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Chapter 42: Only the Fires of Hound Doom can destroy the Ursa Ring

Eh, Oak's got me doing stuff.

No, apparently that's the reason Oak has me doing stuff. Hell, I just want to look around the islands a bit. I'm contemplating things.

Of course you can. Give me a pass to the other islands. DO IT.

Honestly not high on my list of things I'm trying to do.

. . . can said Pokémon be holding exotic and foreign items? Because this would make importing things a lot easier . . .

. . . Go on.

Well maybe if you stopped studying and actually looked.

If you call that creeper here, I swear to god I'll have my Kabutops split you open. You know he'll do it, too.

A wise decision. Geez, I hate that guy.

Gemstone. Obviously at the volcano. Video Game logic will not fail me for it hasn't yet.

Wow, could I really only think of those gems?

Lookin' fo' treasua, phillip?

Aaaah, crap. Now I gotta test your might.

Wow. you actually had strong stuff?

Ah, there we go.

Alright, you guys go on ahead, I'll meet you later.

Hmm, now if I were a gemstone . . .

Wait. It's blinking?

Pepper I didn't know you were expecting! :D

#218. Slugma J:Magmag G:Schneckmag F:Limagna

Lava Pokémon
Height: 2'04" Weight: 77.2lb
Habitat: Mountains Types:
A common sight in volcanic areas, it slowly slithers around in a constant search for warm places. Slugma does not have any blood in its body. Instead, intensely hot magma circulates throughout this Pokémon's body, carrying essential nutrients and oxygen to its organs. If this Pokémon is chilled, the magma cools and hardens. Its body turns brittle and chunks fall off, reducing its size. To avoid that, it sleeps near magma. Slugma will group together in areas that are hotter than normal.

Standard cave exploring fare.
A lot more lil' fire poots in here though.

Also, there are rocks here. Here we'll catch one.

#075. Graveler J:Golone G:Georok F:Gravalanch

Rock Pokémon
Height: 3'03" Weight: 231.5lb
Habitat: Mountains Types:
Stage1: Evolves from Geodude
Graveler grows by feeding on rocks. Apparently, it prefers to eat rocks that are covered in moss. This Pokémon eats its way through a ton of rocks on a daily basis. This Pokémon will climb a mountain from the base to the summit, crunchingly feasting on rocks all the while. Upon reaching the peak, they descend from mountains by tumbling down steep slopes. They are so brutal, they smash aside obstructing trees and massive boulders with thunderous tackles. If it gains too much speed, it stops by running into huge rocks.


I found this living inside a rock. It is decidedly not a gemstone.

#219. Magcargo J:Magcargot G:Magcargo F:Volcaropod

Lava Pokémon
Height: 2'07" Weight: 121.3lb
Habitat: Mountains Types:
Stage1: Evolves from Slugma
Magcargo's body temperature is approximately 18,000 degrees F. Water is vaporized on contact. If this Pokémon is caught in the rain, the raindrops instantly turn into steam, cloaking the area in a thick fog. Magcargo's shell is actually its skin that hardened as a result of cooling. Its shell is very brittle and fragile—just touching it causes it to crumble apart. It occasionally spouts intense flames that circulate throughout its body. This Pokémon returns to its original size by dipping itself in magma.

Awesome again.

This is reminding me of that time when I was little and we went to the museum and I knocked over all those Sumerian tablets and that old nerd called me the bastard spawn of Tiamat.

. . . what? :D

Fucking score.

. . . Eh?

. . . I have no idea what this says.

Sugarnaut writes out in the dirt posted:

Everything has meaning.

Existence has meaning.

Being alive has meaning.

Have dreams.

Use power.
Aww, Sugarnaut thinks she can write.

Welp! Hey, I wonder what happened to those Team Rocket guys.

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