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Vague Explanations about Arazancar

What is Arazancar?
Arazancar is a magically-created pocket world. It exists like a little bubble sticking out of our world. With its patchwork landscape it is home to a myriad assortment of monsters, beasts and other oddities. Due to the proclivity of monsters to solve their problems with brutal, savage murder—if not worse—there's a built in daily reset. Death is paradoxically extremely common but only a minor inconvenience in Arazancar. You'll probably just wake up suddenly the next morning no worse for wear.

Miyo will explain why it is:
Initially beginning in 2010 as something to do to pass the time, Arazancar was initially just a "draw-a-monster-lady-a-day" project done for fun. Later it ended up becoming a silly thing Red and I would draw together and an Oni-Chan came along. Once the Lich came around in the second year of monster-lady-draw, the idea for their own little setting, world, mythos what-have-you came into being. Bit by bit, their own lil' world was founded, fulla monsters.

Is there interaction between monsters?
Usually violent ones, but also not-violent ones, yeah.

Why are they all lady monsters?
That was the nature of what it originally started as and we just stuck with it for the next three years. There are male monsters, we swear there are.

Why would humans stay in a world of horrific kill-monsters?
They probably have their reasons. And if they don't it's probably the fact that normal humans can't actually get out once they're inside. You know, precautionary measure.

So where do the monsters come from?
Some have been there for centuries, originally coming from the "regular world." There are various entry points around the globe that get utilized.

Why are all of the monsters just called [monster name]?
An ogre is not going to call you by your name, it is going to call you whatever it wants. As a result, given names don't get used much save by close friends or associates. Each monster (save for a couple) are not unique or the only instance of their kind in Arazancar, it's just the easiest way for them to yell at each other.

How big is Arazancar?
Oh well looky here we got some sort of geography fan trying to figure out all the sizes and relative distances or how the sun works. WE DON'T TAKE KINDLY TO THAT SORT OF THING HERE.

So . . . what exactly are you two doing with these?
Things are being worked on. They might be there by the time you are reading this, I don't know!