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Bianca's Journal by Good Listener
Journal Entry #4

Dear Journal,

It's me again! It was a rather hectic time lately after that whole problem in Nacrene City! Cheren and I did really good at guarding it though and Haley got back the dragon skull from Team Plasma. The next stop on my journey? Castelia!

We had to go through Pinwheel Forest first. There were so many bugs there! Some of them are really pretty but I'm no good around Bug type Pokemon. They always try to sneak in my house back home and be gross...

After Pinwheel Forest, we came across the bridge to Castelia...Journal you have no idea how big it is! It took me almost 10 minutes to go across..I stopped halfway along the way to get a view of the river below! It was so sparkly and pretty..Lublub looked like he wanted to jump in but I told him not right now. Maybe we can next time!

Castelia is a huge city, Journal! There are clowns walking all over the place and huge buildings and everything! You could probably fit Nuvema Town into it at least 10 times! The only problem is that it's so big and well I got distracted and...

Some meanies from Team Plasma showed up again and...and they took Munmun away Journal! I tried to stop them but I wasn't strong enough to! I didn't know what to do and felt like I was gonna cry and never see her again!

But that's when this little girl with poofy poofy squirrel hair showed up! She said her name was Iris and said she was gonna help me out as best as she could, though I wasn't super sure at first..She seemed a lot stronger than me though so I took her up on it.

When we were trying to find them, we ran into Haley and Burgh again! They went after the bad guys while Iris stayed behind with me to make sure nothing else bad happened. I felt really bad though about not being able to help Munmun while all this was going on...

Don't worry though Journal! Haley beat up everybody again and they even gave Munmun back! I was really happy that they did, even though I was mostly grateful to Haley...there were a bunch of creepy old guys in robes who were real unsettling..And on top of that they took Munmun to begin with so I don't see a good reason to thank them...

I wanted to get stronger after this incident Journal, so I asked Iris if she could help me out! She said something about special training I could take with her while she was in town and I took her up on it! It was a lot of hard work!

It really did pay off though! We all got to train with her Pokemon...they're REALLY strong too. Because of it though, Lublub and Bowbow got strong enough to evolve! Now Lublub isn't as chubby as before but that's okay! He's gonna be taller than Cheren soon! Bowbow needs more brushing now than before and that's okay too, I like brushing her!

Iris also gave me a special Pokemon before she left. I named him Jamjam because he's a firey monkey! After this Journal, well, I was feeling pretty confident in myself and ended up giving Haley a call. I wanted to see if I could finally beat her in a battle!

We had a big fight inside the Route 4 gate! I think some people even stopped by to watch! We tried really hard but Haley is still really really strong. Maybe I just need to train harder.

Don't worry though Journal, some new things will happen soon! We're gonna go to Nimbasa City next! I can't wait to check it out!

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