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#15. Train at Nimbasa

So many lights! This is a much different feel from Castelia!

Oh. Nope, exactly like Castelia. Never mind.

The baby pokémon! D:

I'm gonna protect the babies. D:[


Yeah that's right! You best run!

Music: Nimbasa City

Oh! No need!

Ah . . .

Yeah! But. . . it's not a dirt bike. Can it really match up to my rough and tumble style? /:D What does that stare mean?

That seems to happen to people lately . . .

Oh well, nice guy.

Speaking of which! Hi Bianca!

I got a free bike! Seems like a nice place!

That seems like a safe, Bianca-type thing to do. Go to town!

Choro Notes: Nimbasa has a ton of battle facilities, being home to the Battle Tower equivalent for Unova.

Choro Notes: Some towns have TM departments! These TMs are still multi-use like regular ones so collect 'em all!

Choro Notes: A 100 accuracy paralysis-inducing move? Hell yes.

Shiny pokémon? Do they glisten in the sun I wonder?

they come out of the grass!"
Choro Notes: Pokémon have a 1/8192 chance of appearing in a slightly different color. WOO.

It's warm! I'm sure I have something that can use this . . .

I- b-

I guess! Sure! What a weirdo . . .


Choro Notes: Depending when you enter the stadiums, determines what sport is being played there that day. Right now this isn't really big but end game this is a great place to gather EXP and cash.

Oh. . . that's ok I'm not much of a soccer fan, I like the other football though!

It exudes my toughness! That's what!

Choro Notes: Right now only one player will challenge you in either building with one Pokémon each soooo eh.

Oh man, I can ball! I'm hella ball!

I need more ups! Ups and game!


Oh! That sounds lovely!

Oh. . . I'm sorry. Do you want to talk about it?

The Battle Subway!"


Choro Notes: The VS. Recorder allows you to record a wifi match or battle in the subway. Yay.

She'll go to the Battle Institute!"
Ok, goodbye I guess. Sorry you lost a match then gave up! I'm sure your luck will be much better there!

Everything's a performance in this town I guess!

Choro Notes: Gear Station and the Battle Subway
The Battle Subway is the Battle Tower for Black/White. It's got your standard Double, Standard, etc. except you fight on TRAINS. You can get a bunch of bizarre items and nice TMs through it. There's one train, however that isn't for the Battle Subway:

I've never been on a train before!


Music: A Lullaby for Trains~(Anville Town - Arranged Version)

I'm a curious sort of person, yeah.

Choro Notes: This fella tells you about the train currently on the turntable. It changes each day to a different train. Kind of neat!

Oh. . . I guess I should come back in a few days . . .

Yes sir! Look at the toughness in my face!


to the items at the Lost and Found."

Choro Notes: If you come back after a win streak in the Battle Subway he'll have more items for you. Nice guy, a little weird.

Oh, ok. . . I'm gonna head back to Nimbasa now, goodbye!

Choro Notes: This is the only item hidden out here! Congrats!

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