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#06. Tag Team, Back Again

Choro Notes: Random interjection! As far as I'm concerned, this is the best addition to Gen5. Auto-sorting inventory at the press of a button!

I bet! Kids love the Pokémon and I am a mature adult, clearly they will want to play!

AAAaaaaaaaaah D:>

. . .


I am having a wonderful time! :D

Ah! So that's what Cilan would have used.

Good to know!

Haha, ok! :D

Oh. :<

Oh! Wow! Whoa!
Choro Notes: Double Battles are back! Again! Two on Two, it's good times! Sometimes moves hit multiple targets and sometimes abilities work only in doubles! In this case, Xanadu can't take damage from her partner's moves. And Hansel will randomly heal his partner's status.

Nothing like that happens in this battle though. Xanadu and Hansel just sort of double slap and confusion the cats to unconsciousness.

Eh heh. . .

Choro Notes: Cheren's Theme

Ah! We're a duo with a trio! Oh man what if Bianca got one, huh?


Cheren I might be wrong about things, but your Tepig breathes fire, right? So why not just do that instead of doing something that doesn't help you when you're going to do that.

Ha ha, I'm just saying! Maybe if you use moves that would make Xanadu not wanna fight you'd have a better time!

N-no, Cheren. Xanadu is using psychic-type moves! Curling up doesn't protect your miiiiIIiiiiiiNd!

Choro Notes: Yeah, Cheren's Tepig has four moves: A special attack, an attack that lowers defense, an attack that boosts its own defense, and an attack that smells the opponent. :I

Chereeeeeeeeeeeeeen! Your Purrloin is better at being Tepig!

Choro Notes: Remember! We have to use Miracle Eye on dark-types first to actually damage them with Psychic-type moves!

. . .

Cheren! It's your Pokémon's knowledge of your other Pokémon's knowledge that is getting used there! Your other, other Pokémon only knows one useful move!

I just told you! C'mon Cheren, you're the smart one of us three! (I guess if Bianca is the cute one that means I'm the muscle, Hoo-hah!)

That's not how it works! It's about technique! Ha!

It's simple, make the other guy stop m—

I don't—



Right, boss!

Maaaan, that's just sick.

Well c'mon!

At least there are no Munna here. . .

Choro Notes: Battle! Team Plasma

Hey now, you aren't using that gopher to its full potential!

Oh, well that's convenient then!

"Gosh why you gotta be so stupid huh?"

I see, then . . .

Let's show them how it's done!"
Cheren, are you suggesting . . . ?

Right then!

Get ready for it!

No, no hold on let me crouch down.

"Are you su—"

Yes, yes give it a second I'll just-

"Haley, I don't think you're strong enough to"—

Ok her we go, Fastb-

"Whoa whoa you're—


"Haley let's just Pokémon fight them."

. . . ok. :<

Choro Notes: Bide is. . . kind of bad. The user spends two turns taking in energy. That is, any damage it receives while in this state, it deals back double on it's next active turn. This is especially bad in doubles since you can just either not attack it or have both guys just gang up and kick his head in.

Choro Notes: Early battles are always kind of. . the same thing repeated and this really kind of shows that off.

. . . well well well, wot's all this then?

You used gophers. :I

"I mean really! It's just stupid! Especially from kids! Go steal something big like a dragon or a giant bird"

"Giant birds?!"


. . .

Well, you don't.

Oh, Oh it's only attack is Bide. Oh geez, here let's at least teach it Work Up while we're here.

Hahaaaa, good deed for the day.


Bye Bianca! I'mma gonna go back and check out that cave, it smelled like water and pokémon crap so there's probably stuff in there!

The sound of running water is really nice though.


Choro Notes: Go to town with your first hit against Roggenrola and their line. They have the Sturdy ability which, if you remember Gen3 and 4, prevents One-Hit KO moves. HOWEVER, they upgraded its near uselessness in Gen5. Now it works that the can't be One-shotted from full HP. They'll always survive with 1 HP. Awesome and annoying (but mostly awesome.)


They were discovered a hundred years ago in an earthquake fissure. Inside each one is an energy core. Its ear is hexagonal in shape. Compressed underground, its body is as hard as steel.
Choro Notes: Roggenrola are weird because they only appear in this cave. Its evolved form lives fucking everywhere but this guy just lives here. Its little head doo-hickey makes a convenient handle for throwing.
Hulka Notes: Oh man this will go great with my rock collection :) :) :)
Stalgren named this.


Its habitat is dark forests and caves. Woobat emits ultrasonic waves from its nose to learn about its surroundings. Suction from its nostrils enables it to stick to cave walls during sleep. It leaves a heart-shaped mark behind.
Choro Notes: Pretty cool little fuzzbat that evolves into a big ol' fruit bat. I still like Zubat more, and Xatu is my flying/psychic of choice but hey. This guy's got character.
Zorak Notes: ZUBAT YOU... got pretty cool there, actually. Keep it up.
Hulka Notes: Shit dude, it's a huggable furry little bat. I like it. Got a bit of a pig nose but I think it's pretty cool myself :)

It was under a pile of guano!

Choro Notes: Thief is a 40 power dark-type move. It can occasionally steal items. It's not that great BUT we have someone that can use this:

Aaaah! It's like a horse. I would love to ride a horse. . .


Oh. Well. This is the opposite of how battles usually go I think.

Choro Notes: Attract causes the target of its ability to fall in love with it if it's the opposite gender. It has no effect on genderless monsters or when used by them. Porygon2 ain't attractive!

Simple enough.


When thunderclouds cover the sky, Blitzle gather. They can capture lightning with their manes and store the electricity. The mane shines when it discharges electricity. They use their flashing manes to communicate with one another.
Choro Notes: I really don't have much to say about Blitzle. It's an electric type that does. . . electric-type things. It's neat and all but. . . vOv
Zorak Notes: A zebra AND a unicorn? That's it Pokémon, you've destroyed my suspension of disbelief. THIS WAS A STEP TOO FAR. POKEMON: RUINED FOREVER. Blitzle are actually pretty neat. I am a big fan of almost every new thing in this game though soooo.
Hulka Notes: You know in the beginning of this game a lot of the earlier pokémon don't do anything for me. This is an electric zebra. I'm fine with that. Like, it's an electric zebra, you know?
whats to hate?

Oh. All the way out here? Not even in a city? Weird.


These Pokémon live in cities. They are very accustomed to people. Flocks often gather in parks and plazas. Trained Pidove follow their Trainer's orders as best it can, but they sometimes fail to understand complicated commands.
Choro Notes: Pidove are pretty cute, but really that's about all. I'll stick with my Spearows!
Zorak Notes: "A lot of people don't like pigeons. I rather enjoy them, personally. A bunch of them live on my roof, cooing softly through my vents. I feed them bread! It is fun."
Hulka Notes: They're a whole lot classier than Pidgeys. I can picture them with a monocle and top hat. Actually, when I picture them like that they seem -so- much more cooler than they actually are. that should be a requirement for all Pidoves. Those are my thoughts.
HulkaMatt named this.

Ah! We're not gonna fight, are we?


Hmm. . .

Choro Notes: Works exactly like Cheren said. Occasionally two wild monsters will attack! You can only throw a ball with the lead monster's turn, and you can only capture something if only one monster is left. Haley isn't the brightest and it's hard for her to focus. . .

Hey random trainer. You're WELCOME.

Hmm hmmmm~

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