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Chapter 21: Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey II: Lost in San Francisco and then Escape from LA



Destination confirmed.

Man, that shipment better be there, too.

. . . this is going to take all my cunning . . .

. . . :T

I remember the chick and two other guys in his lab. I don't remember any of you other guys.

Yea, yea I know

Yes, now gimme the power-up like the glorified Chozo Statue that you are.

Choro Notes: The Amulet Coin doubles the money earned from trainer battles if the monster holding it participates in the battle.

Oh goddammit.



Oh sure

Oh gross


A couple brought together by their love of setting animals on fire. That's sweet.

I didn't see nothin' if you didn't see nothin', guy

You mean the house behind that white picket fence?

You realize not only can your hideout be plainly seen, but there's a mob of bikers and skinheads just sorta sitting up front, right?

Sure, ok. Fuckin' weirdo

Yea, yea, I know, road's closed. Just let me go through anyway?


Yea, I was just gonna throw it out eventually.

. . .

. . . sure ok. I didn't think Tea was that fucking popular.

Saffron City? I have nothing to do here.

You're about to give me something I'm not really looking for, aren't you?

And now you're gonna tell me what it is.


Fuckin' weirdos in this town, man. Fuck it, I just wanna get home.

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