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#02. Beginnings Finally

Heck yeah they are, I'm pretty much sure this is my thing we got going here.

Those are normal, right? They sounded fine except for the pulsing noise whenever my lil' guy made the others fall over.


Mom I'm still not sure this is a solid investment we're making.

Choro Notes: Hey look it's part of our dumb PokéNav/Gear/Tch for this area. This is literally just a phone.

I am! I'm fond of lil' doodlebobber thing.

Music: Pokémon Black & White - Nuvema Town

Choro Notes: Some day. . .


"I can totally go on an adventure!"

Man that was awkward. Also I hate that ">=C" face she makes when she's upset.

be going on a journey with Pokémon?"
Emmmmm. . .

Cherennnnnn you're ruining it! Again!

I'm standing at attention harder than I ever have before!

Oh! Your name can beeeee Cinnamon Bu-

Yes. That's your name.

What's a great name now?



"Passive agreement, full excitement and silence."

Heck yeah, let's all find out what we want to do in life! It's smooth sailing from here on out!

"Yes, Bianca, even via giant birds."

What is it with you and birds anyway?


"Not only that, most Professors do that. What, you think you're special? Aw nah, you can just buy Pokédexes now yo."

"bedrooms. That's it really. Just bedrooms. Nothing bigger."

"Especially bedrooms"

Mom that's kind of a weird thing to say.

Roger that!

I'm coming!

take our first step at the same time."
I like the symbolism!

I am all for this! It's a wonderful idea!

OK, let's NOT break our leg this time.

"Again. We never actually made it to route 1 last time. Sorry, Haley.

Music: Pokémon Black & White - Unova Route 1

Choro Notes: Route 1 is absolutely no different during the fall than any other time of the year save for the leaves are turning.

"Check this shit out."

Choro Notes: Hey let's talk about how catching things actually works.

First, that whole Down+B thing? Bullshit and don't ever bring it up again.
Ok, now the basic part to this is each Pokémon species has a capture rate. A Pokémon like Caterpie has a capture rate of 255. You throw a Pokéball and you will probably catch it. The higher that number the easier it is to catch things. Common pokémon like Rattata and Rhyhorn have rates like this. Basically the rarer and/or less friendly the monster the lower its rate will be. Dratini, for instance has a rate of 45 while Murkrow has a catch rate of 30. Legendaries almost all have catch rates of a measly 3.
Inflicting paralysis on the potential hostage increases the chances of success, while Freeze and Sleep will increase it even more.

This wasn't just copy-pasted from the Platinum LP at all.

Hey great, let's go to a town where I can talk to new people! Not that I don't like any of you! Frieeeeeendship!

Cheren, that's not so much her forgetting to mention it as it is really obvious.


Prof. Juniper."

Gosh, I dunno.

I guess. . .

"Let's go Lublub! C=<"

Heeeere Pokémon!

Hmmmm. . .


Her name is Xanadu, Bianca.

No different from usual!

Roger that!

First, I guess I should catch some lil' dudes to show off to make it look less like I'm missing my smarts in my brain.

Hey, you wouldn't happen to dig holes, would you?


Extremely cautious, Patrat take shifts to maintain a constant watch of their nest. Using food stored in cheek pouches, they can keep watch for days. They use their tails to communicate with others. They feel insecure without a lookout.
Choro Notes: I got nothin' to say about Patrat. It's the standard early game normal-type but it doesn't have the decency to have a cool move like Rattata or ability like Zigzagoon.
Zorak Notes: Patrat is the weakest thing introduced in Gen V in terms of overall base stats. Also: he's a prairie dog.
Hulka Notes: Imagine Bidoof if Bidoof were gophers. That's Patrat.
Good Listener named this.

Ah! Naturally occurring terriers! Dogs are cool!


Lillipups face strong opponents with great courage. But, when at a disadvantage in a fight, this intelligent Pokémon flees. The long hair around its face provides an amazing radar that lets it sense subtle changes in its surroundings.
Choro Notes: Yorkshire Terriers are my goddamn favorite type of dog. 100% absolutely love them. Lillipup owns for this exact reason.
Zorak Notes: Did you know the Yorkshire Terrier is the second most popular dog breed in the world? 'S'truth
Hulka Notes: I really like Lillipup because it's a puppy and all dogs are awesome and also go to heaven.

Ok! Onward to Accumula!

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