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Of course we run out of juice now. Goddammit I've got Kirby to play.
Chapter 2: I just wanted to buy some juice

Heh, alright, this should be easy for Otoro.

It's not like his eyes are open now anyway. Wait, are they open?

Ah, rats, my common videogame nemesis.


Man, this place sure is green.

. . .

Let's go this way instead.

Ah, here we go.

Er, yea?

He's my neighbor. :T

Heh heh heh, for a price . . .

I will be expecting compensation for this service.

Stop saying that and sell me juice.

Teehee, I'm so clever. B)

Adorably squishy, sir.

. . . P-Please say that's not literal. I'm not sure how Gulpin work.

I beat up a Charmander, a Pidgey and a Rattata. And then I couldn't buy juice from the shop in Viridian because apparently I'm a delivery boy now! Delivery boys cannot buy juice!

Yes, please take it so that I can go buy juice!

Ok, bye now.

This better involve me fighting Meta-Knight. >:T

. . .Maybe I can get some games to run on this thing.

Sure, ok

. . .k.


Awesome, Kirby time.

-LATER, after defeating King DeDeDe-

Yea, also your brother said something about you not giving me a map.

Ok, now I'm here. . .

. . .Celadon City's THERE? I could of swore it was in Johto! D:

I must make the grand pilgrimage to this most sacred of shopping locations. D:

. . .I think I'm lost

Oh wow, what an ugly little bird.

Ok, now how will this Spearow use it's last few minutes of alertness?



Oh man, I hope it's like those birds in Ninja Gaiden.

#021.Spearow J:Onisuzume G:Habitak F:Piafabec

Tiny Bird Pokémon
Height: 1'00" Weight: 4.4 lbs
Habitat: Scrubland Types: Normal/Flying
Spearow flaps its short wings to flush out insects from tall grass. It then nabs them with its stubby beak. It busily flits around here and there. Inept at flying high; it has to flap its short wings at high speed to stay airborne. However, it can dart around very quickly to protect its territory. Even if it is frail, it can be a tough foe that uses Mirror Move. Spearow has a very loud cry that can be heard over half a mile away. If its high, keening cry is heard echoing all around, it is a sign that they are warning each other of danger.

Blackflare named this

. . .stop watching me do stuff, it's creepy ya big creep.

Ok, I'm actually off to Celadon City. Can you help me read this map?

You need badges to work maps?

Celadon City has guards?

. . .I gained a level off of your Charmander last time we fought. You know that the answer is yes.

You aren't going to help me, are you?

A pidgey, eh?
-Moments later!-


Show 'em what for, Spearmint!

. . .:T

Choro Notes: Poison Gas poisons the target. That's it.
Aaaand, the Charmander again.

Yea. I. Did. B)

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