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#03. This is What Everyone in the World is Like, Yes.

Music: Pokémon Black & White - Accumula Town

I'm gonna spend a lotta time beating up puppies, huh. . . :(

It's not an emergency clinic is it? I know where all of those are.

It smells like wet dog and medicine in here.

"Also incredible: Hot springs, beds, Haley's house and perhaps a purified space created by a priest!"

"Check this video out."

". . . Never you mind that, Bianca. D:["


"Fix yourselves up with some of their crap."

"Smell ya'll later."

When in doubt, balls.

Choro Notes: I always buy 10. Why 10? You get a free Premier Ball thrown in. Literally just a white Poké Ball but damn it looks cool.

Choro Notes: This other guy just sells mail. Who are you gonna send letters to Haley, huh? Nobody, that's who. You have a videophone for Pete's sake.

Oh, I like somethings. I'll mosey on over too!

What's up Shortman?

Music: Black & White - Team Plasma's Machinations

(Are they renfaire people?)

. . . only assume this is the truth?"

(Cheren this is boring. Is this some sort of avant garde performance thing?)

"We, meanwhile, have the capability to throw balls and construct buildings."

(Hey sure I'm all for learning how to produce and spray water from my mouth.)

"You know, aside from the fire-breathing and the sword arms and the ice beams and what not."

"I dunno, I'm not gonna give into whatever every random guy traveling through town says now. I'm still trying to pay off those butter churns we all got suckered into."

"Yo man, Pikachu can't vote!"

Hmm? Oh it's—


Haha, hey Cheren he thinks yer a Pokémon.

Cheren I think everyone out here isn't the smartest snivy in the basket.

. . . Right.

Ah! Don't tell him our names, what's wrong with you?!

Mmmyup! That's what the professor told us!


Music: Black & White - Battle! N

Choro Notes: Those that know types see the problem here.

Choro Notes: Purrloin is a Dark-type. They're immune to offensive Psychic-type attacks, of which Xanadu has solely. I'm actually at a pretty big disadvantage versus this single Purrloin. Xanadu is the only thing near Purrloin's level so. . .

I need to cripple the cat so it doesn't ruin the things I have that CAN damage it.

After about 4 Growls. . .

Yeah. That's a L.2 Lillipup staring down a L.7 Purrloin. Hey let's tackle it!

. . . That's all I dealt huh?

Thank god I listened to a stranger on Route 1!

So much swearing . . .

Well good because then they'd probably become beings of pure energy and we already have a few that are like that.

Good attitude, I'll do the same!

. . . You're in the pocket of Big Potion, aren't you?

"Hey I couldn't interest you in some home-churned butter by chance could I? No? Yeah that's what they all say. . . "

Adventuring is awesome.

- - -

Choro Notes: Hey let's look at Xanadu's stats before heading north:

Xanadu is Naughty natured. Great. What this means is her Attack stat is increased by 10% but her Sp.Defense is decreased by the same. Competitively this isn't great for Elgyem but who cares. It also, much less usefully means she enjoys spicy foods most but bitter foods least.

Telepathy is a little vague in what it says if you don't know where it's used. In Double and Triple battles, Xanadu will avoid her allies' attacks. Handy if one of them happens to explode, call a tidal wave, unleash a barrage of seismic activity, etc.
It's not the most useful for the main game but hey, it could work who knows.

You can play with the trainer card to assign yourself a trainer class.

Next time we'll probably get fucked by another trainer with a lone Purrloin.

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