Let's Play Pokémon Black

By Chorocojo

Original Thread: Red and Orange play Pokémon Black and White

Rack 'em up Country music it's party time and an alien's on board.

Table of Contents

Chapter 01: I Was Here the Whole Time
Chapter 02: Beginnings Finally
Bianca's Journal #1
Chapter 03: This is What Everyone in the World is Like, Yes.
Chapter 04: I Need a Reservation for *Counts on Fingers* Hold On
Chapter 05: I Dream of Ghetsis
Bianca's Journal #2
Chapter 06: Tag Team, Back Again
Chapter 07: En Crane City
Chapter 08: Kickin' Down the Museum
Chapter 09: A Tattoo of Centipedes Crawling Out of a Skull
Chapter 10: A Small Town, Big Haired Girl in the Big City
Bianca's Journal #3
Chapter 11: Sad Sad Sad
Chapter 12: Honeycomb Big, Yeah Yeah Yeah . . .
Chapter 13: My Rivals
Chapter 14: Mysterious Dessert Entities. Oh. What, those come later? Dang.
Chapter 15: Train at Nimbasa
Bianca's Journal #4
Chapter 16: A Shocking Rev- *cut off by klaxons*
Chapter 17: They're Worse Than Sinnoh's Contests Somehow
Chapter 18: Cheren Actually Does a Move Correctly
Cheren's Adventure in Solid Life Choices #1
Chapter 19: Cold, Hard JUSTICE
Chapter 20: Subterranean Battle!! ~ Defeat the Mole People's Tycoon King!!
Chapter 21: Catching Shit in the Woods.
Bianca's Journal #5
Chapter 22: The Cavern of Pacemaker Death
Chapter 23: Mausoleum
Chapter 24: A Pilot's Life for Me
Chapter 25: Again With the Orphans
Chapter 26: Big Turtle Gear
Chapter 27: Mud Bugs
Chapter 28: That Time Hansel Fought a Polar Bear
Cheren's Adventure in Solid Life Choices #2
Chapter 29: Welp.
Bianca's Journal #6
Chapter 30: They Don't Even Fit
Chapter 31: A Dusty Funhouse
Chapter 32: Balls
Chapter 33: The Most Fishful Day
Chapter 34: Dreaming About Evolution
Chapter 35: Not the Only Evolutionist in this Circle of Friends
Chapter 36: Bikers and Ninjas and Shopping is Fun
Chapter 37: Evolve into the Future
Chapter 38: Dragonproof
Chapter 39: Storm's A-Brewin'
Chapter 40: Hey, Victory Road is . . . Enjoyable?
Chapter 41: Haley, Vegas Dracula & the Novelist
Bianca's Journal #7
Chapter 42: Xanadu, a Narcoleptic and a Pair of Fists
Chapter 43: ExplanatioNs
Chapter 44: Let's Finish This
Chapter 45: Pokémon Black 1.5
Chapter 46: Recurring Dreams
Chapter 47: A Cruise and a Beating
Chapter 48: A Towering Victory
Chapter 49: The Celestial Redneck Who Swallows the Sun
Chapter 50: Gear Pun
Chapter 51: More Places We've Already Seen
Chapter 52: A Challenging Cave
Chapter 53: Finally Ahead
Bianca's Journal #8
Chapter 54: The Next-To-Last Bridge
Chapter 55: Haley Catches A Ton Of Things
Chapter 56: Haley Helps A Seagull
Chapter 57: Le Veinard
Chapter 58: Beat the Rich
Chapter 59: Salvage Queens
Chapter 60: Abundance
Chapter 61: Out of the Loop
Chapter 62: Eat Fresh
Chapter 63: Oh, Right, Sages.
Chapter 64: Surprise Ice Level
Chapter 65: I Already Fought All Of You
Chapter 66: To Each Future

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