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Music: Nacrene City

#07. En Crane City

Ah, is something going on?

Yes. Yes there is. It's the bright reddish-orange building with blue amongst these warehouses.

Oh man I'm going to eat these, too!

Great, sure. Why not? That's not entirely a tip but I'll take it as helpful advice!

Oh, it's one of them fashionable places trendy folks all hang out at, huh?

Oh! Well neat! I'm the trendy one for once because I'm not trendy!

Oh man I want some of that!

Oh man I still want some of that!

. . . oh.

Choro Notes: This dialogue is. . . slightly different in the original Japanese! The Japanese name for Dire Hit is Criticutter, however due to the Wonder Launcher Gen5 added for versus play, the name needed to be shortened to "Criticut." Dire Hit doesn't need to change so there was no difference!

Choro Notes: Helpfully, there's a Revive hidden over here in the railroad tracks.

He one of them artsy guys or. . . ?


Choro Notes: You can answer anything to get whichever item you want, MiracleSeed, Charcoal or Mystic Water. They all do the same thing for the appropriate type.

Choro Notes: This young lady judges how happy your monsters are with you. Handy for you you socially defective killjoy who can't read how happy animate rocks are!

Hey let's go explore outside!

I guess, I mean. They aren't shriveling up or anything no.

Choro Notes: Rock Smash used to be a TM, became a terrible HM, became an okay HM, became a TM! It's a fighting-type move that can occasionally lower defense.

Gee it's almost like there's a normal-type trainer coming up!

The signmakers are all in the pocket of Big Antidote.

The only rock I'm interested in challenging is the AGGRO CRAG.

Choro Notes: I'm still not sure why Lick paralyzes things. As far as I can tell it's just creepy and unnerves the target.

Choro Notes: Surprise! Munna have Synchronize! If a monster with Synchronize becomes poisoned, paralyzed or burned it shares the status ailment with the opponent.


Hey the cat helped!

Choro Notes: So get this! If you defeat a Nurse or Doctor outside of a Pokémon center, they'll heal your party whenever you speak to them. Handy!

Music: Unova Wild Pokémon
*honk honk*
Oh whoa, where are you taking th—



Timburr fights by swinging a piece of lumber around. It is close to evolving when it can handle the lumber without difficulty. These Pokémon often appear at building sites and help out with construction. They always carry squared logs.
Choro Notes: "Basically I hit you with the 2x4 and then I squeeze the bike horn. *honk honk*" Timburr are basically an analog to Machop. They're ok little guys!
Zorak Notes: They really like logs.
Hulka Notes: When I think of Timburr I think of 3 things: 1.) Hacksaw Jim Duggan 2.) Baseball and 3.) Timber from Diddy Kong Racing. Just for that he's real cool in my book.
HulkaMatt named this



By vibrating its cheeks, it emits sound waves imperceptible to humans. It uses the rhythm of these sounds to talk. They can warn others of danger by doing this to create a high-pitched sound.
Choro Notes: Oh hey it's a water-type that turns into a water/ground type as it evolves. Again. I think I like this line less than the salamanders' and Namazu line, but it's end form is pretty awesome.
Zorak Notes: It has no legs and yet you find it on land. How strange.
Hulka Notes: I like them a lot they're pretty cute. The idea of surfing on top of one is pretty rad. They've got cool eyebrows
Leovinus named this.

Let's see what else is going on down here. . .

Show me, please!

Oh whoa! look at that thing! I like its eyes and its . . . ears!

Where did you get that! I want one!

Oh, taller grass.

Ah! Sorry sir, I'll ju—


Weird Pokémon out here, man.


The sound of Sawk punching boulders and trees can be heard all the way from the mountains where they train. Tying their belts gets them pumped and makes their punches more destructive. Disturbing their training enrages them.
Choro Notes: I actually have a shiny Sawk! It is barely noticeable! Sawk are probably the best fighting-type you can have right now. They're pretty neat!
Zorak Notes: A Karate Oni Muppet? Sign me up.

Yeah great, thanks Splasquatch.

Oh man! oh man! oh man!

Choro Notes: Let's look at Dig'em! Dig'em has a Black Belt! Black Belts are like Mystic Water, Charcoal, etc but for Fighting-type moves. They only have a 5% chance of carrying them in the wild. Dig'em nearly beat my whole team as I was trying to capture him. You may also be keen to know he has the Sturdy ability! Pretty awesome!
As for his moves, Double Kick is the perfect move for getting around Sturdy: It's super effective against rock-types and it delivers two separate attacks. Keen!

Whoooooa a guy would just give away dinosaur bones? That guy must be awwwwwwesome!

Oh, balls that work awesome against bugs? I can use these to get one of those cool centibugs.

And now for the Challenge Rock.

Oh! Oh!

Yeah, see then that happened!


Choro Notes: If you come to the challenge rock once a day with a fighting-type, they can strike it and you'll get:


Xanadu, are you sure? I mean. Your head's not really hard. It's kinda squishy.

. . . A red, short Sawk. . .

Choro Notes: Throh have a 5% chance of appearing from rustling grass, same as Musharna in the Dreamyard. In White, this is reversed: Sawk are very rare but Throh are only marginally uncommon.


When it tightens its belt, Throh becomes stronger. Wild Throh use vines to weave their own belts. When they encounter foes bigger than themselves, they try to throw them. They almost always travel in packs of five.
Choro Notes: Throh are pretty neat, but Sawk fits my battling style more. (My battling style is kicking things shit in.)
Zorak Notes: A Judo Oni Muppet? Sign me up.
Hulka Notes: The Judo to Sawk's Karate. These guys are large and in charge. Fact: Pro wrestling in the 80s would refer to things as "Judo Chops" or "Karate Chops" but there would be literally no difference between them.
Leovinus named this

I guess we should go do something back in town. . .

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