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Chapter 46: I Hope This Tower Doesn't Explode, Showering the Neighboring Sea With Corpses

Yea. You thought we were goin' to SIX island didn't you? Well we didn't so I totally threw you off, Otoro.

Don't think I like this island.

. . .

This island is full of weirdos.


Apparently there are tentacruel in the water here and I don't have a leadup to this. You know, like every other one. So here, just look at the entry and ignore this.
#073. Tentacruel J:Dokukurage G:Tentoxa F:Tentacruel

Jellyfish Pokémon
Height: 5'03" Weight: 121 lbs
Habitat: Oceanic Types:
Stage1: Evolves from Tentacool
It lives in complex rock formations on the ocean floor and traps prey using its 80 tentacles. Tentacruel's tentacles can be freely elongated and shortened at will and can inflict a sting, causing poisoning and sharp, stabbing pain. Ensnaring prey with its tentacles, it can catch up to eighty prey at the same time. Tentacruel has large red orbs on its head. These orbs glow when Tentacruel becomes excited or agitate; they glow before lashing the vicinity with a harsh ultrasonic blast. This pokémon's outburst creates rough waves around it.

Classy, smells like floor wax. And yet "This island is undeveloped and wild and there are bees" or whatever that guy said.

Trainer Tower
There's a very good chance you ignored the Trainer Tower in FR/LG, passing it off as another Battle Tower from Crystal/RSE/DP. It's not. There are some key differences.

Choosing which mode you do changes the type of matches you'll face:
Single - 1on1 battles.
Double - 2on2 battles.
KnockOut - Consecutive 1 on 1 battles.
Mixed -

We is totally doin' KnockOut. Because it reminds me of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!

Oh right, first difference - TIME ATTACK.
It's just like a video game!

Step in there and they all challenge you in succession.

....Why are you shouting? Bikers are yelling at me. Now he's gonna beat me up with his Gyara-



He's so much bigger!


God only knows.

Floor 1 clear
To complete the challenge, you've got to clear all 8 floors.


Everyone talks like they've got a touch of the downs.

Charizard/Flareon. Gee I wonder what's coming next.

Wow. Poliwhirl is quite possibly the last thing I expected.


Another thing of note, you aren't healed between battles. You can, however, use your own items.

Y-Your cow can break bricks. D:>

That's nice, my brick can break cows.

Wow, Lapras was not on my list of expected things either.


Long story short, I smashed it's head in with a bunch of rocks.

Floor 4

If I'm right, it's gonna try to Thunder Wave or Double Team or something.

Fuckin' CALLED that shit.

Ever punched an egg? This had the same result but on a larger scale.

There's something... odd about this Seaking... But it's still a seaking so it went down like a sack of batteries.

Another easy KO. That I really wish was more exciting.

Floor 5

Getting better.

...is there a response to this? At ALL?

There we go.


Another aside: Monsters seen in Trainer Tower actually get logged in your Pokédex, unlike in the Battle Tower.
Floor 6

No, no wait.


It's like a Ludicolo inspired nightmare.


Floor 7

Aww, little girl's got a Goldeen.


Obscure fish on this floor, apparently...

Pokémon... baroness?

Mantine is a fish. WOO guessed that theme.

Floor 8

Starmie is faster than everything I have, and it can easily fuck up my team. Solution?

Bog it down with Mud.

Oh you are shitting me. This would be the most obnoxious fight ever if I didn't slow it down first.

God DAMMIT I hate Starmie.

Number 2's got an Arcanine. Lovely.


THE HELL?! This Arcanine's a goddamn monster.

This finishes it, thank god.

Final match?

A big fat Venusaur.

Venusaur Leech Seeds and Toxics between two more Screechs before KOing MoneyHat with a Giga Drain.


I'm cold.

A Starmie got in my way.


(Oh my god this is my worst score ever and will be easily beaten.)

Hey Otoro, gimme a penny.

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