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Chapter 43: Ice Cave in the Middle of a Tropical Island Chain. Sure, I'll Go With That

Yeah, summoning Carbuncle's really not that useful to me. You can have it.

Eh, it was nothing.




You wanna, you know, stop looking at me now?

Video Game logic tells me this is either a Sapphire or an Emerald. I'll contact Zora's Domain and the Kokiri Forest.


Hey wait, is Hyrule on these islands?

On it.


You'll get it back later. Maybe. If I feel like it.

Money Money Money

. . . well huh.

What the-

That is just bizarre as hell.

#206. Dunsparce J:Nokocchi G:Dummisel F:Insolourdo

Land Snake Pokémon
Height: 4'11" Weight: 30.9 lbs
Habitat: Caverns Types:
Dunsparce has a drill for its tail. It uses this tail to burrow into the ground backwards. This Pokémon is known to make its nest in complex shapes deep under the ground. If spotted, it escapes by burrowing with its tail. It can hover just slightly using its wings. Dunsparce prefers to hide deep inside caves where no light ever reaches it and remains virtually motionless there.

Well, one more thing to do on Three Island.

Oh. Hey Blue. How the hell did you get a pass out here?
. . .
Oh right, Oak's your grandfather. Stop using that. Damn.

Looking for gemstones and a place to move to.

Not high on my priority list.

Y-you're kidding, right? I'm not stupid, damn.

Is it Mr. Hulkimatti, the butcher? What would he be doing here?

I wonder who's running the butcher shop if he's out here. Also I wonder if he can cut me a deal on hams.

Yea, smell you too.

Heh. . . someone's got a lot of dolls. Pff.

Let's see. Cold breeze coming from the water. Sapphire's in there. Yes.

What. There is something horribly wrong with that Poliwag. D:/

This thing needs to be checked out at the pokémon center.

#194. Wooper J:Upah G:Felino F:Axoloto

Water Fish Pokémon
Height: 1'04" Weight: 18.7lb
Habitat: Freshwater Types:
Wooper usually lives in water. However, it occasionally comes out onto land in search of food. On land, it coats its body with a gooey, toxic film. A mucous membrane covers its body. Touching it barehanded may cause a shooting pain if it is frightened. When it goes to sleep, it half buries itself in the mud at the bottom of a pond or stream.

Oh.. or maybe it's not a Poliwag. Eh, ok.

Not a lot going on in here.

Hahahahahaha, oh man look at it.

Seriously, it's so Fuzzy little piggy. Man, I'm gonna use you as a foot warmer/mini vacuum.

#220. Swinub J:Urimoo G:Quiekel F:Marcacrin

Pig Pokémon
Height: 1'04" Weight: 14.3 lbs
Habitat: Mountains Types:
Swinub roots for food by rubbing its snout against the ground. If it smells something enticing, it dashes headlong off to find the source of the aroma. It uses the tip of its nose to dig for food. Its nose is so tough that even frozen ground poses no problem. Its favorite food is a mushroom that grows under the cover of dead grass. This pokémon occasionally roots out hot springs.

tyrsHTML named this

Something about this bird makes me want to punch it in the face. Very hard.

#225. Delibird J:Delibird G:Botogel F:Cadoizo

Delivery Pokémon
Height: 2'11" Weight: 35.3 lbs
Habitat: Mountains Types:
Delibird builds its nest at the edge of sharp cliffs. It spends all day carrying food to its awaiting chicks. Delibird carries its food bundled up in its tail. There once was a famous explorer who managed to reach the peak of Mt. Everest thanks to one of these pokémon sharing its food.


. . . what?

Ok, back out here.

I'm all cold and wet now.

Alright. Sapphire, just ahead.

!!! Oh shit. I didn't mean to catch the pig and the asshole bird. Oh god. Oh geez.

Hey. That's neither a sapphire or a butcher. LORELEI!

Looking for a house!

Oh c'mon, you could waste all these guys. I bet they all use Sandshrews and Cubones.



Wow. That was stupid.

Ok so it's not just me. Good.

You best tell her, yo.

Wait, Come to think of it, I already did that.

It's Team Rocket. Giovanni the Viridian City Gym Leader runs it. They did a lot of other bad things too.

And my Kabutops has nothing against you, but he loves cutting things off of people. Take that as you will.

Oh god are we really gonna?

Gah, fuck. I just know I'm gonna end up going to this place.

Seriously just gonna let em go? This is why bad shit keeps happening to everyone. Everyone's too lenient and the police force is fucking useless.

Yeah, that happens when you stay in a little room all day.

Let's get the hell out of this cave. It's cold as hell.

Maybe Lorelei has a ham you can have.

Hmm, Otoro?

#317. Swalot J:Marunoom G:Schlukwech F:Avaltout

Poison Bag Pokémon
Height: 5'07" Weight: 176.4 lbs
Habitat: Grasslands Types:
Stage1: Evolves from Gulpin
When Swalot spots prey, it spurts out a hideously toxic fluid from its pores and sprays the target. Once the prey has weakened, this Pokémon gulps it down whole with its cavernous mouth. Swalot has no teeth, so what it eats, it swallows whole. Its cavernous mouth yawns widely. An automobile tire could easily fit inside this Pokémon's mouth. The one thing in the world a Swalot can't digest is its own stomach.



Oh Otoro!

Wait, if you evolved to save me from that rock, where the hell was that with all the zubats biting me?

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