Let's Play Pokémon FireRed

By Chorocojo

Original Thread: Pokémon FireRed - I Swear Roxy and Misty Won't Show Up at the End this Time

A Dork and her Stomach play video games.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: That's. . . Not a Bulbasaur
Otoro's POV
Chapter 2: I Just Wanted to Buy Some Juice.
Spearmint's POV
Chapter 3: A Forest Full of Useless Bugs!
Chapter 4: In Which Sammy Beats Up a Pervert's Long Hard Snake.
Chapter 5: A Don and a 'Naut
Chapter 6: I Went This Whole Update Without Making a "This is Bat Country" Reference
Chapter 7: Fuck You Bill.
Chapter 8: I Hope This Boat Sinks with Everyone On It.
Ch'Ding's POV
Chapter 9: You Motherfucking Duck.
Chapter 10: Fuck You Starmie I Hope You Die.
Chapter 11: Hackin' Bushes itt
Chapter 12: Why Did They Dig a Fucking Tunnel?
Chapter 13: I CAN'T SEE SHIT.
MoneyHat's POV
Chapter 14: Bats and Midgets and Rock Snakes Oh My!
Chapter 15:
Chapter 16: In Which Sammy Both Clears Out a Criminal Organization AND Buys a Sega Dreamcast.
Chapter 17: Sammy Belmont, She's Not.
Chapter 18: It's a Machine That Lets You Find Moldy Food Underground.
Chapter 19: The Most Dangerous Game of All.
Chapter 20: Naruto is Dumb and You Should Feel Bad For Liking It.
Chapter 21: Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey II: Lost in San Francisco and then Escape from LA.
Chapter 22: Exploring a Burntout, Abandoned Laboratory in the Basement of an Old Mansion.
Chapter 23: Cinnabar Island Zone Act 2
Chapter 24: Sevii, Seven, VII.
Chapter 25: They're Like if the Hell's Angels Were Full of Morons
Chapter 26: Urban Exploration: Old Kanto Power Plant (56k no)
Chapter 27: The Giant Electric Bird Whisperer
Chapter 28: Vidya Games Would've Taken Less Effort.
Chapter 29: Erika is Pretty Cool, Actually.
Chapter 30: Super Saikyo-ryuu Sludge Bomb Technique!
Chapter 31: <Durrr, Look At Me, I'm Sammy and I'm Stupid and Dumb and I Smell.>
Red Explained an Obvious Reference Here, Zorak Accidentally Archived It, OOPS.
Chapter 32: I'm Cold and Wet and I Think I Swallowed a Goldeen.
Chapter 33: B-b-b-b-b-Benny n' the Jets.
Chapter 34: Weedula Ya, Weedula.
Chapter 35: Burnin' Heat! Also a Ground Gym.
Chapter 36: TADPOLES!
Chapter 37: Victory Road? More like Dicktory Road. . . that likes it in the butt. . .
Ok, But Seriously.
Chapter 38: You're as Cooooold as Ice.
Chapter 39: The Red & the Black
Chapter 40: I'm Sure There's a Queen Song I Could Use as the Title.
Chapter 41: Tropical Island Sammy. Batteries Not Included.
Otoro's Love
Chapter 42: Only the Fires of Mount Doom can Destroy the Ursa Ring
Chapter 43: Ice Cave in the Middle of a Tropical Island Chain.
Chapter 44: I like Trains! :D
Chapter 45: In Which Sammy Finds a Big, Dead Onix.
Chapter 46: I Hope This Tower Doesn't Explode, Showering the Neighboring Sea With Corpses.
Chapter 47: Oh Hey, a Little Back story.
Chapter 48: Sammy Catches Some Bugs
Chapter 49: Turns Out Sammy's Not Very Good at Things.
Chapter 50: FUTURE SIGHT
Chapter 51: Celio is a Tremendous Nerd.
Chapter 52: If You're Reading This and He's Not in SSBB Be Assured I am Disappointed.
Chapter 53: Otoro's Lunchmeat Calls Finally Come in Useful.
Chapter 54: In Which Sammy Drives Away a Couple of Godlike Beings and a Hyperevolved Space Virus.
God, Please Protect this Team and All Who Dwell Within This Team.
Chapter 55: It's Like All You Guys Can Do Is Fight Animals With Each Other or Something. Kind of Infantile Re-*Plays Video Games*
Chapter 56: Blue Proves He's A Jackass. Also: THE END.

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