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Chapter 11: Hackin' Bushes itt

Yea, now we know who's callin the shots. /:)


Gosh this is just like Zelda. Well, if Link were a duck. and also if the Master Sword were a leek.
Alright, now to head to Celadon City.

. . .DAMMIT.

Ok, I need to smash something. Get me some rupees

Oh. . . hey. . . the museum. . .

This must be the part of the museum where they... muse?

. . .go on. \:I

I don't see squat. . .

This secret sucks so far.

Yeah. Yeah, there's a pretty good reason for that.

I am young, impressionable and have no qualms about using my monster friends for my own selfish purposes. Go on.

A Pokémon Lab? Wait what the hell is this then? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?

. . .is this even legal? D:/


Hmm. . . a Pokémon Lab. Hey, I got an idea!

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