. That's not cool, Cheren. Whatever, I'll keep on bein' the muscle I guess!

Choro Notes: Very simple sliding ice puzzles in here. Very, very simple.

Choro Notes: I'm going to show you a screencap of this guy's battle. See if you can guess what the two guys nearby have.

Choro Notes: Venoshock is a 65 base-power poison-type special move. It can't poison anything but if the target is already poisoned the base power doubles to 130. This combos ok with Zsa Zsa's Poison Point but other than that it's not anything she really needs to learn, being a special attack.

I'm shivering so hard right now.

Mister, are you ok? You're not even shivering. You might wanna go outside . . .

Choro Notes: Brine's base power doubles if the user's HP is below 50%. True believers may recognize it as the all-star finisher of superstar CRASHER WAKE.

. . .

Hey, you showed up! See it's not so cold. I can't feel my toes

I dunno. . .


Cheren you were right!

Cheren! Don't get cocky!

Oh, by the way. That N guy with the weird eyes is the King of Team Plasma. Sorry for dropping this on you right now.

Choro Notes: You literally just fight everyone on the right side. They have nothing of note.

See the cactus is fine in here, the turtle is fine in here. Geez, it's so cold

Are they?

Hooo-ey! You fellas really messed up, that old guy's pretty tough!

. . . what?

"Especially you, lil' lady. Ain't never seen someone banjodebate like that in a while."

Will do!

What? No it's not. They still burrow under things and cause property damage.


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