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Hey, standard operating procedure for me here. I play game, draw stupid pictures. Ani(letsplay)mod and Wrestlemod weigh in on pocket monsters, etc. Let's kick this pignite.

Y'all don't get as much say in my lineup, this isn't my first rodeo. I know what you people do. You disgust me. It's almost as if I'm doing the opposite things he does woooOOOOooooooo.

#01. I Was Here the Whole Time


"Like a rat of some sort, or three different kinds of mines."

we complement each other."
"Yeah it turns out they love to kick the crap out of each other as much as we love to watch it. It's the damnedest thing but hey, nature provides."

"Again, like assisting them in the most efficient ways to maim one another."

the bonds between people and pokémon."
"Is any of this getting in that head of yours? We live in a violent but peaceful world. It's balanced. Like yin and yang, black and white or something. Look, I'm a scientist not a poet."

Yeah, sure. Let's do this one more time before mixing it up.

I've heard worse, it could be like Autumn Moon or Aurea or something.

I like to think I'd know my own best friends but hey.

a very, very important pokémon."

We are the pinnacles of potential ace trainer-dom, that is us yes.

personalities and points of view."

and grow as a person!"

Duly noted.

Choro Notes: Seasons
Hey I get to do one right off. If you look at OFS's screencap of the same thing, you'll notice his Nuvema town is different. It's not a version difference, it's just Winter in his game while mine is Spring. Black and White added seasons to the series. They change every month and have different effects on how common certain monsters are as well as the terrain of other areas. Starting after this update my seasons are going to be altered to be the opposite of whatever OFS's are.


. . .
. . .

I know, right?

Probably distracted by the puffballs blowing by in the wind. We should really get rid of those at some point.

Cheren, I've known for ten years now that you have no sense of redundancy because you say this every time.

Tch, no you get a Pokémon from the box in Haley's house that Prof. Juniper left here. C'mon now.

They're in the box.

It makes up for y'all forgetting my birthday last week. :) And last year. :(

"Bianca's getting that weird giant bird look in her eyes again."

Hmm. . .

Here Cheren, you can have this. It's Cardro, the Card Pokémon.

. . .

Yeah, there we go.

(Because there's no other choice left.) Unless you're happy with Cardro, I mean.


. . .

. . . Now what?

inside a house.

Nah let's go. It's my stupid house and we can pokémon fight all day in it. We'll do Bianca's tomorrow.

Music: Pokémon Black & White - Battle! Cheren & Bianca<

I think that I definitely got the best starter here. Look at it, it floats.

Crafty. Very crafty. . .


Your otter sort of convulsed there after it tackled my . . . thing.

I'll fight the pig and card, sure.

(It's my second.)

Alright, so pigs work the same way as otters, right?

So yes, exactly the same then.

. . . :I

this feeling I have. . . . . . I'm finally a trainer.

. . . How the hell did we do that?

Haha, it is far worse than you think it is up there. How are you at drywall repair, mom?


Elgyem uses its strong psychic power to squeeze its opponent's brain, causing unendurable headaches. This Pokémon had never been seen until it appeared from far in the desert 50 years ago. Rumors of its origin are linked to a UFO crash site.
Choro Notes: Elgyem are . . . a psychic-type. They're overlooked for one of the myriad other psychic-types out there usually. Let's call it "Drowzee Syndrome." They themselves are pretty standard fare. Confusion. Eventually they learn Psybeam. Eventually they learn Psychic. Great. It's kind of weird they'd make a 2-monster evolution into a starter much less a psychic-type huh?
Zorak Notes: Elgyem is a new Pokémon to Generation V, and if you might be able to tell, has a rather unique element of Americana applied to his design. All of the names for him in different languages are puns. The English one is rather straight forward: Elgyem = EL GEE EM = LGM, Little Green Men.
Hulka Notes: I don't even know what the hell this this thing even is but I'm sure by update #7 I'll love it and want to train one myself. Looks really NEAT.

Choro Notes: What? No. It was always a starter option. What? No, that's dumb you must be remembering wrong. We'll go visit the Prof. later on, you don't seem to be feeling well.

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