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Chapter 44: I like Trains! :D

I'm the one with the big floppy hat.

Nope, entire village could be razed and you'd be fighting Johnny CoolTrainer's Venusaur.


Alright, let's check this island out.

Adorable little scamps? Yes.

Team Rocket Warehouse? Check.

Codgerly old fisherman? Check.

Poisonous Seahorses? Check.
#117. Seadra J:Seadra G:Seemon F:Hypocean

Dragon Pokémon
Height: 3'11" Weight: 55.1 lbs
Habitat: Oceanic Types:
Stage1: Evolves from Horsea
Seadra's fin-tips leak poison. Its fins and bones are highly valued as ingredients in herbal medicine. The male raises the young. If it is approached, it uses its toxic spikes to fend off the intruder. Seadra generates whirlpools by spinning its body. The whirlpools can become strong enough to swallow even fishing boats. This Pokémon weakens prey with these currents, then swallows it whole. Seadra sleeps after wriggling itself between the branches of coral. Those trying to harvest coral are occasionally stung by this Pokémon's poison barbs if they fail to notice it. An examination of its cells has revealed the presence of a gene not found in Horsea.

Asshole clams? Check.
#090. Shellder J:Shellder G:Muschas F:Kokiyas

Bivalve Pokémon
Height: 1'00" Weight: 8.8 lbs
Habitat: Oceanic Types:
Shellder swims facing backward by opening and closing its two-piece shell. It is surprisingly fast. The shell can withstand any attack. However, when it is open, the tender body is exposed. Knowing this, Shellder taunts and teases its attackers. Clamping on to an opponent reveals its vulnerable parts, so it uses this move only as a last resort. At night, this Pokémon uses its broad tongue to burrow a hole in the seafloor sand and then sleep in it. While it is sleeping, Shellder closes its shell, but leaves its tongue hanging out. Grains of sand trapped in Shellder's shells mix with its body fluids to form beautiful pearls.

#211. Qwilfish J:Hariisen G:Baldorfish F:Qwilfish

Balloon Pokémon
Height: 1'08" Weight: 8.6 lbs
Habitat: Oceanic Types:
Qwilfish sucks in water, inflating itself. When faced with a larger opponent, it swallows as much water as it can to match the opponent's size. This Pokémon uses the pressure of the water it swallowed to shoot toxic quills all at once from all over its body. It finds swimming somewhat challenging.

Eh, so far this is kinda nice... well minus that warehouse.

Continuing recon.

. . . out here? D:/
#187. Hoppip J:Hanecco G:Hoppsross F:Granivol

Cottonweed Pokémon
Height: 1'04" Weight: 1.1 lbs
Habitat: Grasslands Types:
This Pokémon drifts and floats with the wind. Its body is so light, it must grip the ground firmly with its feet to keep from being blown away. If it senses the approach of strong winds, Hoppip links its leaves with other Hoppip to prepare against being blown away. They do enjoy gentle breezes, though.

Old man, out on an island, alone.

I give them chocolate a lot.

Ok, but don't try to take Sugarnaut's. She gets really defensive about it.


. . .Okay, then.


Ok. Generous, yet creepy, old men. Check.

What in the-?


These creatures, clearly they're well versed in dark magics. Their powersource must be the concoction flowing from that tail.


IMPU- Actually, nah. I guess that one makes sense.

Alright, I guess this is it. This island was good up until the satanic dogs.

Alright. Let's see.

Neat. Now I just-

. . . What.


Just as a point. There ARE wild monsters in here. Oh look, there's one now.

Now I know where the Smeargles perform their dark rituals.

Why is there a bird in this cave? This shit makes no sense.

#198. Murkrow J:Yamikarasu G:Kramurx F:Cornebre

Darkness Pokémon
Height: 1'08" Weight: 4.6 lbs
Habitat: Forests Types:
Murkrow are feared and loathed as the alleged bearer of ill fortune. When chased, it lures its attacker onto dark mountain trails where the foe will get lost. This Pokémon shows strong interest in anything that sparkles or glitters; even trying to steal rings from women. It hides any shiny object it finds in a secret location. Murkrow and Meowth often loot one another's stashes.

Well I guess there's your "mysterious power" right there. I mean, unless there are Misdreavus or something in here, too.

What the hell? There's a girlie girl in here.

. . . heh, alriiiiiiiiight.

What. No no no, this is all wrong.

There we go.

Dear god, I'm starting to think I actually have brain problems.

I play a lot of violent video games, so it crossed my mind.

Ok, but you aren't riding Viscer on the way back across the water.

Oh boy Otoro, get your reward sack ready.

Hey Otoro, let's burn the island down.

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