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Bianca's Journal by Good Listener
Journal Entry #1
Hello Journal! My name is Bianca! We're gonna be good friends, I just know it! I bought you for a very special occassion...don't tell anyone, but me and my friends are gonna start a pokemon journey!

These are my friends, Haley and Cheren! C=
Haley is a real fun girl, we've been friends forever! She shampoos her hair for at least 30 minutes each day to make it look so nice!
Cheren is my other, shorter friend who is more serious than us, but he is very determined to do great things in his life! He can't keep his cowlick down though!

Today in Haley's room, we got a gift from a very special lady! Professor Juniper knows all about Pokemon and gave us each our very own! We let Haley pick first though cuz it was in her room. You'll never guess what I got in mine...hold on I'll write it for you!

The pokemon I picked was Oshawott! He's so cute! I named him Lublub and we're gonna be the best of friends for our whole pokemon journey! C=
We got so excited we had to try out our pokemon right there!

Haley's pokemon is weird looking but strong! She beat Lublub really quick! I had to bandage him up after. We don't have a pokemon center in town but it's okay cuz I have Audino bandaids! C=
The only bad thing is we messed up Haley's room...but Cheren did too and her mom didn't mind! I guess it was okay for us to do it then!

Professor Juniper said we're gonna help her with her pokedex. The only problem was that my dad really doesn't want me to go on a pokemon journey! It's not fair, Journal! I'm plenty old enough to do it...I'll show him! Lublub and I are gonna go find ourselves on this journey! And then he'll see what a dummy he can be!

I had a great idea of starting our pokemon journey together! Me, Cheren and Haley were all gonna step on route 1 at the same time! But Haley stepped wrong. I don't think I wanna hear that kind of a crunch sound again =C

We went to the beach while we waited for Haley's leg to heal! There's a neat path through the trees in town down to it, but it's a secret! Lublub and I picked up a bunch of shells on the beach! They were pretty! And then we signed Haley's cast! C=
Okay Journal, I gotta look at more shells! We're gonna try to begin our journey again in the fall so I'll write in you more then!

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