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Chapter 4: In Which Sammy Beats Up a Pervert's Long Hard Snake.

Science. Yes. I enjoy this.

"Suggested Donation" my ass. HEY LOOK DINOSAURS.


They've been finding aerodactyl fossils since the late 1700s. :T

The hatch on the back must be where the Options come from.
Choro Notes: In the original Red/Blue, this space shuttle is labeled "Columbia." See if you can figure out why they changed it. :I

Weeeelp, I'm just about bored to tears at this point. HEY, A SHINY THING OUTSIDE IN THE GRASS! :D

There is absolutely nothing to do in this town, and the east exit is blocked off. Hmm, if Zelda has taught me anything, there's an objective that needs to be completed. /:T

That'll do just nicely. :T

I'm older than you.

. . .he's right there. I can wave to him. Hi Brock!



Stop saying Rock.

Fuck, I didn't get the item from this dungeon.

A Geodude, the obvious counter is...

So. . . . . yea. . .

Choro Notes: Repeat 5 times, the Geodude defense Curled 5 out of 6 of those. The other time, it Tackled.

Does anyone see what I'm doing yet?

This goes on for like, 5 turns.


Test the waters there, Luigi.

. . . Good to know.

Choro Notes: Pretend that little box says "Foe ONIX fell asleep."

Look at how absurd this is, Mr. Gym Leader. Tiny bird growling at your giant snake colossus.

He will just keep doing this to you until you let him go.

Testing tiiiiime.

Hahahaha wow, a weedle survived that?


blah blah blah blah

Heart container

. . .oh. :/

Rock Tomb. That attack you used to smash ma bugs.

Good god FR's gym battles are boring.

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