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Chapter 12: Why Did They Dig a Fucking Tunnel?

-East of Cerulean City-

Since fatty's blocking he southern pass and the roads are STILL closed. I guess we're goin' the long way around.


Choro Notes: See all those pokeballs? I spam Pay Day against every one of them...

. . well minus the last hit on Bellsprout. The result?

I love this fukken cat.

Aerial Ace


Wow, really? Man I wake up at like, 11 every morning.

In all my years, that may be one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

I mean, it's got giant SPIKES for ARMS.

So fuckin cool.


This. This is not a super bug-pokémon.

Well that's better I guess.

Forehead Charm Shuriken Strike!

. . . did an 8-year-old just try to hit on me? or my Gulpin?

Lizard < Bunny lizard... thing

Well hmph

Ok, so. . . like. . . keep walking? or battle? or . . .?

Fuckin' weirdos out here, man. Must be the mountain air.

Hey, a poké ball.
-And at that moment, Sammy learned a very important lesson.-

#100. Voltorb J:Biriridama G:Voltobal F:Voltorbe

Ball Pokémon
Height: 1'08" Weight: 22.9 lbs
Habitat: Urban Types:
Voltorb is extremely sensitive—it explodes at the slightest of shocks. Even veteran trainers treat it with caution. Voltorb was first sighted at a company that manufactures Poké Balls. The link between that sighting and the fact that this Pokémon looks very similar to a Poké Ball remains a mystery. It is rumored that it was first created when a Poké Ball was exposed to a powerful pulse of energy. During the study of this Pokémon, it was discovered that its components are not found in nature.

Choro Notes: Preparations for the cave ahead:

Luigi's usefulness was over back around... Brock? So I'm taking Mushpeckle.

A few hidden items before the cave aaaaand... hmm
Rock Tunnel seems like it'd be full of Rock-types, and Don Ramon's Double Kick'll only carry us so far... SO:

Yea fuck you Misty. Fuck your Starmie, too.

Aaaand, yea. Ready to go through Rock Tunnel. Something is telling me that this is going to suck. Hard.

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