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Bianca's Journal by Good Listener
Journal Entry #6

Dear Journal,

I've been a little busy adventuring lately so I haven't gotten to write in you lately. I hope you don't get too upset by it. I got a lot of stories to tell though because of the wait so don't worry!

I made sure I gave Cheren the HM my papa gave me first before doing anything else. It's not fair to just give it to Haley after all! My shorter friends deserve fun things too! I think he appreciated it; he even has a bird that can fly him around if he needs to!

After that though, I headed up to Misaltron Cave to see if I could meet up with Haley again..along the way though I ran into all kinds of interesting Pokemon. I thought there were an odd amount of mushrooms along the way but sometimes they turned out to be little Pokemon! I wonder if I should have caught one...

When I got to the cave, I ended up running into Professor Juniper again! She was working in the cave and studying all the electrical stones and currents there. It kinda made my hair all frizzy from all the electricity bouncing around. Lublub wasn't a big fan of it either.

Haley showed up a little later inside the cave. She was on her way to the next town to meet up with the gym leader there. She seemed pretty busy so I didn't distract her too much..after all, I had to help with Professor Juniper's studies!

After that, I headed to Misaltron to see if I could catch up with Haley again. I didn't, but I did get a good look at the planes on the air strip. They're so big; bigger than any pokemon I've ever seen! I wonder what it would be like to fly in one of those...maybe one day...

I went to Celestial Tower after that. It was kind of a spooky and somber place. It's always a little scary to be in a place where people and pokemon have passed on...I'm normally not a fan of ghosts but well...I did end up running into one there!

I came across a Litwick Journal! They're ghost pokemon but they're REALLY REALLY cute! I caught her too and named her Wikwik because she's a candle you know? I think she'll get along well with the others; she's always in such a good mood!

It took a little while to figure out where to go next, I was a little afraid that my Wikwik might go out if the wind blew too hard but she seemed okay! And she was really helpful when I got to Twist Mountain! There were lots of ice pokemon there..and it was dark at points too so we used her to help light the way!

From there we ended up at Icirrus City and I saw Haley and Cheren around the gym! The gym leader was there too. He was a bit strange looking but he looked very handsome for an older guy too! I swear I saw a movie with him in it before...

Suddenly though before I could talk to the others, some weird sketchy people showed up! I didn't even see them come down or from any place journal! I don't know who they are or what they were talking about but it sent all the others off in a hurry to Dragonspiral Tower...

Haley and I were heading to meet up and help them there, but along the way we ended up running into Professor Juniper's dad, who is also a professor it seems! Haley really wanted to get going though so I decided I'd stay behind to help him out! After all, someone needs to keep the non Pokemon having safe right?

I hope Haley'll be okay though Journal...it sounded really serious...

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