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#16. A Shocking Rev— *cut off by klaxons*

Oh! I haven't looked there yet! Let's check it out!

. . . am I forgetting somethiEYES

Music: One Captivated by Formulae

Oh! I guess. They were after the babies, that's right.

. . . nnn. . I guess. . .

Great! I'm gonna go away now!

Nnnn. . .

. . . look just don't get any creepier and I will do this thing.

*hack* *cough*

"Your highness! We need to show you what we found! They're called Choros or something! They're all fried and junk!"

Churro Notes: Cuban churros are often filled with fruit. They are amazing.

Man! I don't understand anything happening!

You aren't beating me any time soon, weirdo!

Music: Battle! N

Simple enough!

She's always like that!

Good shot, good shot. . .


That one was reeeeally quick!

What are you talking about you nut?!

Choro Notes: Oh you are kidding me.

I am not a number, Xanadu is a Pokéman!

. . . holy crap.

I. . . guess I should get that badge then?

Oh! Elesa! She just. . . radiates elegance. She looks amazing regardless of who she's with!

Also I guess she works inside of a roller coaster?

Choro Notes: Simple Gym gimmick. Get on car. Hit switch. Get back in car. Hitting the switch changes the track layout and there's only one switch in a given area so no branching paths.

Thanks! I think!

Choro Notes: This is one of the gym's biggest jerk moves: Electricity is ineffective against grass-types, so clearly if you don't have a ground or electric type it's a good choice to use, right? Nope! Every trainer in this gym either uses Emolga or Blitzle. Emolga is a flying-type, which beats Grass. Blitzle learns a Fire-type move early. Great.

Choro Notes: Needle Arm is unique to cactus pokémon. It's a punch with their spiky arms. It's a decent physical move that has a chance to make the target flinch.

So elegant . . . I'm kind of the opposite end of the road though!

Ho hum. Rollercoasters pffff

Choro Notes: Two trainers are riding ON the rollercoaster and will challenge you when you try to move on. This gym really just is "fight everyone in order."

Oh my . . .

Such elegance, it's like she doesn't fit anywhere. D:

No! No distractions!

Music: Unova Gym Leader Battle

Choro Notes: Elesa
Elesa is a famous and trendy (and elegant) fashion model and the electric-type gym leader of Nimbasa City. She's preeetty cool. Despite her reserved elegance, she secretly enjoys puns. How shocking.

Oh . . .


Choro Notes: Did you catch all that? Volt Switch hits the opponent then allows the user to switch out immediately. In this case Elesa switched to her second Emolga. She has two. Yep.

Granted I was totally ready to hit an Emolga so that may have not been the best tactical decision.

Ah! Are you making fun of me?

Choro Notes: Aqua Jet strikes first! It's literally just a water-type Quick Attack.


Choro Notes: Congratulations. You've experienced a battle against Elesa.

Got the girl one!


Oh. . . ok he's big.
Choro Notes: Zebstrika is the evolved form of Blitzle. Elesa's can be kind of annoying . . .

Choro Notes: Hey who wants to see me make a mistake?

Choro Notes: . . . oh. Hitting a monster with LightningRod with an electric attack not only prevents the damages it charges it up. Thankfully Zebstrika just sort of beats things to death.

Choro Notes: And this is why grass-types are less than ideal here! Flame Charge is a physical fire-type move that increases the user's speed. It is pretty strong coming from Zebstrika.


You have two?!

Music: Victory is Right Before Your Eyes!
Get out of THAT one!
Choro Notes: This song plays when a gym leader only has one monster left. Fuck it it works here what with all the volt switching.

Choro Notes: I'm not sure why it did this since all it did was give up its speed+ bonus really.

Ok, you know what? You know what's effective against both of you in case you decide to Volt Charge again?


Peril huh?



Volt Switch now.

. . . . Miss Elesa that was a pretty good one.

Ah! Your elegance wavers! Ha ha!

Miss Elesa are you ok? You're kinda fidgeting. . .

Wonderful! I can annoy my opponents like you do! Awesome!

Uh, yeah. Or else a weirdo with creepy eyes is going to conquer or something. I'm not sure.

Roger that!

- - -

All drawings of Elesa have been done by CowsGoMoose. She is pretty cool and does good draw things, maybe check her site out!

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